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Dubbel Trouble
By BBB63

Abbey Dubble with just a hint of more hop profile, can take spice additions very well if you choose. Must disclose that this is not mine but used by co-worker Frank. I added it so we could have an all-grain Dubbel recipe in the database.
6.5 Lbs Belgian 2-Row Pale Malt

2.5 Lbs German Munich 12L Malt

1.0 Lbs Crystal 80L Malt

0.8 Ozs Belgian Aromatic Malt

2.0 Lbs Sugar (Turbinado)

1.0 Ozs German Perle 8.2 AA Pellet 60 Min

0.5 Ozs Saaz 3.1 AA Pellet 5 Min

.2 oz Irish Moss 15 Min

White Labs WLP530 - Abbey Ale (preferred) or Wyeast 1214 - Belgian Ale
Wort before boil, 7 gallons, after boil 5.5 gallons

1.072 OG, 1.008 FG, 80% Efficiency

ABV 8.6%, IBU 15.4

Mash at 154F, 60 minute boil

Primary fermentation at about 68F

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