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Camp Brian: Imperial Black Rye IPA w/ Nelson Sauvin
By BMan1113VR

Brewed for the owner of Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood. Nelsons are amazing hops and provide notes of passionfruit and weed in this beer. Awesome stuff. You could substitute another hop of similar alpha acid if you wish. The malt bill is pretty spot on for what I think of when I think Black IPA. Roast is just a back note. This is a big beer but when fermented cool it is scary smooth.
5 Gallon batch:
15 lbs 2 Row Pale(US) 2L
2 lbs Flaked Rye 2L
.75 lbs Chocolate Malt 400L
.5 lbs Carafa II Special (dehusked) 400L
.25 lbs Roasted Barley 700L
1oz Nelson Sauvin (12.4%AA) @FWH
1oz Nelson Sauvin (12.4%AA) @30
1oz Nelson Sauvin (12.4%AA) @20
1oz Nelson Sauvin (12.4%AA) @15
1oz Nelson Sauvin (12.4%AA) @10
1oz Nelson Sauvin (12.4%AA) @5
4oz Nelson Sauvin (12.4%AA) @KO/0
4oz Nelson Sauvin (12.4%AA) dry hop
PH 5.2 Stabilizer (mash)
Brewing salts (nothing special or extreme, my water is a touch low in calcium and sulfate)
Whirlfloc @15
Yeast Nutrient @15
Appropriate sized starter of 1056.
1. Prepare brewing water (10.6 gallons)
2. Single infusion mash with 6 gallons of water. Aim for 148F.
3. After conversion, sparge (168F). I batch sparge. Sparge with enough water to obtain the preboil volume that your system needs for a 5 gallon batch. For my system that is 4.6 gallons of sparge water to get a preboil volume of 7.3 gallons (my boiloff rate is huge).
4. 60 minute boil with the above additions.
5. Chill quickly down to pitching temperature. Oxygenate. Pitch a healthy starter.
6. Ferment in the mid 60Fs. 7 days in primary, 10 days in secondary with the dry hops.
7. Bottle or keg to ~2.4 vol CO2.
8. Enjoy.
OG: 1.095
FG: 1.010
IBU: 103.5
SRM: 44.6

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