Half Acre 9.53/18/2016Rate 3.091
Half Acre / Gigantic Grimalkin Amorphotron 10.54/12/2016Rate 3.286
Half Acre / Maine Beer Great Plain Jane -6/2/2014Rate 3.41877712
Half Acre / Other Half Rainbow Never Ends 8.57/16/2016Rate 3.517
Half Acre / Oxbow Coven 7.35/11/2016Rate 3.264
Half Acre / Piece Frank 4.95/20/2014Rate 3.258
Half Acre / Shorts Freedom Of ’78 7.06/24/2010Rate 3.67969565
Half Acre / Tired Hands American Youth 5.55/23/2014Rate 3.47889015
Half Acre / Tired Hands Geodesic 7.06/2/2014Rate 3.16
Half Acre / Upslope Lychee IPA 7.012/29/2015Rate 3.123
Half Acre 2011 Is So Over Ale 6.21/3/2012Rate 2.861
Half Acre 47th Ward Baumé -11/5/2013Rate 3.023
Half Acre Akari Mist / Akari Zest 5.54/26/2013Rate 3.26679010
Half Acre Akari Mosa 5.58/6/2014Rate 0
Half Acre Akari Shogun 5.55/30/2012Rate 3.6495100181
Half Acre Alpenglow 5.012/21/2011Rate 3.54937828
Half Acre Ambrosia 6.02/24/2011Rate 3.32819631
Half Acre Antoine’s Baumé Rye Stout 7.03/18/2016Rate 3.33
Half Acre Aqua Fur 4.710/28/2015Rate 3.112
Half Acre Avena Sativa 5.011/21/2011Rate 3.166
Half Acre Bairn Farmhouse 6.58/9/2010Rate 3.39866343
Half Acre Barrel Aged Big Hugs Imperial Stout 10.211/7/2010Rate 2.9745211
Half Acre Barrel Aged Dripping Saison -5/19/2012Rate 3.247
Half Acre Barrel Aged Long Thai Rainbow Rye -6/10/2011Rate 3.28782812
Half Acre Barrel Aged Over Ale 6.75/18/2012Rate 3.077
Half Acre Barrel Aged Thunder & Son 126/4/2015Rate 3.091
Half Acre Barrel Aged Wake of the Flood 6.011/13/2011Rate 2.873749
Half Acre Baumé 7.04/21/2009Rate 3.699698178
Half Acre Baumé with Rum Soaked Raisins 7.03/2/2013Rate 2.874
Half Acre Baumé with Vanilla Beans 7.03/5/2012Rate 3.183
Half Acre Beer Hates Astronauts 7.08/20/2013Rate 3.89999937
Half Acre Biff It 3.45/25/2016Rate 3.072
Half Acre Big Hugs Imperial Stout 1012/20/2009Rate 3.789878210
Half Acre Big Sting 6.72/21/2016Rate 3.163
Half Acre Blanco Niño 6.51/21/2014Rate 2.993
Half Acre Bone Storm 6.54/23/2014Rate 3.256
Half Acre Bones & All 5.41/15/2013Rate 3.077
Half Acre Bourbon Barrel Aged Baumé -11/5/2013Rate 3.063
Half Acre Brandy Barrel Aged Ambrosia 6.15/20/2011Rate 3.2699312
Half Acre Brandy Barrel Aged The Crusch 5.55/20/2011Rate 3.267
Half Acre Brett Conditioned Sky Devil Saison -11/5/2013Rate 2.982
Half Acre Buckingham Green Amber Session Ale 5.010/30/2009Rate 2.831
Half Acre C Change 4.66/14/2013Rate 3.27769812
Half Acre Cactus Pear Gossamer 4.44/1/2012Rate 2.831
Half Acre Caffeinated Over Ale 6.212/4/2011Rate 2.954
Half Acre Callow Knife 4.51/21/2011Rate 3.6949740
Half Acre Canyon of Heroes IPA 6.12/7/2013Rate 3.57949028
Half Acre Chocolate Camaro 5.81/15/2011Rate 3.59939156
Half Acre Choppers 4.53/24/2014Rate 3.087
Half Acre Chub Step 6.011/14/2011Rate 3.48888663
Half Acre Cipher 7.52/8/2012Rate 3.12535535
Half Acre Classic Daisy Cutter (alias) 5.212/31/2012
Half Acre Coconut Camaro 5.82/7/2014Rate 2.881
Half Acre Coconut Chub Step 6.011/9/2013Rate 2.982
Half Acre Coffee Supreme Bourbon Barrel Aged Over Ale 6.712/14/2012Rate 3.074
Half Acre Coffee Supreme Over Ale (alias) 6.23/15/2013
Half Acre Coho English Kölsch 4.34/12/2016Rate 31
Half Acre Cosmosis -5/17/2013Rate 0
Half Acre Crystal Norde 7.02/1/2013Rate 3.56927613
Half Acre Cuda 6.16/14/2013Rate 3.52929511
Half Acre Cult Vulture 4.811/15/2015Rate 3.111
Half Acre Daisy Cutter 5.24/24/2009Rate 3.89899746
Half Acre Daly Double IPA (alias) 7.01/5/2012
Half Acre Deep Space 104/29/2016Rate 3.252
Half Acre Dentside 7.01/28/2016Rate 3.182
Half Acre dipped and fried 5.14/30/2016Rate 2.981
Half Acre Double Daisy Cutter 8.05/18/2010Rate 3.899998192
Half Acre Doublehead -1/7/2015Rate 2.74
Half Acre Dripping Saison 5.06/15/2011Rate 3.21703411
Half Acre Gage 5YR Red (alias) 5.57/24/2012
Half Acre Galactic Double Daisy Cutter 8.58/1/2011Rate 3.959999109
Half Acre Get Right Kölsch 4.75/2/2014Rate 3.188
Half Acre Ghost Parade 6.010/11/2014Rate 3.24684711
Half Acre Gin Barrel Aged Pony Pilsner 5.811/5/2013Rate 3.44849834
Half Acre Ginger Twin India Red Ale 7.02/10/2010Rate 3.58949177
Half Acre Golden Tuna 4.711/28/2013Rate 3.6949743
Half Acre GoneAway IPA 7.07/15/2015Rate 3.789899229
Half Acre Gossamer 4.212/20/2009Rate 3.378498145
Half Acre Gossamer With Chokeberries -11/5/2013Rate 2.872
Half Acre GTK 4.66/28/2013Rate 2.952
Half Acre Guajillo Baumé 7.09/22/2010Rate 3.227
Half Acre Haptera 7.010/18/2012Rate 2.973
Half Acre Haptera with Lemon Thyme 7.011/16/2012Rate 2.932
Half Acre Harshad 5.59/22/2015Rate 3.223
Half Acre Hearths Ablaze 6.512/7/2012Rate 3.48898727
Half Acre Heyoka IPA (alias) 7.011/13/2013
Half Acre Heyoka IPA with Lingonberries 7.03/24/2014Rate 0
Half Acre High Timber 5.252/7/2014Rate 3.15
Half Acre Horizon 6.58/6/2011Rate 3.06478016
Half Acre Horse Dance 6.21/10/2014Rate 0
Half Acre Hot Tropic 5.54/9/2013Rate 3.19564610
Half Acre Huffy 5.08/20/2015Rate 3.136
Half Acre Humble Bumble 4.610/3/2010Rate 2.74
Half Acre Invisible Force Over Ale (alias) 6.25/23/2012
Half Acre Iron Brass 10.53/13/2013Rate 3.13553712
Half Acre Isle of Palm 7.011/15/2015Rate 2.982
Half Acre Jamesway 5.111/15/2015Rate 3.073
Half Acre Juice Man 5.67/29/2016Rate 3.151
Half Acre Kerri Red 5.56/4/2012Rate 2.822
Half Acre King of Prussia -4/9/2013Rate 3.042
Half Acre King Puff 8.08/3/2012Rate 2.863
Half Acre Kota 6.15/25/2016Rate 3.463
Half Acre Lager 5.28/12/2007Rate 3.23589748
Half Acre Lager Town 6.010/25/2011Rate 3.43859929
Half Acre Lahaska 6.02/17/2015Rate 2.93
Half Acre Lead Feather 6.02/16/2015Rate 3.59939575
Half Acre Lead Feather Coconut and Vanilla 5.93/6/2015Rate 2.861
Half Acre Lil’ Blaster 5.08/3/2012Rate 3.125
Half Acre Lil’ Davey Totes 4.03/14/2010Rate 3.034
Half Acre Little Donkey 5.01/28/2016Rate 2.941
Half Acre Long Thai Rainbow Rye 5.08/9/2010Rate 3.24778216
Half Acre Longhouse 4.72/21/2016Rate 3.052
Half Acre Love Me Timber 5.252/14/2014Rate 0
Half Acre Luther’s Boot 6.010/24/2013Rate 2.892
Half Acre Magnus Schwarzbier 7.010/29/2009Rate 3.32849130
Half Acre Malibu 5.91/3/2016Rate 3.45868212
Half Acre Mango Habanero Space IPA 7.03/28/2014Rate 0
Half Acre Marty Stouffer’s Wild America (alias) 102/24/2011
Half Acre Meat Wave 6.05/3/2011Rate 3.29684447
Half Acre Mecha Hugs 105/21/2013Rate 3.73976917
Half Acre Mikkeller Guest Lager 8.06/27/2013Rate 3.61959871
Half Acre Mila 6.012/15/2015Rate 3.092
Half Acre Mr. Goroboros 5.7510/2/2013Rate 3.02453010
Half Acre Mr. Miller 6.08/23/2013Rate 3.134
Half Acre Mr. Miller Saison 5.09/29/2015Rate 2.932
Half Acre Mr. Ouroboros 6.010/4/2011Rate 3.45909319
Half Acre Navaja 105/15/2013Rate 3.7978774
Half Acre Needles 3.54/12/2016Rate 31
Half Acre New Belgium 2023m2 6.07/16/2013Rate 2.8329216
Half Acre No Rules 4.86/7/2015Rate 3.022
Half Acre Norde 6.28/17/2014Rate 3.226
Half Acre Oak Aged Chocolate Camaro 6.04/1/2012Rate 2.871
Half Acre Oaked Chub Step 6.012/3/2011Rate 2.952
Half Acre Oakum 6.77/26/2014Rate 3.09481816
Half Acre Ouija Pils 5.79/27/2012Rate 3.267
Half Acre Over Ale 6.28/1/2008Rate 3.327282167
Half Acre Over Ale With Black Splash 6.29/7/2013Rate 2.941
Half Acre Pear Goss 4.111/7/2010Rate 3.1491012
Half Acre Periwig 5.69/5/2013Rate 3.14
Half Acre Piece Cold + Wet 4.510/20/2013Rate 2.91
Half Acre Piece Cold + Wet Watermelon 4.510/20/2013Rate 0
Half Acre Pineapple Vallejo IPA 6.75/9/2014Rate 2.81
Half Acre Pipeline 5 4.56/24/2016Rate 3.112
Half Acre Pipeworks Struise Barrel Aged Small Animal Big Machine 9.011/13/2011Rate 3.33783118
Half Acre Pipeworks Struise Small Animal Big Machine 9.05/6/2011Rate 3.39809468
Half Acre Pony Pilsner 5.753/20/2013Rate 3.316996115
Half Acre Powder Blue 7.63/18/2016Rate 3.325
Half Acre Power Steering 10.79/22/2015Rate 3.37
Half Acre Quakerbridge Barley Wine 104/8/2011Rate 3.599473110
Half Acre Quinoa Whiskey Barrel Aged Lager Town -11/5/2013Rate 2.652
Half Acre Rambis 6.04/9/2015Rate 3.34
Half Acre Raspberry Baumé 7.03/2/2014Rate 2.912
Half Acre Rum Barrel Aged Norde -1/30/2015Rate 0
Half Acre Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Baumé 7.211/7/2010Rate 3.25717814
Half Acre S.S. Simon Short 6.011/10/2010Rate 3.226
Half Acre Sanguis 7.03/2/2012Rate 3.4819217
Half Acre Senita (alias) 7.01/5/2015
Half Acre Set & Setting 5.15/12/2016Rate 3.061
Half Acre Shorts Captain Fantasy 6.56/15/2011Rate 3.57959173
Half Acre Shrub Tundra 6.311/7/2013Rate 3.6949940
Half Acre Silk Head 5.16/13/2016Rate 2.941
Half Acre Sky Devil Saison 5.757/23/2013Rate 3.12521911
Half Acre Slow Burn Sticky Fat American Dark Ale 7.011/9/2012Rate 3.133
Half Acre Softy 6.06/30/2015Rate 3.127
Half Acre Space IPA 7.01/7/2012Rate 3.729797114
Half Acre Spanish Cedar Heyoka IPA 7.01/30/2014Rate 0
Half Acre Stargrazer 6.05/1/2013Rate 3.39879910
Half Acre Sticky Fat American Dark Ale 7.08/9/2010Rate 3.66969057
Half Acre Strangehold 4.57/29/2016Rate 3.041
Half Acre Strawberry Rhubarb Get Right Kolsch 4.76/4/2014Rate 0
Half Acre Summer Rules! No Rules. 5.37/23/2013Rate 3.46889014
Half Acre Sunday in Saigon 6.07/19/2012Rate 3.166
Half Acre Taco Day 6.711/6/2012Rate 3.47867432
Half Acre Taco Day (Denali) 5.56/13/2016Rate 2.941
Half Acre Taco Day (Equinox) -12/31/2015Rate 3.283
Half Acre Taco Day (Eureka) 5.56/13/2016Rate 3.061
Half Acre Tamayura 6.012/9/2014Rate 3.315
Half Acre Tasty Waves Pale Ale 5.010/4/2011Rate 3.57939624
Half Acre The Chairman 9.511/1/2011Rate 3.4894622
Half Acre The Crusch 5.54/5/2011Rate 3.238
Half Acre The Empty Sea 5.01/10/2010Rate 2.911
Half Acre The Grotto 4.54/23/2013Rate 3.2672659
Half Acre The Hammer, The Bullet, & The Vice 5.52/8/2012Rate 3.33819115
Half Acre The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game 5.51/23/2013Rate 3.06475429
Half Acre Three Floyds Anicca 7.32/27/2013Rate 3.69989747
Half Acre Three Floyds Shewolf 7.56/3/2010Rate 3.799999114
Half Acre Three Floyds The Invasion 7.03/14/2010Rate 3.18678449
Half Acre Thunder & Son 1210/23/2010Rate 3.5906354
Half Acre Tomten 6.51/4/2013Rate 3.15598114
Half Acre Tomten with Cardamom 6.51/8/2013Rate 2.841
Half Acre Torus 5.510/24/2014Rate 3.367
Half Acre Triple Smoke Barrel Aged Chub Step 6.03/30/2014Rate 2.881
Half Acre Tuna Grande 8.07/12/2015Rate 3.34
Half Acre Turkey Run Camaro 1111/16/2014Rate 3.154
Half Acre Two Tugs 8.011/29/2012Rate 3.42884928
Half Acre Ultra Brown 6.512/13/2013Rate 3.234
Half Acre Vallejo IPA 6.710/3/2012Rate 3.849999138
Half Acre Van Horn 5.812/3/2012Rate 3.23739710
Half Acre Vanilla and Coffee Chocolate Camaro 5.83/23/2013Rate 3.022
Half Acre Vanilla Bean Big Hugs Imperial Stout 1012/28/2012Rate 3.74977131
Half Acre Vanilla Leadfeather -2/27/2016Rate 0
Half Acre Vexer 5.18/27/2015Rate 2.882
Half Acre Vicious Pet -9/9/2015Rate 3.186
Half Acre Wake of the Flood 6.010/11/2010Rate 3.227
Half Acre Wodan 7.010/16/2013Rate 3.4877111
Half Acre Wooden Teeth 5.512/3/2014Rate 3.31724510
Half Acre Woolpack -10/28/2015Rate 3.122
Half Acre Zadar Nights 6.77/15/2014Rate 3.17582814
Half Acre Zadar Nights with Blueberries 6.78/12/2014Rate 0
Half Acre Zucker Esel Pilz 5.34/6/2010Rate 2.993
Camba Bavaria / Half Acre Conatus Lager
Brewed at Camba Bavaria
5.210/20/2014Rate 2.812
.Associated place: Half Acre Beer Company & Taproom.
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