Wilmington area recommendations?

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beers 690 º places 38 º 18:32 Tue 7/23/2013

I値l be in the Wilmington area for about a week next month. Can some of you folks in the area recommend some good bottle shops? I値l be staying in Carolina Beach but will have a car so getting to anyplace in the area will be no problem. I知 especially interested in places that have a lot of regional/NC brews.

beers 4322 º places 146 º 05:13 Wed 7/24/2013

It痴 looking to me like Lighthouse ( http://www.lighthousebeerandwine.com/) is going to be your best bet, though I haven稚 been there myself. I知 planning a trip to the area myself soon, so I値l like to hear what others say.

beers 690 º places 38 º 13:45 Sun 7/28/2013

Thanks for the response. The Veggie Wagon in Carolina Beach looks like a possibility as well although maybe a tad pricy. Anyone else have any suggestions?

beers 4322 º places 146 º 19:52 Sat 9/14/2013

I just got back from Wilmington, and was really pleased with Fermental. Nice little beer selection and an awesome place to hang out. Definitely worth a trip.

[Sorry for reviving something this old - just wanted to update this in case it helps someone else out.]