Bank Top Ann Bonny 4.17/19/2011Rate 2.862
Bank Top Bad To The Bone 44/8/2006Rate 3.07437719
Bank Top Barley to Beer 3.63/29/2009Rate 3.02426810
Bank Top Beavers Droop 3.97/24/2009Rate 2.811
Bank Top Bikes Trikes & Beer 3.610/17/2006Rate 2.86323110
Bank Top Black Bart 3.71/20/2012Rate 2.853
Bank Top Blonde 57/6/2008Rate 2.84344114
Bank Top Bowl Town 3.84/17/2008Rate 2.855
Bank Top Brydge Bitter 3.87/26/2004Rate 3.125
Bank Top Cliffhanger (retired) 4.57/26/2004Rate 2.933
Bank Top Dark D’Ale 54/3/2012Rate 2.771
Bank Top Dark Mild 412/6/2003Rate 3.39799666
Bank Top De Montford 1265 3.88/14/2015Rate 2.941
Bank Top English Born And Brewed Volume 1 3.89/30/2014Rate 2.91
Bank Top Fairies Fizz Ale 3.61/3/2008Rate 2.921
Bank Top Flat Cap 48/21/2002Rate 3.07437637
Bank Top Game Set and Match (Woodys CA) 3.84/27/2006Rate 3.054
Bank Top Gold Digger 46/12/2004Rate 2.87323924
Bank Top Grumpys Last Stand 51/24/2008Rate 3.193
Bank Top Haka (retired) 4.25/7/2002Rate 2.423
Bank Top Half Nelson 4.16/3/2013Rate 2.81
Bank Top JB 4.64/15/2016Rate 1
Bank Top Jean Lafitte 3.92/27/2011Rate 2.913
Bank Top Leprechaun Stout 63/31/2007Rate 3.218
Bank Top Little Red Rooster 4.51/26/2008Rate 2.873
Bank Top Old Slapper 4.26/12/2004Rate 3.07488520
Bank Top Opening Times 4.810/29/2009Rate 2.811
Bank Top Orient Line 4.24/6/2005Rate 3.06497213
Bank Top Pavilion Pale Ale 4.57/4/2005Rate 3.03406523
Bank Top Port O’ Call 56/16/2004Rate 3.43837739
Bank Top Red Legs Greaves 4.19/1/2011Rate 2.861
Bank Top Route 66 Road To Retirement 510/21/2008Rate 2.881
Bank Top Samuel Cromptons Ale 4.210/20/2003Rate 36
Bank Top Santa Claws 55/6/2007Rate 2.974
Bank Top Sir Gareth (retired) 4.210/18/2005Rate 3.023
Bank Top Sir Gerwain (retired) 45/22/2005Rate 31
Bank Top Sir Percival (retired) 4.62/24/2006Rate 3.151
Bank Top Smokestack Lightnin’ 55/7/2002Rate 2.87361518
Bank Top St Georges Ale 4.17/26/2007Rate 2.921
Bank Top Swan Song 4.111/15/2013Rate 2.841
Bank Top Sweeneys 3.811/20/2009Rate 2.94374813
Bank Top Trotter’s Tipple (retired) 4.212/12/2006Rate 2.787
Bank Top Two Crosses Challenge (retired) 42/23/2004Rate 3.112
Bank Top Volunteer Bitter 4.26/3/2004Rate 3.09578910
Bank Top Winters End? 4.86/11/2009Rate 2.811

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