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Best Beers of Japan 2010

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BeerName BrewerName Award
1. Hitachino Nest Espresso StoutKiuchi BreweryGold
2. Baird Dark Sky Imperial StoutBaird Brewing Co.Gold
3. Hitachino Nest New Year Celebration AleKiuchi BreweryGold
4. Hitachino Nest XH Kiuchi BreweryGold
5. Hakusekikan Super Vintage AleHakusekikan Beer/Stone Iwamoto Co.Gold
6. Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic AleKiuchi BreweryGold
7. Baird Temple Garden Yuzu Ale Baird Brewing Co.Gold
8. Shiga Kogen Takashi Imperial StoutTamamura-HontenSilver
9. Isekadoya Imperial Smoked PorterIsekadoyaSilver
10. Baird Kurofune PorterBaird Brewing Co.Silver
11. Baird Rising Sun Pale AleBaird Brewing Co.Silver
12. Shiga Kogen House IPATamamura-HontenSilver
13. Baird Angry Boy Brown AleBaird Brewing Co.Silver
14. Baird Natsumikan Summer Ale Baird Brewing Co.Silver
15. Hitachino Nest White AleKiuchi BrewerySilver
16. Baird Jubilation Ale Baird Brewing Co.Silver
17. Hakusekikan Shizen Bakushu (Lambic)Hakusekikan Beer/Stone Iwamoto Co.Silver
18. Shiga Kogen Wheat WineTamamura-HontenSilver
19. Shiga Kogen IPATamamura-HontenBronze
20. Fujizakura Sakura BockFujikankokaihatsu Co. / Sylvans RestaurantBronze
21. Fujizakura Kougen Rauch BeerFujikankokaihatsu Co. / Sylvans RestaurantBronze
22. Harvestmoon 7th Anniversary AleHarvestmoon (Japan)Bronze
23. Hitachino Nest Real Ginger AleKiuchi BreweryBronze
24. Shiga Kogen Miyama Blonde (Japanese Saison)Tamamura-HontenBronze
25. Hitachino Nest Red Rice AleKiuchi BreweryBronze
26. Baird The Carpenters Mikan AleBaird Brewing Co.Bronze
27. Minoh Beer W-IPAAJI Beer / Minoh BeerBronze
28. Isekadoya Triple Hop Pale AleIsekadoyaBronze
29. Isekadoya Genmai (brown rice) AleIsekadoyaBronze
30. Echigo StoutEchigo Beer CompanyBronze
31. Baird Red Rose Amber AleBaird Brewing Co.Bronze
32. Hitachino Nest WeizenKiuchi BreweryBronze
33. Isekadoya Pale AleIsekadoyaBronze
34. Isekadoya IPAIsekadoyaBronze
35. Isekadoya Scotch AleIsekadoyaBronze
36. Isekadoya StoutIsekadoyaBronze
37. Minoh StoutAJI Beer / Minoh BeerBronze
38. Asahi Black (Kuronama)Asahi BreweriesBronze
39. Yamaguchi Narutaki Kogen StoutYamaguchi Narutaki Kogen BreweryBronze
40. Kinshachi IPA Kinshachi BeerBronze