Client Brewer

This is Anheuser-Busch InBevís main office address in the UK. No brewing takes place here these days. Only beers where the provenance is unknown or those that are brewed for InBev under contract by third parties will be listed here.
Bass Best Scotch 9.09/2/2013Rate 2.771
Bass Mild XXXX 3.15/24/2005Rate 2.568
Flowers Best Bitter (Keg) 3.43/25/2007Rate 2.7201213
Flowers IPA (Keg) 3.68/30/2003Rate 2.686
InBev Brahma UK (alias) 4.312/27/2015
Labatt Blue 2.8 2.82/16/2012Rate 2.237
Rolling Rock Extra Pale (2.8%) 2.83/29/2012Rate 1.9533511
Tennents Pilsner 3.46/15/2007Rate 1.9433411
Tennents Super 9.09/24/2001Rate 1.8211245
Flowers IPA (Cask)
Brewed at Brains
3.66/14/2001Rate 2.5815653
Flowers Original
Brewed at Brains
4.47/5/2001Rate 2.85323261
Mackeson XXX Stout
Brewed at Carib Brewery
4.97/28/2000Rate 3.6796961091
Boddingtons Cask (retired)
Brewed at Hydes
4.13/22/2001Rate 2.6716958
Mackeson Stout
Brewed at Hydes
2.89/19/2002Rate 2.933210170
Bass (Cask)
Brewed at Marstonís
4.45/20/2001Rate 2.913139153
Fremlins Bitter (retired)
Brewed at Shepherd Neame
3.512/15/2002Rate 2.96435516
Lowenbrau Pils (UK) (retired) 5.68/10/2002Rate 2.278
Whitbread Pale Ale (UK) 3.43/9/2004Rate 2.4310267
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