Haven / Stone Hell Ryed to Haven (retired) 6.21/28/2013Rate 2.841
Haven 100 Rubles 125/22/2012Rate 2.962
Haven 100 Rubles On Oak 141/11/2013Rate 3.38
Haven A Beer With No Name 4.610/3/2013Rate 2.952
Haven Apricots 11/22/2013Rate 3.2649010
Haven Azacca Malaka 61/7/2014Rate 2.972
Haven Blonde Ale 510/3/2013Rate 2.861
Haven Brewmaster’s Breakfast 7.55/22/2012Rate 3.166
Haven Brewmaster’s Breakfast On Oak 9.51/11/2013Rate 3.368
Haven Damn Straight 7.110/3/2013Rate 2.922
Haven Diana Brown 6.59/16/2012Rate 2.872
Haven Disco Pants 6.16/30/2013Rate 3.016
Haven Double Hubble 97/16/2013Rate 2.783
Haven Dream Of Wheat 10.82/21/2014Rate 2.771
Haven El Barista Rojo 6.811/2/2013Rate 3.012
Haven F-117 Stout 8.511/20/2013Rate 3.012
Haven Frank The Tank 6.95/8/2014Rate 2.91
Haven Gross National Happiness 9/16/2012Rate 2.912
Haven Hafen Hefe 9/16/2012Rate 2.841
Haven Hello World 73/31/2012Rate 2.793
Haven Hops, Inc. 6.96/5/2013Rate 3.056
Haven Hopwave 8.6610/3/2013Rate 2.92
Haven Jimmy Hafen 4.86/30/2013Rate 2.954
Haven Lenny G 5.86/5/2013Rate 2.874
Haven Lunch 611/2/2013Rate 2.91
Haven More Please 56/5/2013Rate 2.794
Haven O Face 67/16/2013Rate 0
Haven Performance Enhancing Drink (P.E.D.) 4.57/13/2013Rate 3.215
Haven Right Said Red 94/9/2014Rate 3.042
Haven Rye Over Spilled Milk 6.81/7/2014Rate 2.953
Haven Saturday Soda 7.61/28/2013Rate 2.861
Haven Simcoded 5.55/11/2013Rate 3.076
Haven Sippin Pretty 13.33/16/2013Rate 3.013
Haven Socal Distortion 7.251/29/2014Rate 2.982
Haven Sosigenes 8.774/6/2012Rate 2.884
Haven Spring Lager 55/21/2014Rate 0
Haven Swelldorado 7.38/16/2013Rate 2.965
Haven The Glass Elevator 5.58/5/2013Rate 2.662
Haven UpRYEsing 9/16/2012Rate 2.853
Haven XXtra Thirsty Friend 5.64/12/2014Rate 2.861
.Places associated: Haven Gastropub, Provisions Market.
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