Dark Star / Magic Rock Rock Star 6.011/13/2012Rate 3.449612
Dark Star / Saltaire Bock 5.61/16/2014Rate 3.258737
Dark Star / Thornbridge Thornstar 4.711/24/2010Rate 3.374214
Dark Star 1516 Märzenbier 5.55/20/2016Rate 3.15
Dark Star 1910 Porter 5.61/25/2013Rate 3.539425
Dark Star 80 Shilling 4.88/20/2013Rate 3.489912
Dark Star A Year On! 4.54/20/2011Rate 3.013
Dark Star American Pale Ale 4.73/17/2004Rate 3.5494263
Dark Star American Red 5.82/1/2015Rate 3.549910
Dark Star Amsinck Black 4.21/31/2007Rate 3.192
Dark Star Antares 4.21/19/2016Rate 3.269717
Dark Star Ardennes Pale 5.88/12/2012Rate 3.459817
Dark Star Autumn Equinox 4.59/30/2007Rate 3.137814
Dark Star Battlebridge 5.63/20/2009Rate 2.952
Dark Star Beer Essentials Dirty Rascal 5.012/26/2004Rate 3.412
Dark Star Belgian IPA 7.29/23/2012Rate 3.518754
Dark Star Best Bitter 4.010/22/2003Rate 3.239761
Dark Star Black Coffee Pilsner 4.82/19/2012Rate 3.399520
Dark Star Black Pig Stout 4.310/25/2006Rate 2.822
Dark Star Blockhead 4.09/2/2015Rate 3.319816
Dark Star Breakfast Stout 4.43/14/2006Rate 3.151
Dark Star Brighton Rocks 7.04/3/2015Rate 3.237
Dark Star Carafa Jade 5.07/17/2011Rate 3.549947
Dark Star Cock & Hen Anniversary Ale 5.07/28/2008Rate 3.412
Dark Star Coconut Porter 5.012/3/2013Rate 3.36123
Dark Star Craft Star 4.04/4/2014Rate 3.338
Dark Star Crème Brûlée 5.912/7/2014Rate 3.619349
Dark Star Critical Mass 7.812/11/2003Rate 3.619879
Dark Star Critical Mass Brewer’s Reserve 2014 107/8/2015Rate 3.164814
Dark Star Critical Mass Brewer’s Reserve 2015 7.47/23/2016Rate 3.091
Dark Star Dark Star 5.06/11/2003Rate 3.5178119
Dark Star Dickhead 3.87/6/2008Rate 3.181
Dark Star Double Chocolate Stout 4.59/21/2006Rate 3.224818
Dark Star Durrants Ale 4.07/15/2006Rate 3.157
Dark Star Ecky Thump 4.210/28/2007Rate 3.584
Dark Star English Pale Ale 4.49/29/2005Rate 3.299923
Dark Star Espresso Fallout Stout 6.012/12/2004Rate 3.128
Dark Star Espresso Stout (Cask) 4.29/4/2003Rate 3.4683162
Dark Star Espresso Stout (Keg & Bottle) 4.23/7/2004Rate 3.3459316
Dark Star Extra Stout 6.012/12/2006Rate 3.285715
Dark Star Festival 5.011/24/2003Rate 3.2991125
Dark Star Fifty Not Out 4.33/22/2006Rate 3.267
Dark Star Genesis 4.75/5/2013Rate 3.389722
Dark Star Golden Gate 4.510/15/2003Rate 3.429064
Dark Star Green Hopped IPA 6.511/1/2010Rate 3.659584
Dark Star Greenwich Ivebin Piloct Ale 4.38/31/2006Rate 3.31
Dark Star Hackney Best Bitter 4.012/13/2006Rate 2.94
Dark Star Hop Over to Paris 5.23/13/2008Rate 3.196
Dark Star Hophead 3.88/23/2002Rate 3.5299346
Dark Star Hophead Amarillo 3.81/27/2010Rate 3.367
Dark Star Hophead Citra 3.83/2/2011Rate 3.510016
Dark Star Hophead Dry 3.81/22/2016Rate 3.418314
Dark Star Hophead Extra 5.88/11/2007Rate 3.439429
Dark Star Hophead Galaxy 3.81/5/2013Rate 3.439113
Dark Star Hophead Simcoe & Ahtanum 3.81/14/2014Rate 3.36
Dark Star Hophead Vic Secret 3.81/10/2015Rate 3.319712
Dark Star Hylder Blonde 4.27/21/2008Rate 3.369777
Dark Star Imperial Stout 10.51/13/2006Rate 3.6959258
Dark Star India Pale Ale 6.25/31/2004Rate 3.366032
Dark Star Indian Summer IPA 6.09/11/2013Rate 3.33559
Dark Star Kiwi 4.09/14/2012Rate 3.358012
Dark Star La Tete d’Houblon 3.812/16/2010Rate 2.861
Dark Star Landlords Wit 4.16/11/2003Rate 2.983810
Dark Star Little Les 4.21/23/2008Rate 3.031
Dark Star London Brown Ale 4.21/21/2008Rate 3.054
Dark Star M&M Special Porter 6.51/25/2011Rate 3.377913
Dark Star M&M Special Porter (Mocha version) 6.52/9/2011Rate 3.053
Dark Star M&M Special Porter (Vanilla version) 6.52/9/2011Rate 33
Dark Star Mai Bock 5.64/19/2011Rate 3.148110
Dark Star Meltdown 4.86/21/2004Rate 3.148125
Dark Star Mild 3.65/31/2004Rate 3.078010
Dark Star Mild For May 3.65/5/2008Rate 3.146812
Dark Star Milk Chocolate Stout 4.51/9/2012Rate 3.468221
Dark Star Natural Blonde 4.56/21/2004Rate 2.427
Dark Star NHA Pale 5.58/12/2014Rate 3.539424
Dark Star Nut Brown Ale 4.53/30/2006Rate 3.034
Dark Star Oatmeal Stout 4.24/18/2004Rate 3.295916
Dark Star Oktoberfest 5.210/7/2009Rate 3.349823
Dark Star Old Ale (alias) 4.03/17/2005
Dark Star Old Chestnut 4.03/17/2005Rate 3.336064
Dark Star Original (alias) 5.010/16/2004
Dark Star Over the Moon 3.86/11/2003Rate 3.510082
Dark Star Pale Moonlight 3.81/11/2010Rate 2.81
Dark Star Paradise Weiss 5.07/15/2010Rate 3.117915
Dark Star Partridge 4.01/22/2011Rate 3.29387
Dark Star Porter 5.512/8/2003Rate 3.549563
Dark Star Porter Vintage 2010 (Bottle) 6.02/6/2011Rate 3.168
Dark Star Red Ale 5.010/15/2003Rate 2.881
Dark Star Red Shift 5.57/15/2013Rate 3.349519
Dark Star Redhead 3.77/9/2015Rate 3.036
Dark Star Revelation 5.71/22/2012Rate 3.5494194
Dark Star Rockhead 6.011/16/2015Rate 3.449319
Dark Star Routemaster 5.06/7/2007Rate 3.272
Dark Star Rye & Juniper 5.23/13/2012Rate 3.155411
Dark Star Saison 4.53/18/2009Rate 3.46556
Dark Star Seville 4.08/8/2011Rate 3.459544
Dark Star Simcoe IPA 6.511/1/2010Rate 3.285
Dark Star Six Grain 4.811/17/2013Rate 3.02459
Dark Star Six Hop Ale 6.52/2/2008Rate 3.5991122
Dark Star Skinner’s Pale Ale 3.711/8/2014Rate 3.016
Dark Star Smoke 5.011/28/2007Rate 3.35024
Dark Star Smoke on the Porter 5.512/10/2007Rate 3.354
Dark Star Smoked Porter 5.49/2/2010Rate 3.418342
Dark Star Spiced Vice 4.16/21/2004Rate 2.636
Dark Star Spiced Wheat 4.18/15/2006Rate 3.187
Dark Star Spring Equinox 4.03/13/2007Rate 3.239416
Dark Star SS 8000 8.01/24/2006Rate 3.151
Dark Star Starbock 4.56/21/2004Rate 2.983
Dark Star Summer Meltdown 4.87/15/2006Rate 3.319667
Dark Star Summer Solstice 4.212/19/2005Rate 3.319640
Dark Star Sunburst (Bottle) 4.89/16/2004Rate 3.2290190
Dark Star Sunburst (Cask) 4.86/11/2003Rate 3.3898109
Dark Star Sussex Extra Stout 4.510/26/2008Rate 3.428339
Dark Star The Argus Ale 4.27/3/2010Rate 3.013
Dark Star The Art Of Darkness 3.51/13/2013Rate 3.366676
Dark Star The Brewer’s Reserve 4.59/13/2010Rate 2.965210
Dark Star Tims Stag 4.04/24/2008Rate 3.254
Dark Star Tripel 8.58/10/2010Rate 3.448321
Dark Star Vice Beer 4.59/7/2014Rate 3.117
Dark Star Victorian Ruby Mild 6.02/13/2009Rate 3.5610051
Dark Star Wheat Purple 4.23/11/2016Rate 3.167621
Dark Star Winter Meltdown 5.01/21/2004Rate 3.187686
Dark Star Winter Solstice 4.21/22/2007Rate 3.249729

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