Three Tuns

Brew Pub/Brewery

Brewing believed to have commenced at the pub in 1642. Brewing tower built in 1888. Brewing stopped between 2001 to 2003 when it restarted.
Three Tuns 1642 3.810/16/2005Rate 3.11508921
Three Tuns Clerics Cure 511/16/2000Rate 3.2578240
Three Tuns Faust Banana 5.511/8/2014Rate 2.841
Three Tuns Ginger 3.812/23/2008Rate 2.771
Three Tuns Jazz Juice 4.77/17/2010Rate 2.791
Three Tuns John Bagley Bitter 57/17/2010Rate 2.811
Three Tuns Jubilation 3.68/10/2012Rate 2.771
Three Tuns Mild 3.412/21/2009Rate 3.277
Three Tuns No Doctors 6.69/7/2013Rate 0
Three Tuns Old Scrooge 6.511/16/2000Rate 3.61947645
Three Tuns Rantipole 3.610/15/2012Rate 2.853
Three Tuns Sin-Ale 57/3/2014Rate 2.911
Three Tuns Solstice 3.97/17/2010Rate 338499
Three Tuns Steampunk 6.53/15/2013Rate 3.327
Three Tuns Stirling 4.14/6/2012Rate 2.911
Three Tuns Stout / Castle Steamer 4.411/29/2005Rate 3.46868319
Three Tuns Three Eight (alias) 3.811/16/2000
Three Tuns Toddly Tom (retired) 410/19/2004Rate 2.661
Three Tuns XXX 4.311/16/2000Rate 3.11468537
Three Tuns XXXXXXX Strong Ale 9.511/3/2012Rate 33
Three Tuns Zenith (retired) 4.711/16/2000Rate 3.181
.Places associated: Housemans Restaurant & Bar, Three Tuns, Bridges (Three Tuns).
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