Traditional Ale

A catch-all category used to classify ancient or resurrected styles of antiquity that are appearing more in brewing today. Heather ale%2C spruce beer%2C sorghum beer%2C gruit%2C and beers like Adam%2C Russian Kvass and Midas Touch are all included in this category. These ales will vary tremendously in character from one another. Many are unhopped%2C strength can vary%2C but all are a glimpse into brewing%u2019s past. Styles that were formerly in this category - Grodzisk/Lichtenhainer/Gose and Sahti/Gotlandsdricke/Koduolu are now listed separately.

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Top Beers of the Style
Hair of the Dog Adam (4.107702)
Thornbridge Hall Bracia (4.025298)
Upright Special Herbs (3.938596)
Traquair Jacobite Ale (3.859524)
Hill Farmstead Clara (3.799752)