Traquair House


Brewing restarted in 1965 on ancient brewplant that had been out of use for over 150 years located in a wing of Scotlandís longest inhabited house. Much of the beer is bottled and is very successfully exported to many parts of the world
Traquair 1000th Brew (retired) 101/31/2002Rate 3.73978531
Traquair 2010 (alias) 107/2/2010
Traquair 2020 (retired) 107/2/2010Rate 3.719789169
Traquair 50 94/24/2015Rate 3.62948975
Traquair 900 (retired) 95/12/2007Rate 3.789894218
Traquair Bear Ale 54/23/2001Rate 3.144728192
Traquair House Ale 7.26/17/2000Rate 3.6796961330
Traquair Jacobite Ale 811/16/2000Rate 3.86991001454
Traquair Stuart Ale 4.58/20/2002Rate 3.07458031
Traquair The Lairds Liquor 611/8/2004Rate 3.378062172
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