Chicago All Nighter 4.68/5/2002Rate 2.69191846
Chicago Belgian Dubbel 7.57/28/2003Rate 3.17674612
Chicago Belgian Saison -4/17/2009Rate 2.93
Chicago Belgian Tripel 1010/28/2004Rate 3.150319
Chicago Big Hoppa Imperial IPA 9.63/6/2004Rate 3.418
Chicago Big IPA (alias) -1/9/2005
Chicago Black Star Stout 4.58/3/2002Rate 3.18634742
Chicago Black Widow Stout 4.58/21/2012Rate 3.178
Chicago Blueberry Vanilla Wheat 4.62/22/2004Rate 2.92356635
Chicago Cherry Caudill 8.58/12/2007Rate 2.91417116
Chicago Cilantro Lime Ale (retired) -10/19/2008Rate 2.81
Chicago Cocoa For Coconuts 6.810/12/2012Rate 3.194
Chicago Coconut Porter -12/24/2011Rate 2.841
Chicago Cranberry Hefeweizen 4.97/19/2012Rate 2.831
Chicago Daisy Chain Tripel (retired) 9.55/12/2004Rate 3.197
Chicago Double Berry Hefeweiss (alias) -11/12/2006
Chicago English Pale Ale 5.52/16/2013Rate 2.962
Chicago Frostbite Winter Ale (retired) 7.512/18/2004Rate 2.912
Chicago Golden Gunnar (retired) 5.66/2/2005Rate 2.855
Chicago Hardway IPA 6.21/9/2005Rate 3.47877575
Chicago Hawaiian Honey 139/9/2006Rate 349713
Chicago Hefeweizen -7/15/2004Rate 3.128
Chicago Honey Bru Bru 11.53/28/2014Rate 2.91
Chicago Hop-ocalypse Black IPA 10.55/18/2012Rate 2.791
Chicago India Pale Ale (retired) -1/1/2004Rate 3.195
Chicago Kick Your Razz (retired) 141/3/2007Rate 2.894
Chicago Lemon Ginger Saison 5.37/7/2015Rate 3.091
Chicago Maibock (retired) 6.45/4/2003Rate 3.048
Chicago Mango Pils 5.07/25/2016Rate 3.061
Chicago Mango Wheat -7/16/2011Rate 2.854
Chicago Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 5.94/16/2011Rate 2.712
Chicago Oktoberfest (retired) -11/9/2003Rate 2.823
Chicago Ol Scrappy Scotch Ale (retired) -4/14/2006Rate 2.924
Chicago Old E But A Good E 9.81/9/2016Rate 2.791
Chicago Old Town Brown 4.612/24/2002Rate 2.92342964
Chicago Orange-Atang 5.29/15/2013Rate 2.791
Chicago Pale Ale -10/9/2000Rate 3.2726212
Chicago Pineapple Jalepeno (retired) 4.54/7/2007Rate 2.481
Chicago Premium Light (retired) -1/29/2004Rate 2.723
Chicago Quad Damn It! 10.29/15/2013Rate 2.975
Chicago Ramblin Reck Amber Ale 4.54/13/2001Rate 2.91333858
Chicago Raspberry Wheat -7/18/2009Rate 2.731
Chicago Springfest Lager 5.24/27/2003Rate 2.99485221
Chicago Stout of Order 8.13/22/2010Rate 2.981
Chicago Strawberry Blonde 5.07/19/2012Rate 2.841
Chicago Strawberry Wheat -5/12/2013Rate 2.841
Chicago Summer Ale -7/26/2010Rate 2.741
Chicago Summit Time IPA 5.57/25/2016Rate 31
Chicago Sundown Stout 4.55/14/2013Rate 3.124
Chicago Ultimate Weiss (retired) 4.610/16/2002Rate 3.168
Chicago Vienna Lager (retired) 6.24/17/2006Rate 2.742
Chicago Weizenbock (retired) -4/29/2007Rate 2.872
Chicago Weizenheimer Wheat 4.61/16/2005Rate 3.08446850
Chicago Wild Berry Wheat (retired) 5.06/2/2005Rate 2.733
Chicago Wild West Tripel 8.47/19/2012Rate 2.932

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