McGuires Altbier 5/21/2002Rate 2.920
McGuires Apex Predator 116/15/2014Rate 2.881
McGuires Barrel Aged IPA 10/20/2007Rate 3.052
McGuires Belgian Cherry Brown 2/6/2011Rate 2.791
McGuires Belgian Double with Blueberries 8.83/8/2008Rate 2.922
McGuires Belgian Strong Ale 5/21/2002Rate 2.782
McGuires Belgian Wit 7/31/2005Rate 2.997
McGuires Blueberry Ale 4.810/12/2009Rate 2.743
McGuires Bock 10/21/2005Rate 2.771
McGuires Cherry Imperial Stout 1/4/2014Rate 2.881
McGuires Chocolate Raspberry Stout 3/5/2014Rate 2.931
McGuires Christmas Ale 5/21/2002Rate 3.136
McGuires Coffee Porter 3/8/2014Rate 2.962
McGuires Devil’s Soul 8.911/16/2013Rate 2.993
McGuires Double Irish Red 9.53/6/2005Rate 3.215
McGuires Double Raspberry Wheat (retired) 10/29/2007Rate 2.912
McGuires Espresso Oatmeal Porter 9.51/10/2014Rate 2.871
McGuires Extra Special Bitter 4/4/2004Rate 3.216
McGuires Hefeweizen 4.97/31/2003Rate 3.156
McGuires I’ll Have What the Gentleman on the Floor is Having 128/11/2003Rate 3.46854324
McGuires Imperial Apricot IPA 12/6/2012Rate 2.861
McGuires Imperial Coffee Stout 1/9/2016Rate 3.111
McGuires Imperial Stout 2/25/2007Rate 3.38872613
McGuires India Pale Ale 5/21/2002Rate 3.12462215
McGuires Irish Red Ale 52/19/2002Rate 3.04415176
McGuires Irish Stout 5.42/19/2002Rate 3.34737556
McGuires Light Ale 4.22/19/2002Rate 2.61149331
McGuires Menace to Sobriety 8.511/16/2013Rate 2.941
McGuires Millennium Ale 9.52/5/2005Rate 3.23684611
McGuires Moosemator Bock 5/10/2003Rate 3.031
McGuires Nelson Sauvin IPA 69/6/2014Rate 2.791
McGuires Oktoberfest 2/1/2008Rate 2.936
McGuires Old Fashioned Ale 4.211/24/2012Rate 2.747
McGuires Orange Blossom Honey Wheat 55/17/2006Rate 2.816
McGuires Peated Scotch Ale 7.23/19/2008Rate 3.072
McGuires Porter 5.32/19/2002Rate 3.2533957
McGuires Pumpkin Ale 3/27/2009Rate 2.93
McGuires Scotch Ale 7.45/21/2002Rate 3.27644311
McGuires Wild Irish Raspberry Wheat 4.85/21/2002Rate 2.93324934
.Places associated: McGuire’s Irish Pub & Brewery, McGuire’s Irish Pub - Destin.
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