top distribution contributors

The following are those who've entered the most distribution information at RateBeer. Many thanks!

Name State Country Edits
1wimpyjoeWest Yorkshire England 11640
2LeightonGreater London England 5371
3Theydon_BoisSurrey England 5227
4wfmsopacCalifornia United States 3690
5TravlrWashington DC United States 3589
6gunnarNorway 3130
7Bulk_CarrierAlaska United States 2615
8Niko100Illinois United States 2596
9t0rin0California United States 2488
10LowenbrauSpain 2460
11b3shineIndiana United States 2238
12superspakMichigan United States 2160
13CunninghamNorway 1952
14fiulijnBritish Columbia Canada 1948
15brokensailCalifornia United States 1927
17FerrisBritish Columbia Canada 1870
18jmgreenukNetherlands 1855
19DrSilverwormOhio United States 1748
20AndySnowSweden 1712
21GoufCustomHong Kong 1679
22RichTheVillanWest Midlands England 1522
23niquillisStaffordshire England 1493
24allmyvinylScotland 1420
25bhensonbCalifornia United States 1352
26ajneppleColorado United States 1332
27DogbrickOhio United States 1322
28GenDV138Virginia United States 1314
29fiveacestxTexas United States 1311
30teorn88Greater London England 1310
31IdiosynkrasieGermany 1292
32Ratman197Colorado United States 1287
33djoeyeNorway 1283
34bytemesisCalifornia United States 1272
35GT2California United States 1264
36GarroldSouth Yorkshire England 1242
37hawannaGermany 1224
38FROTHINGSLOSHPennsylvania United States 1177
39melushSpain 1173
40sic1314Netherlands 1169
41DCLawyerVirginia United States 1164
42McTappsNorth Rhine-Westphalia Germany 1140
43SynplicityBritish Columbia Canada 1133
44cheapPennsylvania United States 1126
45SledutahUtah United States 1111
46callmemickeyPennsylvania United States 1109
47sontosbagaTurkey 1103
48phalesluOhio United States 1099
49beer-yumNew Zealand 1094
50BrigadierOhio United States 1067

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