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Prize Olde Ale Clone
By Homebrewerguy

This is an Old Ale in the earl
5 lbs. pale malt (2 row)
2 1/4 lbs. munich malt
1 lb. crystal malt (60)
1 oz. black malt
6 oz. molassas or treacle
7 g. Montrachet wine yeast
2 1/2 oz. Golding pellets (1/2 oz. dry hopped)

1. 3 gal. mash water for ale @ ph 5.25 @ 155 deg. F till completion (Mash only the pale and munich malts)
2. Heat the cracked crystal and black malts in a pan of water to a simmer for 10 minutes. Strain liquid into boiler containing the wort.
3. Boil wort until you have 2 1/2 gal in boiler. Add 1 oz. hops and boil for additional 1 hr. Add 1 more oz. hops and boil for another hr. Molassas or treacle may be added at final 15 min. of boil.
4. Add water if necessary to make 2 gal. of wort.
5. Cool wort to 80 deg. f and add to fermenter then strain out and rinse hops into fermenter and add yeast, then aereate wort by swirling fermenter.
6. After primary fermentation slows down, rack into 2nd fermenter and add 1/2 oz. pellet hops.
7. At bottling I used 2/5 cup of cane sugar but an equal amount of corn sugar would suffice for less carbonation.

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