Bills 2 x 4 Stout 76/1/2000Rate 3.15624024
Bills Agave Barrel 2 x 4 Stout 8/23/2013Rate 2.911
Bills Allie Mae’s Irish Stout 8/22/2013Rate 2.952
Bills Arctic Weiss 4.79/20/2002Rate 3.031
Bills ASA’s Premium Blond 8/15/2005Rate 2.9313911
Bills Auld Nutcracker 10/19/2004Rate 3.074
Bills BillyGoat Bock 5/26/2014Rate 2.741
Bills Bilsner 10/17/2011Rate 0
Bills Blackberry Beauty 6/1/2000Rate 2.8244118
Bills Bronze Ale 8/10/2004Rate 2.86
Bills Bruce’s Chocolate Stout 12/22/2014Rate 2.972
Bills Cherry Porter 10/29/2009Rate 2.711
Bills Clearcut Lager 6/1/2000Rate 2.971
Bills Cold Ass 10/17/2011Rate 0
Bills Curiously Strong 6/1/2000Rate 3.436
Bills Duck Dive Pale Ale 6/1/2000Rate 3.35747220
Bills Dunkelweizen 8/22/2013Rate 2.831
Bills Evil Twin IPA 78/4/2010Rate 3.08492013
Bills Foggy Notion Weissbier 8/10/2004Rate 3.04456611
Bills Ginger Raspberry Stout 5.69/1/2003Rate 2.321
Bills Golden Rye 4.57/24/2004Rate 2.84
Bills Lil Stranger 5/26/2014Rate 2.741
Bills Mayger Amber 8/22/2013Rate 2.852
Bills Mild Morning Ale 11/3/2006Rate 2.921
Bills Moore Pale 5/26/2014Rate 2.81
Bills Murky Pearl Oyster Stout 3/7/2005Rate 3.32
Bills Ole 1400 Barleywine 12/22/2014Rate 2.791
Bills Ragsdale Porter 5.29/1/2003Rate 2.9947209
Bills Rose’s Raspberry Amber 8/22/2013Rate 2.791
Bills Rudy’s Red 10/29/2009Rate 2.763
Bills Sexy Mexi Chili Beso 5/26/2014Rate 2.831
Bills Spruce Ale 5.26/11/2006Rate 34
Bills Spruce Lager 8/10/2004Rate 2.893
Bills The Stranger IPA 66/15/2014Rate 2.691
Bills The WHIPA 7.512/22/2014Rate 2.631
Bills Thundermuck Stout 10/17/2011Rate 0
Bills Yule Mule 10/17/2011Rate 2.811
.Associated place: Bills Tavern and Brewhouse.
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