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The following are the regional highlights -- best beers available here, best beers brewed here, events and local RateBeerian info -- for New York, USA. This site is interactive, so we encourage you to take part in the rating, addition and correction of the site.



These are the best beers you can find in this region's stores and restaurants based on the availability information provided by RateBeerians in this area. A beer has to have 5 or more ratings to be listed here.
13 Fonteinen Framboos (Framboise)Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen323100
2AleSmith Speedway StoutAleSmith Brewing Company2596100
3Rochefort Trappistes 10Brasserie Rochefort4759100
4Bells Expedition StoutBells Brewery2831100
5Founders Backstage Series # 2: CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)Founders Brewing Company710100
6Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)Founders Brewing Company2053100
7Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel Dieu du Ciel200899.9
8Founders Breakfast StoutFounders Brewing Company316699.9
9Hill Farmstead EverettHill Farmstead Brewery41799.9
10Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch WeaselMikkeller158199.9
11Goose Island Bourbon County StoutGoose Island Beer Company (AB-InBev)263499.9
12Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Vanilla Rye BarrelGoose Island Beer Company (AB-InBev)19699.9
13Stone Imperial Russian StoutStone Brewing Company300599.9
14Hill Farmstead EphraimHill Farmstead Brewery17899.9
15Bells HopslamBells Brewery276199.9
16Goose Island Bourbon County BarleywineGoose Island Beer Company (AB-InBev)58499.9
17Thirsty Dog Siberian Night Imperial StoutThirsty Dog Brewing Company127399.9
18Firestone Walker 18 (XVIII Eighteenth Anniversary Ale) Firestone Walker Brewing Co.16299.9
19Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout - Espresso Oak Aged Great Divide Brewing Company131199.9
20Evil Twin Even More JesusEvil Twin Brewing52699.9
21Cantillon Cuvée FlorianCantillon14199.9
22Hair of the Dog AdamHair of the Dog Brewing Company173799.9
23Three Floyds Zombie DustThree Floyds Brewing Company122699.9
24Prairie Bomb!Prairie Artisan Ales72399.9
25Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti BreakEvil Twin Brewing67799.9


These are the best beers, as rated by RateBeerians everywhere, that are brewed by the brewers of this area. A beer has to have 5 or more ratings to be listed here.
1Evil Twin Double Barrel JesusEvil Twin Brewing8399.9
2Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break - Bourbon BarrelEvil Twin Brewing12999.9
3Evil Twin Even More JesusEvil Twin Brewing52699.9
4Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti BreakEvil Twin Brewing67799.9
5Southampton Imperial Russian StoutSouthampton Publick House49999.9
6Captain Lawrence Cuvee de CastletonCaptain Lawrence Brewing Company47999.8
7Evil Twin Aún Más a JesúsEvil Twin Brewing17899.8
8Southern Tier Blackwater Series: ChoklatSouthern Tier Brewing Company159399.8
9Evil Twin Aún Más Café JesúsEvil Twin Brewing15699.7
10Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break - DeCicco VersionEvil Twin Brewing7599.6
11Captain Lawrence Rosso e MarroneCaptain Lawrence Brewing Company35399.6
12Brooklyn Black Chocolate StoutBrooklyn Brewery325899.6
13Evil Twin Even More Jesus PortEvil Twin Brewing8499.6
14Southern Tier Imperial OatSouthern Tier Brewing Company110899.6
15Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut BreakEvil Twin Brewing38499.5
16Brooklyn Black OpsBrooklyn Brewery87499.5
17Other Half MosaicOther Half Brewing2299.5
18Evil Twin Auld YinEvil Twin Brewing11299.5
19Southern Tier Blackwater Series: MokahSouthern Tier Brewing Company98099.5
20Captain Lawrence Flaming FuryCaptain Lawrence Brewing Company15599.4
21Evil Twin Aún Más Chili JesúsEvil Twin Brewing3199.4
22Other Half All Green Everything Triple India Pale AleOther Half Brewing5599.4
23Southern Tier Oaked PumkingSouthern Tier Brewing Company6699.4
24Evil Twin Tørst Front RoomEvil Twin Brewing9799.3
25Evil Twin Lil’ BEvil Twin Brewing51899.3

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A list of the RateBeerians from this area with the most beer ratings. These are great people to contact to better get to know beer in this area.
 j12601 Poughkeepsie 7955
 swoopjonesBuffalo 6909
 jredmondManhattan 6308


Get out and experience craft beer at area festivals, tastings and gatherings.
  Event  City  Date 
North Fork Craft Beer Festival   Calverton  8/8/2015 
Flynn’s Cans On The Sand   Ocean Bay Park  8/15/2015 
Oktoberfest   Liverpool NY  8/15/2015 
Sour City   New York  9/5/2015 
Booktoberfest to rebuild our schools in Nepal   Brooklyn  10/2/2015 
2nd Annual Harbor Island International Beer Festival   Mamaroneck  10/3/2015 
Pour The Core Philly   Philadelphia  10/17/2015 
International Great Beer Expo Belmont   Elmont  11/7/2015 
The Great Beer Expo: Long Island   Elmont  11/7/2015 

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Looking for great beer near you? Check out these stores recommended by other beer enthusiasts like you.
  Place  City  Phone 
Ambulance Brew House   Nanuet  () 845 501-7200 
Dive Bar - 101st   New York  () 212 865-2662 
Eleven Madison Park   New York  () 212 889-0905 
Growlers Beer Bistro   Tuckahoe  () 914 793-0608 
Aurora Brew Works   East Aurora  () 716 652-2337 

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