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Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

EU Local swap
Iso: 2005 blabaer. Ft: 99, 00 3f gueuze
Troegs Wild Elf
FT: 2014 Blåbær, 375 ml ISO: Imperial Stouts, Barley Wine etc
ISO: Kaggen! (not Börb’nåhallon) or Blabaer /// FT: big stouts
RateBeer3 Fantasy FootBall League
Monkish Brewing
IP- Baltimore, MD area 9/29-10-1 ISO: HEADY cans/ PLINY bottles FT: 3F/ LOONS
ISO: Side Project Tete Cuvee. FT: List
IP trade during trip to Deadwood area
FT: Vintage Westvleteren,SNR 2010 + list ISO: American stuff,and other
Westvleteren for Quebec beers in Brussels?
ISO: Fantome :: FT: Zenne, 3 Sons, FO, Boos, LPs,
ISO: Zwanzes, Blabaer 09, 10 FT: Assassin, Morning Delight, others
ISO: oderus ale FT: colorado stuff
ISO: Fundamental Observation FT: Trillium, Allagash and more
FT: HF Damon +... ISO: BCBS Cherry Rye
FT: Pinta Imperator Baltycki (100/100) and more polish stuff
FT West Sixth x 3
FT BCBS Cherry Rye ISO BCBS Vanilla Rye
ISO: Jester King Fen Tao (Pre) FT: Hill Farnstead, Trillium, OEC, more
ISO: El Cat Member FT: Ohio/NW PA Limited/Rare Brews. Lets Discuss
IP Belgium (Sep 3- 5; 9-12) ISO: Cantillon, 3F, Bokkereyder FT: List
ISO: fresh TH’s milkshakes and alien church. FT: fresh Trillium
FT: Allagash Nancy ISO: New Glarus Serendipity, Raspberry Tart, Wisconsin Belgian Red
FT: Seat at a tasting (Brussels) ISO: Lambic

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