Revolution / Upland REVved UP 5.54/3/2016Rate 3.46869419
Revolution / Wicked Weed Gentlemen’s Reserve - Redrum 9.54/27/2015Rate 0
Revolution / Wicked Weed Wicked Fist 9.54/18/2015Rate 3.35774018
Revolution ’Tween Gene 5.08/14/2014Rate 3.023
Revolution 1830 Farmhouse IPA 7.39/16/2015Rate 2.981
Revolution 1ZENUFF 115/11/2015Rate 3.63957583
Revolution 2nd Year Beer 7.02/3/2012Rate 2.947
Revolution 3rd Year Beer 11.22/2/2013Rate 3.78989566
Revolution 4th Year Beer 11.52/5/2014Rate 3.49894842
Revolution 5th Year Beer 6.33/16/2015Rate 3.246
Revolution A Little Crazy 6.81/26/2012Rate 3.579297213
Revolution Absinthe Minded 11.54/28/2015Rate 0
Revolution Adams Best Bitter -10/10/2012Rate 3.27739822
Revolution Alderaan 108/15/2013Rate 3.344
Revolution Anti-Hero IPA 6.52/5/2010Rate 3.699696522
Revolution B.A. Baracus (retired) 1212/21/2011Rate 3.84998513
Revolution Back Yard IPA 6.010/12/2011Rate 2.888
Revolution Bad Man Old Rye Ale 8.54/7/2010Rate 3.198
Revolution Baphomet Bock 5.53/18/2011Rate 3.25618712
Revolution Baracus 111/2/2011Rate 3.3811812
Revolution Barrel Aged Bad Man Old Rye 10.78/15/2010Rate 3.35828812
Revolution Barrel Aged Black Power Oatmeal Stout 8.011/9/2011Rate 3.45918119
Revolution Barrel Aged Eugene (alias) 8.511/8/2010
Revolution Barrel Aged Foursome 126/9/2012Rate 3.026
Revolution Barrel Aged General Porter 9.07/6/2011Rate 3.56955217
Revolution Barrel Aged Institutionalized Barley Wine 139/7/2011Rate 3.919998133
Revolution Barrel Aged Mad Cow Milk Stout 9.512/19/2010Rate 3.829984144
Revolution Barrel Aged Repo Man Rye Stout 9.73/15/2012Rate 3.23714914
Revolution Barrel Aged Rise 9.58/21/2013Rate 3.14
Revolution Barrel Aged Skara Brae 9.010/12/2011Rate 3.238
Revolution Barrel Aged The Bandit Smoked Stout (alias) -11/9/2012
Revolution Bastille 6.67/11/2012Rate 3.3778619
Revolution Battle of Wil’s 5.34/16/2014Rate 3.056
Revolution Bean Gene 8.510/13/2012Rate 3.839992127
Revolution BeaNorma Gene 11.510/31/2014Rate 3.35
Revolution Belgian Mini Wheat 4.012/7/2014Rate 0
Revolution Berry Brown 9.01/2/2013Rate 3.137
Revolution Best Coast IPA 7.26/5/2010Rate 3.3887669
Revolution Billy Gene 9.52/11/2016Rate 3.111
Revolution Black Cherry Power 8.11/21/2012Rate 3.265
Revolution Black Power Oatmeal Stout 7.03/5/2010Rate 3.59928725
Revolution Blue Gene 8.512/7/2013Rate 3.53904548
Revolution Bogart’s Batch 1000 10.52/6/2016Rate 3.212
Revolution Bottom Up Wit 5.02/15/2010Rate 3.397995210
Revolution Boy Gene 8.511/25/2013Rate 3.14
Revolution Brixton Bitter 3.44/9/2014Rate 3.2549411
Revolution Brown Sound Oatmeal Brown Ale 5.75/23/2011Rate 3.09565711
Revolution Burt 8.011/9/2012Rate 3.158
Revolution Buzz Alderaan -7/18/2014Rate 2.91
Revolution Cabernet Baphomet 7.662/11/2016Rate 3.131
Revolution Cafe Deth 11.43/5/2015Rate 3.58934312
Revolution Cafe Molto Pazzo 9.71/28/2016Rate 3.392
Revolution Cat Herder 6.28/7/2013Rate 3.055
Revolution Cherry Cafe Deth 11.48/3/2015Rate 3.231
Revolution Chicago Common -10/10/2012Rate 3443810
Revolution Chicago Smoke 6.29/25/2013Rate 3.43837722
Revolution Chile-Vanilli Eugene Porter 7.03/2/2013Rate 3.2357429
Revolution Citra Hero IPA 7.56/23/2014Rate 3.86999989
Revolution Civil Disobedience (alias) 7.71/8/2015
Revolution Civil Unrest 7.76/26/2015Rate 3.518
Revolution Co-Conspirator (Bourbon Barrel) 9.54/27/2014Rate 32
Revolution Co-Conspirator (Rum Barrel) 9.511/13/2013Rate 3.235
Revolution Coffee Eugene 7.011/18/2011Rate 3.7979931
Revolution Coffee Straight Jacket 132/11/2016Rate 3.131
Revolution Congressional Approval (alias) 9.511/21/2013
Revolution Continuing Resolution 4.811/6/2013Rate 3.054
Revolution Coup D’Etat 7.53/19/2010Rate 3.58979165
Revolution Coup De Grâce 8.56/16/2010Rate 3.29794514
Revolution Cross of Gold 5.02/4/2010Rate 3.357497134
Revolution Cross of Gold with Orange Peel and Amarillo Hops 5.03/15/2012Rate 2.871
Revolution Crystal Hero IPA 7.25/8/2013Rate 3.73979878
Revolution Dēthoven 11.45/14/2015Rate 3.211
Revolution Destruction of Alderaan 11.37/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution Deth’s Tar 11.49/25/2013Rate 3.899990129
Revolution Dictator 5.56/19/2013Rate 3.265879
Revolution Diggity Dunkelweizen 6.19/14/2011Rate 3.22718415
Revolution DiPerna’s Ginger Lemon Radler 4.05/6/2016Rate 3.052
Revolution District North Line Lager 7.16/6/2013Rate 3.36769612
Revolution Double Fist 8.39/2/2010Rate 3.769895215
Revolution Double Fist with Applewood and Hickory Chips 8.311/10/2011Rate 2.881
Revolution E. Norma Gene 1212/5/2012Rate 3.56945316
Revolution El Bastardo 6.59/26/2010Rate 3.116
Revolution El Clavo Y La Cruz 6.010/22/2010Rate 3.16664411
Revolution El Hefe Loco 6.08/24/2011Rate 2.82293016
Revolution El Hopfen Loco 5.07/3/2014Rate 2.912
Revolution Eugene 6.82/4/2010Rate 3.649597253
Revolution Eugene with Cocoa Nibs 7.02/2/2013Rate 2.972
Revolution Eugene with Orange Peel 7.012/8/2011Rate 2.871
Revolution Executive Order 9.712/19/2014Rate 2
Revolution Exodus 9.03/19/2014Rate 3.073
Revolution Fair Warning 8.11/21/2012Rate 2.995
Revolution Fausten Weizenbock 8.510/22/2011Rate 3.59949415
Revolution Faustenstein 8.57/18/2012Rate 3.288
Revolution Filibuster 11.57/3/2014Rate 3.58
Revolution Firestone Walker Dos Osos 6.85/18/2011Rate 3.74989886
Revolution First Year Beer 6.92/3/2011Rate 3.39884313
Revolution Fist City 5.56/1/2014Rate 3.659598120
Revolution Fist City Rattle-R 4.011/22/2015Rate 3.072
Revolution Fistcal Cliff 6.33/27/2013Rate 3.52938822
Revolution Fistmas Ale 6.312/1/2010Rate 3.468694142
Revolution Flak Jacket -2/11/2016Rate 3.332
Revolution Foursome 11.811/30/2011Rate 3.26771914
Revolution Fractured 5.76/27/2013Rate 3.086
Revolution Galaxy Hero IPA 7.04/10/2013Rate 3.749898122
Revolution Geistfahrt / Ghost Ride 5.37/29/2015Rate 3.212
Revolution Gentlemen’s Reserve - Coconut Institutionalized 10.53/12/2015Rate 2.911
Revolution Gentlemen’s Reserve - Coffee & Cocoa Nibs 6.88/27/2014Rate 2.91
Revolution Gentlemen’s Reserve - Coffee Institutionalized 10.52/27/2015Rate 32
Revolution Gentlemen’s Reserve - Raspberry & Cocoa Nibs 6.88/27/2014Rate 2.931
Revolution Georgia Gene 8.510/10/2013Rate 3.268
Revolution God of War 6.04/6/2011Rate 2.938
Revolution Gomorrah 3.47/31/2010Rate 3.25785715
Revolution Gravedigger Billy 10.42/8/2012Rate 3.84999965
Revolution Hand Over Fist 4.94/17/2015Rate 3.061
Revolution Handsworth 4.912/12/2015Rate 2.981
Revolution Hecker 7.57/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution Hombre Secreto -8/11/2010Rate 3.2715910
Revolution Homefront IPA 6.25/24/2015Rate 3.17533012
Revolution Hop Dust Tourture 5.67/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution Hop Princess 5.29/21/2011Rate 3.05507210
Revolution Horizontal Tango 9.09/18/2013Rate 3.2876739
Revolution Hugene 10.61/1/2012Rate 3.63966728
Revolution Ideology ESB 6.27/7/2013Rate 3.18547811
Revolution IL Golden Ale (2014) (retired) 6.35/15/2014Rate 3.296
Revolution Illinois Golden Ale (2015) 6.35/21/2015Rate 3.163
Revolution Infiltrator Doppelbock 7.82/5/2013Rate 343239
Revolution Institutionalized 10.511/11/2010Rate 3.21662323
Revolution Iron Fist Pale Ale 5.52/4/2010Rate 3.45858880
Revolution Ivan’s ESB 7.21/17/2013Rate 3.046
Revolution Jueves Cinco 5.07/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution Jukebox Hero IPA 7.52/25/2014Rate 3.59938093
Revolution Juno Loco 5.87/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution Kemp’s Landing 6.112/27/2012Rate 3.3181789
Revolution La Croix de Lorraine 7.912/7/2013Rate 2.912
Revolution Let’s Have a War 8.04/26/2010Rate 3.296
Revolution Local Hero IPA 6.511/6/2013Rate 3.64959443
Revolution Logan Pride 4.55/15/2010Rate 3.15
Revolution Loganberry 5.29/3/2013Rate 3.05458016
Revolution Mad Cow Milk Stout 7.55/23/2010Rate 3.66969666
Revolution Madarina 5.35/19/2016Rate 3.091
Revolution Maibock Is Better Than Your Bock 6.55/1/2013Rate 3.1497110
Revolution Mandarina Pale 6.01/16/2014Rate 2.93
Revolution Matrimoniale 6.511/9/2015Rate 3.395
Revolution Mean Gene 8.511/8/2010Rate 3.78988982
Revolution Meltdown IPA 7.25/9/2014Rate 2.816
Revolution Midi 2.02/27/2013Rate 3.0345989
Revolution Mineshaft Gap 134/12/2015Rate 3.324
Revolution Moby the Great White Ale 9.32/5/2013Rate 3.267
Revolution Monument 5.06/26/2015Rate 3.153
Revolution Mosaic Hero 7.59/6/2015Rate 3.68969635
Revolution Mother of Exiles 5.25/15/2013Rate 3.2559237
Revolution Mr. Crowley 6.08/10/2011Rate 3.28798511
Revolution Night Moves 4.79/12/2012Rate 3.14575914
Revolution Nip Pils 5.112/26/2012Rate 2.994
Revolution Oak-Aged 2nd Year Beer 7.02/22/2012Rate 2.93
Revolution Oktoberfest Revolution 6.39/2/2010Rate 3.418199106
Revolution Old Country Altbier 5.08/19/2015Rate 3.283
Revolution Pablo Picasso 8.07/26/2011Rate 3.36869620
Revolution Paddy Wagon Stout 4.43/17/2011Rate 3.3797719
Revolution Penguin Hops 5.311/28/2012Rate 3.16504313
Revolution Poetic Justice 4.34/4/2012Rate 3.27769815
Revolution Pop N’ Pils 2.67/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution Provacateur 8.75/15/2013Rate 3.07482410
Revolution Quartz 5.06/1/2011Rate 3.35777510
Revolution Queequeg’s Coffin 118/26/2015Rate 2.974
Revolution Rebellious 5.34/3/2013Rate 2.975
Revolution Red Scare 7.55/23/2011Rate 3.34854115
Revolution Red Skull Imperial Red Ale 8.312/10/2011Rate 3.63958456
Revolution Reel Ten ESB 5.310/17/2010Rate 3.2718010
Revolution ReplicAle 2014 5.28/14/2014Rate 2.893
Revolution ReplicAle 2015 - Saison In The Abyss 5.28/13/2015Rate 0
Revolution Repo Man Rye Stout 6.210/15/2010Rate 3.6949558
Revolution Rev Pils 5.09/14/2015Rate 3.37779718
Revolution Rhine Rye 4.55/19/2016Rate 3.112
Revolution Riding High 5.94/8/2015Rate 32
Revolution Riot 5.32/10/2011Rate 3.31729620
Revolution Rise American Stout 7.511/1/2011Rate 3.7979883
Revolution Rosa Hibiscus Ale 5.87/17/2010Rate 3.084349154
Revolution Rosa Radler 3.05/22/2015Rate 3.052
Revolution Rosie (alias) 5.87/12/2010
Revolution Ryeway To Heaven 13.710/7/2015Rate 3.66968815
Revolution Samadhi Double IPA 8.74/5/2010Rate 3.63957423
Revolution Sawfish Ale -7/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution Sir Lord Keller Pils 5.27/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution Skara Brae 6.811/19/2010Rate 3.258
Revolution Small ’n Oats 7.32/12/2015Rate 3.24
Revolution SmOAKed 8.21/24/2016Rate 3.041
Revolution Solitaire 4.78/9/2012Rate 3.07474811
Revolution Straight Jacket (alias) 133/29/2012
Revolution Strange Bird 4.76/20/2012Rate 3.42899418
Revolution Stuka Pils 5.910/13/2014Rate 3.16
Revolution Tango 7.04/25/2013Rate 3.048
Revolution Tart With A Heart 104/6/2011Rate 3.23759312
Revolution The Bandit 6.012/21/2011Rate 3.52918921
Revolution The General 6.911/24/2010Rate 3.2475499
Revolution The Marquis 9.34/16/2012Rate 3.188
Revolution The Whip 6.06/25/2010Rate 3.62959423
Revolution Thee Destroyer 8.610/28/2010Rate 3.72979013
Revolution Three Floyds Barrel Aged Sodom 134/29/2011Rate 3.69986614
Revolution Three Floyds Sodom 128/12/2010Rate 3.67975823
Revolution Threesome 9.311/17/2011Rate 3.23694915
Revolution Time & Inclination 6.21/30/2014Rate 3.145
Revolution Totally Uncalled For 147/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution Tribal Hero IPA 6.87/16/2014Rate 3.1658329
Revolution Triple Fist 9.61/5/2011Rate 3.67968319
Revolution Turn Blue 8.57/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution TV Party Rye IPA 7.61/12/2011Rate 3.66969565
Revolution Two Barrel Billy -7/2/2015Rate 3.232
Revolution Uncalled Four 13.510/22/2014Rate 3.54936412
Revolution Unity Porter 5.05/16/2013Rate 3.34837014
Revolution Unsessionable Imperial IPA 109/24/2014Rate 3.82999697
Revolution Usethe Schwarzbier 4.89/12/2012Rate 3.42839416
Revolution Very Mad Cow (alias) 9.52/9/2012
Revolution Village Green English Bitter 4.11/19/2011Rate 3.3679410
Revolution Weegene 4.712/28/2011Rate 3.37817029
Revolution What the Helles 5.012/12/2015Rate 2.941
Revolution What The...? 5.08/28/2013Rate 3.3174999
Revolution When The Sh*t Hits The Fan 7.710/1/2010Rate 3.076
Revolution Whistler Gold -7/28/2016Rate 0
Revolution Wild Loganberry -5/19/2016Rate 3.061
Revolution Willie Wee Heavy 8.72/17/2010Rate 3.38784822
Revolution Winter Saison 7.31/3/2013Rate 3.056
Revolution Winter Woman 9.51/30/2013Rate 3.45865014
Revolution Working Mom 1110/23/2013Rate 3.45865114
Revolution Working Woman Brown 5.54/21/2010Rate 3.44859333
Revolution Workingman Mild 3.52/4/2010Rate 3.4839747
Revolution Workingman Mild with Cherry and Hickory Chips 3.511/9/2011Rate 2.841
Revolution Zanate Mole Stout 5.22/14/2013Rate 3.41888313
Revolution Zychlops 7.18/26/2015Rate 3.192

.Places associated: Revolution Brewing Company - Milwaukee Ave Brewpub, Revolution Brewing Company - Kedzie Ave Taproom.
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