Could there be a craft beer bubble in Vancouver?

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beers 1328 º 09:55 Fri 6/14/2013

beers 3657 º places 142 º 20:09 Fri 6/14/2013

Like I said in a previous post, and the writer agrees, we are at least 5 years behind our neighbours to the south

beers 1328 º 03:58 Sat 6/15/2013

True, I should have compared us with the Deep South.

beers 17487 º places 691 º 04:25 Sat 6/15/2013

fingers crossed...

beers 2972 º places 229 º 13:08 Mon 7/22/2013

Itís true the market can reach a saturation point, especially if itís watered down with poor quality craft brewers, but I just canít imagine craft beer drinkers returning en masse to crap beer. I really think weíre only seeing the beginning of craft beer. There are many markets where itís a very new thing.

beers 11200 º places 552 º 14:11 Mon 7/22/2013

Most craft breweries suck here anyway, so I think thereís still tons of room for new quality breweries to open.