Elitch Gardens Fire Roasted Amber 5.25/15/2012Rate 2.892
Elitch Gardens Orchard Wheat 4.85/15/2012Rate 3.1467410
Elitch Gardens Thrills and Spills -6/6/2013Rate 2.862
Wynkoop / Ska Reel Big Stout 104/1/2015Rate 3.366
Wynkoop / Tivoli Double OG (D.O.O.G.) 9.24/5/2015Rate 3.042
Wynkoop 2008 Anniversary Oak Aged Barley Wine (retired) 10.411/2/2008Rate 3.22752612
Wynkoop 2009 Barleywine (retired) 101/16/2010Rate 2.953
Wynkoop 2010 Barleywine -11/13/2012Rate 2.691
Wynkoop 2011 Barleywine -11/13/2012Rate 2.91
Wynkoop 25th Anniversary Kriek 8.011/16/2013Rate 3.365
Wynkoop 7-Year Itch Barleywine (retired) 9.510/3/2005Rate 33
Wynkoop Adulterator Anniversary Bock (retired) 6.610/22/2005Rate 3.065
Wynkoop Alfalfa Meade (retired) -5/30/2005Rate 3.491
Wynkoop Artillery Ale (alias) -4/11/2005
Wynkoop Auld Rabbit 6.43/14/2010Rate 3.023
Wynkoop B3K Gingerbread (retired) -12/4/2010Rate 2.641
Wynkoop B3K Schwarzbier 5.58/9/2002Rate 3.124754114
Wynkoop B6K Baltic Porter 9.22/26/2011Rate 2.762
Wynkoop Ba-Dunkel-Dunk 5.29/28/2006Rate 2.656
Wynkoop Barrel Aged Artillary Ale 107/18/2016Rate 3.091
Wynkoop Barrel Aged Berserker Mead 1111/20/2009Rate 3.194
Wynkoop Barrel Aged Quad 9.910/1/2015Rate 3.274
Wynkoop Barrel-Aged Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout 7.812/23/2014Rate 3.4824823
Wynkoop Beerdrinker Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout (retired) 102/12/2012Rate 2.941
Wynkoop Belgorado 6.79/2/2010Rate 3.21533346
Wynkoop Belgorado Wine Barrel aged 6.77/10/2014Rate 3.252
Wynkoop Berliner Hasselhoff 4.46/9/2014Rate 3.194
Wynkoop Big Easy 8.74/8/2006Rate 3.12602810
Wynkoop Big Easy Black Voodoo Lager -1/16/2010Rate 2.852
Wynkoop Bill’s Strong Scotch Ale (retired) 7.22/26/2011Rate 2.93
Wynkoop Blackberry Meade 101/10/2005Rate 2.223
Wynkoop Blau Bar 4.210/9/2013Rate 2.841
Wynkoop Bourbon Barrel Sledgehammeren 10.87/27/2008Rate 2.922
Wynkoop Boxcar Kölsch -6/1/2002Rate 2.293
Wynkoop Brewjolais Nouveau 9.66/26/2012Rate 3.16541414
Wynkoop C. Andy Brown Ale 4.610/18/2014Rate 3.153
Wynkoop Captain Hickenloopers Flying Artillery Ale 8.110/13/2002Rate 3.29738325
Wynkoop Cascade Cream Ale 5.110/4/2005Rate 2.99468415
Wynkoop Catalyst -6/8/2012Rate 2.92
Wynkoop Cherry Bomb -8/16/2003Rate 2.321
Wynkoop Cherry Kriek 4.54/11/2005Rate 3.114
Wynkoop Churchyard Ale 7.05/20/2002Rate 3.17677120
Wynkoop Coconut Milk Stout -1/16/2010Rate 3.094
Wynkoop Collective Hoppiness -1/17/2012Rate 2.871
Wynkoop ColoRojo 8.27/23/2012Rate 3.41824740
Wynkoop Cottonwood Organic White 4.63/28/2012Rate 2.871
Wynkoop Cowtown Milk Stout 4.812/11/2010Rate 3.38805638
Wynkoop Double Barrel Barleywine 10.510/20/2007Rate 3.226
Wynkoop Doug E Peche 8.77/18/2016Rate 3.061
Wynkoop Drunkin Pumpkin -10/30/2005Rate 3.02454912
Wynkoop Einhorn Dunkel Weiss 5.14/11/2015Rate 2.81
Wynkoop El Hefe Weizenbock -10/6/2005Rate 3.16674223
Wynkoop Elis Cream Ale -1/10/2005Rate 2.862
Wynkoop Ellegance 5.03/18/2013Rate 2.833
Wynkoop Faens Grüt 6.98/9/2002Rate 2.7271320
Wynkoop Fire Roasted Amber 4.27/2/2015Rate 3.091
Wynkoop Flanders Red 6.56/14/2013Rate 2.883
Wynkoop Forethought Saison 6.035/6/2016Rate 3.212
Wynkoop Framboise -9/17/2010Rate 3.284
Wynkoop Frambozen 8.28/16/2003Rate 3.14598927
Wynkoop Frambozen Quadrupel 125/22/2011Rate 2.963
Wynkoop Green Cross -11/13/2012Rate 2.761
Wynkoop Ground Breaker -1/21/2014Rate 2.941
Wynkoop Hibiscus London Calling IPA (retired) -2/25/2012Rate 2.711
Wynkoop Hickenlooper’s InaugurAle 6.81/4/2011Rate 2.683
Wynkoop Holiday Ale 8.71/10/2005Rate 2.783
Wynkoop Hop to Conclusions -4/3/2011Rate 2.783
Wynkoop Hopfenweisse -7/30/2012Rate 2.984
Wynkoop Humiliation Lip Gloss 8.211/30/2013Rate 3.184
Wynkoop Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter 9.012/5/2014Rate 32
Wynkoop Imperial IPA (retired) -5/20/2002Rate 3.0642915
Wynkoop Jarrylo 5.58/21/2015Rate 3.091
Wynkoop Koop Deville 9.07/22/2012Rate 3.376
Wynkoop Kurt’s Mile High Malt 5.88/5/2001Rate 3.05469113
Wynkoop Lemongrass London Calling IPA -10/10/2013Rate 2.771
Wynkoop Light Rail Ale (retired) 3.88/17/2002Rate 2.71181231
Wynkoop Light Rail Organic Lager (alias) 4.510/9/2012
Wynkoop London Calling IPA 5.99/30/2010Rate 3.03441526
Wynkoop Malt Madness (retired) 4.84/15/2012Rate 2.81
Wynkoop Mayor Johns Windpower Wheat -8/31/2008Rate 2.922
Wynkoop Mayorale Mild -10/19/2003Rate 2.841
Wynkoop McKenzie’s Milk Stout -3/1/2009Rate 3.01472314
Wynkoop Metacool Maltuwanna 7.85/7/2011Rate 3.144
Wynkoop Mile HI.P.A. (retired) 6.56/9/2009Rate 3.32795048
Wynkoop Mile High Pale Ale 5.57/26/2014Rate 3.2257488
Wynkoop Mister Fister IPA 1010/6/2005Rate 3.053
Wynkoop Moe’s BBQ (Bourbon Barrel Quad) 11.53/2/2014Rate 3.094
Wynkoop Monkeys Fist IPA 6.01/10/2005Rate 3.06512055
Wynkoop Monktical Jihad 11.52/26/2011Rate 2.92
Wynkoop Necessity Saison 6.77/18/2016Rate 0
Wynkoop Obamanator 6.79/29/2008Rate 3.15618117
Wynkoop Orange Milk Stout (retired) -9/17/2011Rate 2.81
Wynkoop Orchard Wheat -4/19/2015Rate 2.961
Wynkoop Orville 6.89/24/2010Rate 3.2272229
Wynkoop Painted Pony IPA (alias) -4/4/2004
Wynkoop Pattys Chile Beer 4.22/3/2003Rate 3.01404572
Wynkoop Peach Wheat -10/7/2013Rate 2.861
Wynkoop Pils Noir -3/8/2011Rate 2.712
Wynkoop Pumpkin Ale 5.59/26/2013Rate 2.97354214
Wynkoop Quinns Scottish Ale -7/29/2006Rate 0
Wynkoop RailYard Ale 5.26/18/2001Rate 2.973542114
Wynkoop Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout 7.510/12/2012Rate 3.55927579
Wynkoop Rooftop Saison 6.711/9/2011Rate 2.852
Wynkoop Rosslying Mead 134/12/2008Rate 2.672
Wynkoop Russian Imperial Stout 1212/3/2011Rate 2.972
Wynkoop Rye-Teo Old Chap Imperial Rye Stout 8.55/6/2016Rate 3.111
Wynkoop Sagebrush Stout 6.15/20/2002Rate 3.29815052
Wynkoop Saison de Colfax 5.87/30/2013Rate 32
Wynkoop Saison de Koop 5.56/14/2013Rate 3.142
Wynkoop Saison de Seigle 6.14/11/2015Rate 2.842739
Wynkoop Salted Caramel Tart Apple 5.212/27/2014Rate 3.13
Wynkoop Schmidlins Schmoked Pilsener 6.52/25/2007Rate 32
Wynkoop Silverback Pale Ale 5.57/8/2010Rate 3.08464661
Wynkoop Silverback Smoked Porter 7.210/25/2007Rate 3.31835725
Wynkoop Skull and Crossbones Black Ale 6.53/6/2011Rate 2.864
Wynkoop Sledgehammeren Barleywine 10.82/25/2007Rate 3.58957829
Wynkoop Sleggehammeren 9.57/28/2016Rate 3.021
Wynkoop Somergras Citrus Ale 6.49/7/2005Rate 2.8331315
Wynkoop Special Old Bitter (SOB) -10/15/2007Rate 2.675
Wynkoop Splatz Porter 5.78/5/2001Rate 2.92391211
Wynkoop Spotted Rump IPA (alias) -9/30/2003
Wynkoop St. Charles ESB 4.58/9/2002Rate 2.97393760
Wynkoop The Chancellor 1410/11/2012Rate 3.366
Wynkoop The Coupler 8.02/10/2011Rate 3.134
Wynkoop Tlaloc Lager -5/7/2006Rate 2.51
Wynkoop Tres Bon Saison 6.810/12/2013Rate 2.811
Wynkoop Tripel Sixes 10.17/21/2006Rate 2.94431012
Wynkoop Triple Black Sixes 10.46/17/2007Rate 3.214
Wynkoop Trippel Pear 8.211/13/2012Rate 2.791
Wynkoop Tut’s Royal Gold 6.07/23/2010Rate 3.11556610
Wynkoop Two Guns Pilsner 5.06/1/2002Rate 2.66224947
Wynkoop Uber Lager 4.410/9/2012Rate 2.92317310
Wynkoop Union Hub Light Ale 4.51/10/2005Rate 2.049
Wynkoop Venzke Weiss 5.02/23/2009Rate 3.042
Wynkoop Wagon Ryed Stout 5.82/25/2012Rate 3.135
Wynkoop Wassail -10/15/2007Rate 2.923
Wynkoop Western Slope Cider 5.251/10/2005Rate 3.04467112
Wynkoop Whiskey Rose Cider 6.82/25/2012Rate 2.872
Wynkoop Wixa Weiss 4.86/1/2002Rate 3.14568664
Wynkoop XX Dubbel Gersten (retired) -10/1/2003Rate 3.242
Wynkoop Ye Olde Ale 8.02/24/2013Rate 3.164
Wynkoop Yo Soy Umlaut 4.46/9/2014Rate 2.912

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