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Best Beers of Italy 2011

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BeerName BrewerName Award
1. Baladin Xyauyù Fumé Le BaladinGold
2. Baladin Xyauyù Etichetta Oro (Golden Label)Le BaladinGold
3. Birra del Borgo Re Ale ExtraBirra del BorgoGold
4. Baladin Xyauyù Etichetta Argento (Silver Label)Le BaladinGold
5. Panil Barriquée (Sour)Panil Birra Artigianale - Birrificio TorrechiaraGold
6. Birrificio del Ducato Verdi Imperial StoutBirrificio del DucatoGold
7. Baladin Xyauyù Etichetta Rame (Copper Label)Le BaladinGold
8. Toccalmatto Stray Dog BitterBirrificio ToccalmattoGold
9. Birra del Borgo Sedici GradiBirra del BorgoGold
10. Birrificio Pausa Cafè MartinaBirrificio Pausa CafèGold
11. Toccalmatto Surfing Hop Imperial IPABirrificio ToccalmattoGold
12. Panil Barriquée Riserva (Sour) Panil Birra Artigianale - Birrificio TorrechiaraGold
13. Lambrate Imperial GhisaBirrificio LambrateGold
14. Birra del Borgo My AntoniaBirra del BorgoGold
15. Revelation Cat Single Dry Hop Series Girardin Nelson Sauvin LambikRevelation Cat Craft BrewingGold
16. Birrificio Italiano TipopilsBirrificio ItalianoGold
17. Montegioco Bran ReservaBirrificio MontegiocoGold
18. Toccalmatto Russian Imperial Stout Wild BrettaBirrificio ToccalmattoGold
19. Toccalmatto Zona CesariniBirrificio ToccalmattoGold
20. Maltus Faber ImperialMaltus FaberGold
21. Revelation Cat Single Dry Hop Series Girardin Simcoe LambikRevelation Cat Craft BrewingGold
22. Toccalmatto Italian Strong AleBirrificio ToccalmattoGold
23. Opperbacco TriplIPAOpperbaccoGold
24. Revelation Cat Woodwork Series American OakRevelation Cat Craft BrewingGold
25. Birra del Borgo Impirial StautBirra del BorgoGold
26. Birra del Borgo 25 DodiciBirra del BorgoGold
27. Revelation Cat Woodwork Series AcasiaRevelation Cat Craft BrewingGold
28. Gadds / Revelation Cat Back to Basic West Coast IPARevelation Cat Craft BrewingGold
29. Birrificio del Ducato Nuova Mattina (New Morning)Birrificio del DucatoGold
30. Birra del Borgo DuchessicBirra del BorgoGold
31. Birrificio del Ducato L’Ultima LunaBirrificio del DucatoGold
32. LoverBeer BeerBeraLoverBeerGold
33. Revelation Cat Single Dry Hop Series Girardin Amarillo LambikRevelation Cat Craft BrewingGold
34. Baladin Super BaladinLe BaladinGold
35. Baladin Noel du BaladinLe BaladinGold
36. Barley BB10° (Dexi)Birrificio BarleyGold
37. Revelation Cat Single Dry Hop Series Girardin Aurora LambikRevelation Cat Craft BrewingGold
38. Toccalmatto Fumé du SanglierBirrificio ToccalmattoGold
39. Montegioco Quarta RunaBirrificio MontegiocoGold
40. Baladin 30 E LodeLe BaladinGold
41. Revelation Cat Single Dry Hop Series Girardin Saaz LambikRevelation Cat Craft BrewingGold
42. Turan SfumaturaBirra TuranGold
43. Baladin ElixirLe BaladinGold
44. Revelation Cat Woodwork Series French OakRevelation Cat Craft BrewingGold
45. LoverBeer PapessaLoverBeerGold
46. Birra del Borgo ReAle 5° AnniversarioBirra del BorgoGold
47. Gadds / Revelation Cat Back to Basic West Coast IIPARevelation Cat Craft BrewingGold
48. Civale ImperiosaCivaleGold
49. Birrificio del Ducato A.F.O.Birrificio del DucatoGold
50. Birrificio del Ducato Sally BrownBirrificio del DucatoSilver