Siren Meet the brewer at The Hope

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05:45 Wed 6/12/2013

Eh yo we are doing a meet the brewer event at The Hope on the 21st. Should be a fun event with a nice line up. Will most likely be the debut of our new 2.8% IPA and our Chocolate milk stout. Also filled a 20L Bourbon cask with Even more jesus that will go on the bar. Bourbon Broken Dreams will be there as well Limoncello!! As you can see lots of stuff so hopefully some people make it out.

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The Hope in Carshalton?

05:59 Wed 6/12/2013


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Still havenít been there so this could be a good opportunity.

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Iíve heard great things about the Hope. Iíve still not been there but am saving my monies for Rome in the summer. Enjoy.

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The Hope is awesome.

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Originally posted by Scopey
The Hope is awesome.

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Itíll be interesting to see how they price point Ryanís beers here.

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What time will the beers go on? I am free during the day and may take a trip out there if I can but pretty full up that night unfortunately

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What time would this event start? Big fan of the Siren beers and Iíve been meaning to get to the Hope, only problem will be the long haul home afterwards! Are you going Bob?

23:08 Wed 6/12/2013

I think it is in the evening? They are receiving a camra award that day and our beers are meant to go on right after. Let me check.

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The Hope website says eventís at 8pm.