Cannery 360 Degree Lager (alias) 55/23/2008
Cannery Anarchist Amber Ale 5.51/1/2003Rate 2.94364292
Cannery Blackberry Porter 61/1/2004Rate 3.488896169
Cannery Cherry Porter (retired) 8/19/2014Rate 2.811
Cannery Cracken Nut Brown Ale 5.51/26/2013Rate 2.762
Cannery Crystal Creek Lager (alias) (retired) 3/26/2006
Cannery Darkling Oatmeal Stout 5.59/23/2015Rate 3.08432414
Cannery Drei Hopped IPA 8/20/2013Rate 2.741
Cannery Drupaceous Apricot Wheat Ale 58/19/2009Rate 3.12467331
Cannery Giants Head Gold (retired) 51/6/2003Rate 37
Cannery HOP2IT Virtual IPA 65/7/2012Rate 2.8633511
Cannery India Brown Ale 67/2/2014Rate 2.871
Cannery Indian Rock IPA 67/31/2003Rate 3.174927101
Cannery Kirk in de Kök Baltic Porter 82/21/2014Rate 3.37774424
Cannery Kiss Yer Cousin Kentucky Common 56/12/2016Rate 2.913
Cannery Knucklehead Pumpkin Ale 510/28/2012Rate 3.08445019
Cannery L’Orage Noir 911/29/2014Rate 3.03411811
Cannery Lakeboat Lager 54/9/2006Rate 2.99379915
Cannery Maple Stout 5.511/21/2008Rate 3.619495121
Cannery Naramata Nut Brown 5.51/2/2003Rate 3.1454696
Cannery No Justice Pale Ale (aka No Jail Pale Ale) 3.0512/21/2010Rate 2.7927514
Cannery Okanagan Cherry Wit 8/20/2013Rate 2.741
Cannery Paddles Up Pale Ale 53/24/2004Rate 3392521
Cannery Pale Ale (alias) 53/17/2004
Cannery Pink Mountainhops 6.56/6/2013Rate 3.08496910
Cannery Red Dawn Saison 5.58/14/2014Rate 2.913
Cannery Rye-Nheitsge-Bot 63/10/2015Rate 3.347
Cannery Skaha Bluffs Light Blonde Ale (retired) 43/21/2003Rate 2.577
Cannery Skaha Summer Ale 54/30/2014Rate 3.1457317
Cannery Squire Scotch Ale 6.55/5/2010Rate 3.21553563
Cannery Stumbling Goat Dry-Hopped Maibock 6.54/16/2015Rate 3.18498111
Cannery The Muse & The Golden Promise 6.53/3/2016Rate 3.2763939
Cannery Trellis IPA 56/12/2016Rate 3.134
Cannery Vulcan Ale 65/7/2012Rate 2.768
Cannery Wildfire I.P.A. 610/9/2009Rate 3.34773756

.Associated place: Cannery Brewing Company.
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