Moon River Amarillo on My Mind Pale Ale (retired) 9/5/2010Rate 2.952
Moon River Apparition Ale 4.86/29/2010Rate 3.02425952
Moon River Apricot (retired) 3/2/2003Rate 3.031
Moon River Aztec Chocolate Porter 711/21/2008Rate 2.841
Moon River Bay Street Brown Ale 3/10/2002Rate 2.958
Moon River Bay Street Peachy Brown Ale 6/13/2008Rate 2.953
Moon River Beeco Estate 6.32/22/2015Rate 2.852
Moon River Belly Washer Golden Ale 5.11/14/2013Rate 2.79263114
Moon River Bethesda Farmhouse 6.92/25/2016Rate 3.213
Moon River Black River Imperial Stout 10.57/3/2004Rate 3.32832011
Moon River Boo-Hag Black Ale 6.710/14/2012Rate 2.91
Moon River Boucane 4.210/16/2015Rate 3.215
Moon River Brewgurl’s ESB 4.810/16/2015Rate 3.021
Moon River Brownie Wownie 9/9/2011Rate 2.974
Moon River Captain’s Porter 63/9/2002Rate 3.46868298
Moon River Charlottes Mild (retired) 1/3/2004Rate 3.063
Moon River Chocolate Orange Captain’s Porter 10/14/2012Rate 2.841
Moon River Claire de Lune 5.43/9/2002Rate 2.94436323
Moon River Depravity or Divinity 8.2510/21/2013Rate 3.22544912
Moon River Dixie Crystal Beer 99/22/2007Rate 3.31716012
Moon River Duppy Conqueror 4.210/16/2015Rate 3.232
Moon River Excalibur 7.31/14/2013Rate 2.881
Moon River Foras 5.52/22/2015Rate 3.394
Moon River Galleria Espresso Stout 4/9/2005Rate 3.124
Moon River Genes Brown Ale 68/22/2008Rate 3.111
Moon River Georgia Belgique 6.48/21/2009Rate 3.31798714
Moon River Honey Habanero Swamp Fox 10/15/2015Rate 31
Moon River Hootenanny Ale 8.257/8/2014Rate 38
Moon River Houblon Wit 9/5/2010Rate 3.023
Moon River Irish Red Ale 4.44/25/2006Rate 2.613
Moon River Jasmine Saison 6.91/14/2013Rate 2.871
Moon River Jiggery-Pokery 8.47/19/2015Rate 3.163
Moon River Juniper IPA 4/25/2006Rate 32
Moon River Keller Pilsner 3/7/2010Rate 2.734
Moon River Les Wright’s Russian Imperial Stout 9.23/12/2015Rate 2.941
Moon River Little Chocolate Doughnuts 1/26/2008Rate 3.5939212
Moon River Lunar Lander IPA 67/7/2014Rate 2.927
Moon River Mai-bock 612/19/2003Rate 3.071
Moon River Mai-Rye Bock 8/4/2005Rate 3.162
Moon River Marmota 64/1/2014Rate 2.871
Moon River Matt’s Moon Cruise 5.36/24/2013Rate 3.063
Moon River Moon Dance Pale Ale 4.212/19/2003Rate 3.118
Moon River Moon Light 51/2/2004Rate 2.7246610
Moon River Nick’s Balls of Gold (2009-2012) (retired) 512/16/2009Rate 3.116
Moon River Nick’s Balls of Gold (2015-) 82/22/2015Rate 3.175
Moon River Nuptial Pilsener 3/7/2009Rate 2.85
Moon River Oak-Aged Black River Imperial Stout 121/8/2009Rate 3.285
Moon River Oatboy 9.53/10/2006Rate 3.45
Moon River Ogeechee Amber 4.44/7/2004Rate 3.066
Moon River OMG (Oh My Grapefruits) Ale 6.21/14/2013Rate 2.871
Moon River Oude Brune 9/9/2011Rate 2.841
Moon River Oude Brune (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 9.511/29/2011Rate 3.011
Moon River Road Trip Hard Cider 6.83/10/2002Rate 2.93384818
Moon River Rosemary IPA 710/31/2009Rate 3.31804916
Moon River Rybicki’s Imperial 10.37/8/2014Rate 3.055
Moon River Saison 5.24/20/2013Rate 2.943
Moon River Savannah Fest Beer 53/10/2002Rate 2.95444958
Moon River Scottish Ale 9.57/3/2004Rate 3.133
Moon River Scottish Style Country Ale 611/3/2003Rate 3.094
Moon River Scuzzy Starkers Nut Brown Ale 4.912/31/2014Rate 2.954
Moon River Sea Bee Honey Bock 8.52/14/2007Rate 3.18
Moon River Six Degrees 5.111/26/2010Rate 2.958
Moon River Skunk Ape-Stout 4.612/16/2009Rate 2.872
Moon River Slo-vannah with Citrus Zest 41/27/2013Rate 2.861
Moon River Slow-vannah 46/7/2008Rate 3.21544655
Moon River SNAFU 64/1/2014Rate 3.012
Moon River Sombra De Marmota 6.33/2/2013Rate 2.862
Moon River Sooper Foxy 10.15/30/2016Rate 3.021
Moon River Soulshine 6.15/30/2016Rate 31
Moon River Sour Brown Ale 10/29/2011Rate 2.922
Moon River Southern Sour Blend #2 7/20/2015Rate 3.15
Moon River Super Fest 12/22/2003Rate 2.912
Moon River Swamp Fox IPA 73/10/2002Rate 3.347549130
Moon River Tarleton’s IPA 2012 73/2/2013Rate 2.831
Moon River Tarletons Bitter 9/6/2009Rate 2.944
Moon River Tater Sweet Potato Pale Ale 4.511/16/2006Rate 3.21587511
Moon River Taterlicious! 5.610/11/2015Rate 3.142
Moon River Tenzing’s Gose 4.88/30/2014Rate 34
Moon River The Bomb Dry Cherry Stout 4.611/13/2005Rate 2.862
Moon River The Bomb Dry Stout 4.63/2/2003Rate 3.39798641
Moon River The Highland Stagger 811/7/2004Rate 3.0951189
Moon River The Jade Crystal IPA 5.92/19/2015Rate 3.014
Moon River Turtle Moon Rye-’zn 3.910/14/2012Rate 2.831
Moon River Wheezy Heifer 5.53/9/2002Rate 2.826
Moon River Wild Belly Washer Golden Ale 1/27/2014Rate 2.862
Moon River Wild Wacky Wit Beer 4.88/4/2003Rate 3.21558099
Moon River Yoga Pants 51/10/2015Rate 3.24599217

.Associated place: Moon River Brewing Company.
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