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I found this to be one of the best ciders I’ve tasted. No biting the back of my tongue or acrid taste. No lingering after taste, either. Slightly sweet, crisp, not too dry. Easy to drink.
just now
50 cl, bottle fermented, batch #150. Hazy, light yellow golden, thick white head, low carbonation, massive lacing. Not much aroma, but pleasant fresh notes to the nose. Mouthfeel is fizzy carbonation and a long aftertaste. Taste is quite hoppy from the American hops, but the farmhouse yeast character is what makes this beer i.m.o. A little grass, some hay and a hint of sweat horse-blanket. Love it! Very refreshing beer, drinking one trigger your urge for another one right away. Well done, Ego!!
4 min ago
Pours clear gold, no head. Aroma toffee apple. Taste toffee an light citrus and a bit of vanila.
5 min ago
A nice raspberry aroma from the big tan head. The body is a reddish brown that gets lighter along the edge. Flavor is sharp. Has some spiciness and a definite berry fruit flavor. Not much in the way of bitterness. Has a tiny bit of sweetness. The carbonation is really sharp. It’s good but not great. It’s a bit too spicy to be balanced.
5 min ago
Bottle: Cloudy brown with a creamy beige head. Cola, caramel, woody scent. Sweet, tangy, caramel-apple taste. Runs a lit little hot and boozy towards the finish..... Not bad, but grows a bit rough after a bit.
5 min ago
I don’t know what I expected but it was not this. It didn’t test bad but I was not impressed by the unexpected taste from a cider. ’t had a very meady, honey taste to it. Not pleasant at all. No vinegary or lingering after taste, so there was that going for it.
7 min ago
I was stopped by MacGregor’s in Gates waiting for a train to go by when I thought I might as well go in and see what’s new. I saw this right away and ordered it. I later saw Abomination on the list, D’oh. (Next time) The train passed so I finished quickly and left. Yea, it was sour. Alright I guess.
8 min ago
Growler: Cloudy, deep brown with a small tan head. Tangy chocolate, dark bread aroma. Sweet dark chocolate malt, cream, caramel malt flavour. Rich tasting.....almost sticky. Very nice.
9 min ago
Canned. Nice and light. The cherry flavor is less present than I hoped but it is still very refreshing.
9 min ago
Pours pale yellow with fluffy white head. Light aroma of piney hops. Hops and faint maltiness. Good carbonation, satisfying mouthfeel, and slightly bitter finish. Good composition, but needs more of everything. Pretty much what I’d expect from a session beer.
9 min ago
Poured a deep gold with lots of carbonation and a thick frothy head. Smells of earthy hops and tartness as well as that grassy light malt smell you get from pilsners. Very crisp and smooth with a flavor of that same earthy hops and tartness you get in the aroma plus a dry finish.
10 min ago
Very sweet with some Belgian flavours finishing in a mild lageresque way. Not really a pale ale, not really any discernible style... Sweet sugar water beer.
11 min ago
Bottle: Hazy, brown-amber with a small, creamy, tan head. Resiny ,slightly spoiled fruit aroma. Taste is dry, resin, old orange-peel, biscuit. Very dull and stale feeling.
12 min ago
Tap at Hops Hill, Brooklyn. Pours hazy pale yellow, big fluffy white head. Aroma is tangerine, peach, mango, really bright and aromatic citrus notes, pine, floral notes, lemon, orange. Flavor is pine, peach, orange rind (that’s prominent), floral, lemon. Really nice. Bitter piney finish. Pleasant mouthfeel, nice effervescence, I wouldn’t mind less (ala Maine Beer Co style light carbonation) but still quite nice.
14 min ago
Bottle: Clear gold with a tall, off-white head. Grain, grassy hop aroma. Taste is slightly buttery....barley malt.... Nice and rich....good grassy hopping. Very good.
16 min ago
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