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Little Rye
By Frank

It seems most rye beer recipes
5 lbs US pale malt

3 lbs rye malt

1 lb honey malt

. 5 oz Sterling for sixty minutes

.5 oz sterling for ten minutes

.75 ounce sterling for three minutes

.5 ounce sterling dry hops

Nottingham or other clean ale yeast.

22 IBU

OG=1.043 for five gallons (70% effeciency)

Add six quarts of one hundred fortynine degree water to hit a stemp temp of one hundred thirty degrees. Hold for twenty minutes.

Add six more quarts of water at a hundred and eightyseven degrees and hold for thirty minutes or until and iodine test shows conversion is complete.

Add seven quarts of water at a hundred and ninetyseven degrees and hold for ten minutes to mash out.

Batch sparge: Recirculate. Drain first runnings. Add however much one hundred seventy degree water you need to hit your boil volume. Stir. Wait ten minutes. Recirculate. Drain.

Bring to boil. Add hops at specified times. Chill and pitch yeast rehydrated in a small amount of one hundred degree water.

Primary one week and secondary for two weeks w/ dry hops. You could go less but Iíve found w/ this much time w/ the flocculant yeast, the beer comes out crystal clear from secondary.

Carbonate w/ two thirds cup of corn sugar.

If you like, you can hop this up a lot more. Itís rather gentle on the hops in order to let the rye through.

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