Go here for payment and MORE INFO

City Beer - Stone (9th, 11th - Sublimely Self Righteous, 12th, 13th) and special cellar sell - details to come - 5.30

Anchor 1.00p
Speakeasy 3.00p
Beer Dinner at Cathedral Hotel ($80)
Reception - 6.30p
First Course - 7.30
Finish - 9.00-9.30p

Toronado - 9.00
Rogue - 11.30p

Bus leaves Cathedral Hotel at 9.30-9.45am
Bear Republic - 11.15 - 12:40
Russian River - 1:15 - 3:00
Lagunitas - 3:40 - 5:10
Marin - 5:50 - 7:20

Drakeís - San Leandro 8:00
Cash money is good. No beer is also fine however food in lieu of beer would be appreciated!

Drakeís Brewing Co.
1933 Davis Street #177
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone 510 562 0866


presented by Steve Shapiro and Gail Ann Williams

The Monkís Kettle at noon - 1:15p
Triple Rock (and Jupiter) 2:00 - 4:00p
The Bistro (4:45p)

7:00pm dinner place of your choice

The Trappist 9:00pm


Go here for dinner menu

Contact Info: Mike Long


mwsf 7/7/2009
I wonít be at all events but will definitely be at City Beer on Thurs, Toronado on Fri, and the Grand Tasting on Sat. Looking forward to it!
alexsdad06 6/24/2009
I will be getting in early Saturday morning for the bus tour and Grand Tasting. Does anyone have space in their room for Saturday night only? I leave early Sunday to go back to Vegas to catch another flight home.
illinismitty 6/13/2009
I am unemployed at the moment, but I am working the wife (sugar momma) into letting me go.
wavers1 6/12/2009
does anybody have more info about this event? when and where is the grand tasting?
MaltOMeal 6/1/2009
If I can talk my son (heís 31) into joining me and splitting cost on a room, then I am in. He is a craft beer lover as well and weíve been to other beerfests, so he may be willing. Iíd love to go but the hotel costs are an issue.
DaSilky1 5/30/2009
MJ, you can sleep with me!
joet 5/21/2009
MJ we have a bed for you Friday night. Good to see yespr representing Denmark!
BMan1113VR 5/20/2009
Getting in Friday night most likely...
3fourths 5/20/2009
this is a huge maybe for me. if airfare is cheap and I can grab a cheap spot on the floor somewhere then Iím in.
DYCSoccer17 5/17/2009
well, that was a drunk post...
KAggie97 5/11/2009
Man, I wish I could be there but logistically, it just ainít possible. Consider this RBSG 86% less gay without me. Someone- anyone- raise one for me. And when you do, trumptet the horn for a violent scene of death! (IItís a song...relax...)