Strong Pale Lager/Imperial Pils

Most commonly found in Poland, but also in other European countries as well, especially the East. These are essentially stronger versions of pilsners, though the increased malt and alcohol will noticeably reduce the hop accent. Because these are usually all-malt, and comfortably hopped, they are easily distinguishable from malt liquors. Without the malt character of bocks, these are worthy of a style all their own. In the US, a similar idea has been derived and is usually called Imperial Pilsner.

Serve In:

Top Beers of the Style
Jack’s Abby Mass Rising (3.842947)
Jack’s Abby Kiwi Rising (3.820222)
The Bruery Humulus Lager (3.779458)
Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union (3.765534)
Founders Backstage Series #10: Dissenter Imperial IPL (3.738906)