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Best Beers of England

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BeerName BrewerName Award
1. Crouch Vale Brewers Gold ExtraCrouch ValeGold
2. Woodfordes Norfolk NipWoodfordesGold
3. Timothy Taylor Landlord (Cask)Timothy TaylorGold
4. Iceni Men of NorfolkIceniGold
5. Crouch Vale AmarilloCrouch ValeGold
6. Crouch Vale Brewers GoldCrouch ValeGold
7. Fullers London PorterFullersGold
8. Woodfordes Nelsons RevengeWoodfordesGold
9. Freeminer Deep Shaft StoutFreeminerGold
10. Oakham Raucous ReindeerOakhamGold
11. Samuel Smiths Oatmeal StoutSamuel SmithGold
12. Dark Star HopheadDark StarGold
13. Fullers London Porter (Cask)FullersGold
14. Castle Rock Harvest PaleCastle RockGold
15. Oakham Bishops FarewellOakhamGold
16. Fullers 1845FullersGold
17. Fullers London Pride (Cask)FullersGold
18. Fullers ESBFullersGold
19. Cheriton Pots AleCheritonGold
20. Milk Street AmarilloMilk StreetGold
21. Kelham Island Pale RiderKelham IslandGold
22. Darwin Rolling HitchDarwinGold
23. Teignworthy Marthas MildTeignworthyGold
24. Gales Festival MildGalesGold
25. Titanic IcebergTitanic (UK)Gold
26. Dark Star Over the MoonDark StarGold
27. Oakham JHB (Jeffrey Hudson Bitter)OakhamGold
28. Harveys Armada AleHarveysGold
29. Timothy Taylor Landlord (Bottled)Timothy TaylorGold
30. Samuel Smiths Nut Brown AleSamuel SmithGold
31. Samuel Smiths Taddy PorterSamuel SmithGold
32. Youngs Double Chocolate StoutYoungsGold
33. Roosters YankeeRoosters (UK)Gold
34. Ringwood Old ThumperRingwoodGold
35. Oakleaf Nuptu’aleOakleafGold
36. Crouch Vale Santas RevengeCrouch ValeGold
37. Loddon HoppitLoddonGold
38. Sainsburys Blonde AleMeantimeGold
39. Brakspear Special (Cask)Brakspear (Refresh UK)Gold
40. Grainstore Rutland PantherGrainstore (Davises Brewing Co)Gold
41. Oakham JHB ExtraOakhamGold
42. Hambleton Nightmare (Cask)HambletonGold
43. Woodfordes Wherry WoodfordesGold
44. Hook Norton 303AD / Generation (Cask)Hook NortonGold
45. Wentworth WPAWentworthGold
46. Dark Star Critical MassDark StarGold
47. Ruddles County (Cask)Greene KingGold
48. Greene King Strong Suffolk (Olde Suffolk)Greene KingGold
49. Samuel Smiths India AleSamuel SmithGold
50. Falstaff Fistful Of HopsFalstaffGold
51. Jennings Sneck LifterJennings (Wolverhampton & Dudley)Gold
52. Worthingtons White ShieldMuseum (MolsonCoors)Gold
53. Thomas Hardys Ale (vintage 2003 and later)OHanlonsGold
54. J.W. Lees Harvest AleJ.W. LeesGold
55. Moor Old Freddy WalkerMoorGold
56. Daleside BlondeDalesideGold
57. Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby MildSarah HughesGold
58. Cotleigh Barn OwlCotleighGold
59. Black Sheep Riggwelter (Cask)Black SheepGold
60. Harveys Sussex Best BitterHarveysGold
61. Nethergate Umbel AleNethergateGold
62. Eastwood & Sanders 1872 PorterEastwood & SandersGold
63. Mauldons Black AdderMauldonsGold
64. Triple fff Pressed Rat & Warthog Triple fffGold
65. Fullers London PrideFullersGold
66. Theakston Old Peculier (Cask)TheakstonSilver
67. Harveys Tom Paine AleHarveysSilver
68. Youngs Special London AleYoungsSilver
69. Moorhouses Black Cat (Cask)MoorhousesSilver
70. White Horse Wayland SmithyWhite HorseSilver
71. Ridleys Old Bob (Cask)Greene KingSilver
72. Black Sheep RiggwelterBlack SheepSilver
73. Burton Bridge Empire AleBurton BridgeBronze
74. Ringwood Old Thumper (Cask)RingwoodBronze
75. St Peters Cream StoutSt Peters (UK)Bronze
76. Hook Norton Old Hooky (Cask)Hook NortonBronze
77. Brakspear TripleBrakspear (Refresh UK)Bronze
78. Mordue Workie TicketMordueBronze
79. Fullers Golden PrideFullersBronze
80. Hampshire Pride of Romsey HampshireBronze
81. Samuel Smiths Old Brewery Pale AleSamuel SmithBronze
82. Spectrum Black BuffleSpectrumBronze
83. Youngs Oatmeal Stout (London Stout)YoungsBronze
84. Hook Norton Copper AleHook NortonBronze
85. Freeminer Speculation AleFreeminerBronze
86. Greene King Abbot Ale (Cask)Greene KingBronze
87. Freeminer Trafalgar IPAFreeminerBronze
88. Samuel Smiths Imperial StoutSamuel SmithBronze
89. Fullers India Pale AleFullersBronze
90. Theakston Old PeculierTheakstonBronze
91. Elgoods Flag Porter 1825 OriginalElgoodsBronze
92. Mighty Oak English OakMighty OakBronze
93. Fullers ESB (Cask)FullersBronze
94. Adnams Broadside Strong OriginalAdnamsBronze
95. Morland Old Speckled Hen (Cask)Greene KingBronze
96. Titanic StoutTitanic (UK)Bronze
97. Brakspear Vintage HenleyBrakspear (Refresh UK)Bronze
98. Samuel Smiths Extra StoutSamuel SmithBronze
99. OHanlons Royal Oak OHanlonsBronze
100. Wentworth Oatmeal Stout WentworthBronze
101. Robinsons Old Tom (Cask)Robinsons (England)Bronze
102. Hook Norton HaymakerHook NortonBronze
103. Dark Star Espresso StoutDark StarBronze
104. Burton Bridge Tickle Brain AleBurton BridgeBronze
105. Fullers Vintage Ale 2005FullersBronze
106. Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbodys Country AleWye ValleyBronze
107. Dark Star Dark StarDark StarBronze
108. Meantime London PorterMeantimeBronze
109. Oakham Black Hole PorterOakhamBronze
110. Hogs Back O T T (Old Tongham Tasty)Hogs BackBronze
111. Adnams Broadside (Cask)AdnamsBronze
112. Stonehenge Great BustardStonehengeBronze
113. J.W. Lees Harvest Ale (Sherry)J.W. LeesBronze
114. Otter HeadOtterBronze
115. Wells Bombardier (5.5%)Charles WellsBronze
116. Shepherd Neame 1698 Celebration AleShepherd NeameBronze
117. Hook Norton Twelve Days (Cask)Hook NortonBronze
118. Ushers Ruby AleWadworthBronze
119. Gales Trafalgar 200GalesBronze
120. Hambleton NightmareHambletonBronze
121. Oakleaf Hole HeartedOakleafBronze
122. Titanic Captain SmithsTitanic (UK)Bronze
123. Coniston Old Man Ale (Bottle)HepworthBronze
124. Beartown Polar EclipseBeartownBronze
125. Hook Norton Twelve DaysHook NortonBronze
126. Hook Norton Double StoutHook NortonBronze
127. Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger (Cask)Shepherd NeameBronze
128. J.W. Lees Harvest Ale (Lagavulin)J.W. LeesBronze
129. Harveys PorterHarveysBronze
130. Oakham KaleidoscopeOakhamBronze
131. Cotleigh Old Buzzard CotleighBronze
132. Frog Island Croak & StaggerFrog IslandBronze
133. Hambleton Black LightningHambletonBronze
134. Spectrum Old StoatwobblerSpectrumBronze
135. Burton Bridge Bramble StoutBurton BridgeBronze
136. Youngs Winter Warmer (Cask)YoungsBronze
137. Burton Bridge Old Expensive AleBurton BridgeBronze
138. Highgate Old EmberHighgate (Aston Manor)Bronze
139. Melbourn Brothers CherryMelbourn Brothers (Samuel Smith)Bronze
140. Hook Norton Double Stout (Cask)Hook NortonBronze
141. Harveys Elizabethan Ale HarveysBronze
142. St Peters Winter AleSt Peters (UK)Bronze
143. Ridleys Old BobRidleys (Greene King)Bronze
144. OHanlons Original Port StoutOHanlonsBronze
145. Meantime India Pale AleMeantimeBronze
146. Wickwar Mr. Perretts Traditional StoutWickwarBronze
147. RCH Old Slug PorterRCHBronze
148. St Peters Old Style PorterSt Peters (UK)Bronze
149. Gales Prize Old AleGalesBronze
150. Salopian Entire Butt SalopianBronze
151. Swale Whitstable Oyster Stout Whitstable Bronze
152. Dent T Owd TupDentBronze
153. Burton Bridge PorterBurton BridgeBronze
154. Youngs Old NickYoungsBronze
155. Crouch Vale Anchor Street PorterCrouch ValeBronze
156. Durham EvensongDurhamBronze
157. Cottage Normans ConquestCottageBronze
158. Wentworth Black ZacWentworthBronze
159. Robinsons Old TomRobinsons (England)Bronze
160. Adnams FishermanAdnamsBronze
161. Durham TemptationDurhamBronze
162. Teignworthy Russian Imperial PorterTeignworthyBronze
163. J.W. Lees MoonrakerJ.W. LeesBronze
164. Pitfield 1792 Imperial StoutPitfieldBronze
165. Harveys Christmas Ale HarveysBronze
166. Harveys Imperial StoutHarveysBronze
167. Adnams Tally Ho AdnamsBronze
168. Samuel Smiths Strong GoldenSamuel SmithBronze
169. Alcazar Devout StoutAlcazarBronze