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Beer Trade

Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

Im trading Tree House King JJJuliusss cans
ISO: Heady Topper FT: 2015 BCBS
European Secret Summer Santa 2016
ip brussels 7/3 - 7/5 :: ft bourbon dark lord - iso belgian stuff
ISO: King JJJ, 100k Trillion, other Tree House FT: Casey and others
IP Vienna 7/10 FT: Louisiana distro or JKs. ISO: Sours, Lambics
FT: 2012 Kuhnhenn Lime Melomel ISO: ?
FT: FO 3:1 ISO: Lambic dAunis
ISO: Balaton and Black Agnes FT: list
FT: Civil Society Fresh and Pulp
IP London FT: BarFly, Sump, AftW, CD16 /// ISO: shelf lambic
ISO: Barrel Aged Mexican cake, BA Stouts. FT: Loons, Drie Fonteinen
FT: Thomas Hardys Ale 1986-1988 ISO: List
ISO King Sue and others from TG; FT Trillium and/or Jackie Os
IP Rome ISO: Lambic FT: Stouts
2016 summer secret santa?
ISO: Belgian trade partners (lambics) FT: Hill Farmstead
Iso Dark Lord barrel Aged FT: HOMMAGE,vigneronne, Saint Lamvinus
ISO: Noble Dank You for being a Friend . FT: TX stuff- Jester King & others
FT: 32 oz. crowlers of Boneyard, Barley Browns, Deschutes or other Bend, Oregon brewery
ISO: Cycle Tuesday FT: Many beers
FT: Sle Artisan Ales Simcoe Nerd and Pliny the Elder
FT Rodenbach Alexander 2016, ISO Unrated Malt Liquor
ISO: toppling Goliath FT: Indianapolis locals
FT: Hill Farmstead Damon

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