Low Alcohol

Low alcohol beers range from the typical %22Non-Alc%22 beers%2C which typically contain around 0.5%25%2C to the various European table beer styles. These include Hvidt%F8l and Skibs%F8l from Denmark%2C the Dutch oud bruins%2C svagdricka from Sweden%2C kalja from Finland%2C various Klass%2C Scandinavian lagers and table beers from the Teutonic countries as well. The base criteria is that the beer should be under 3%25%2C but still contain alcohol %28which rules out Malta/Malzbier%29. Otherwise%2C the class can be a bit of a free-for-all stylistically%2C ranging from bland lagers%2C to alcohol-free Weizenbiere%2C to the smoky Skibs%F8l.

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Top Beers of the Style
Weird Beard Dark Hopfler (3.62362)
Tired Hands Here Lies (3.522164)
Bellwoods Stay Classy (3.516711)
Cromarty 2 Craigs Unstout (3.359448)
Struise Black Damnation VII - Single Black (3.354427)