The Alchemist


Moved from their 23 South Main Road brewpub premises after they were flooded by Hurricane Irene.
Alchemist \ Portsmouth Brewery Tarnation (retired) 87/21/2012Rate 3.073
Alchemist Alena (retired) 6.912/6/2006Rate 3.59959210
Alchemist Bacchus (retired) 6.810/7/2007Rate 2.88396514
Alchemist Ball N’ Chain (alias) 77/16/2010
Alchemist Beelzebub 7.63/17/2008Rate 3.77987774
Alchemist Blackout (retired) 4.98/2/2004Rate 3.48879015
Alchemist Bolton Brown (retired) 6.41/5/2004Rate 3.153
Alchemist Brecky (retired) 6.211/8/2009Rate 2.922
Alchemist Broken Spoke (retired) 511/10/2004Rate 3.28817810
Alchemist Celia Framboise (retired) 7.18/2/2009Rate 3.24769311
Alchemist Celia IPA (retired) 5.57/19/2009Rate 2.717
Alchemist Celia Pale Ale (retired) 6.28/15/2010Rate 2.872
Alchemist Charlie (retired) 5.912/11/2004Rate 2.984
Alchemist Dark & Dank (retired) 83/23/2011Rate 2.871
Alchemist Darkness (retired) 5.810/29/2006Rate 3.315
Alchemist Donovans Red 5.161/5/2004Rate 3.06476538
Alchemist Double Twubble (retired) 7.93/15/2011Rate 2.894
Alchemist Dunkler Stern (retired) 5.210/21/2004Rate 3.326
Alchemist El Jefe 71/5/2004Rate 3.68979331
Alchemist Farmers Daughter (retired) 87/28/2008Rate 3.21723412
Alchemist FluxCapacitor (retired) 8.82/2/2009Rate 3.193
Alchemist Focal Banger 73/19/2009Rate 4.08100100219
Alchemist Fuggly (retired) 6.29/12/2009Rate 2.852
Alchemist Gordo Vienna (retired) 5.652/23/2004Rate 2.321
Alchemist Grote Bruin (retired) 7.874/7/2005Rate 3.37764912
Alchemist Harvest Ale (retired) 7.110/25/2004Rate 3.28817916
Alchemist Heady Topper 83/15/2004Rate 4.241001001483
Alchemist Heathen (retired) 6.95/15/2007Rate 3.398
Alchemist Hefty Weizen (retired) 5.55/31/2005Rate 3.064
Alchemist Hellbrook (retired) 81/31/2005Rate 3.45914917
Alchemist Heretic (retired) 9.999/12/2009Rate 3.68979235
Alchemist Holy Cow IPA 5.41/5/2004Rate 3.68969669
Alchemist Holy Moley (retired) 7.912/19/2007Rate 3.34
Alchemist Honky (retired) 55/15/2008Rate 2.933
Alchemist Knuckle Dragger (retired) 6.75/19/2006Rate 3.55968813
Alchemist Light Weight (retired) 4.331/5/2004Rate 3.12608933
Alchemist Local Banger (retired) 73/16/2009Rate 0
Alchemist Luscious (retired) 11.110/9/2011Rate 3.92999250
Alchemist Luscious (2014) 1112/15/2014Rate 41009628
Alchemist Ménage a Trois (retired) 7.711/7/2005Rate 3.1565339
Alchemist Misinformation (retired) 87/6/2008Rate 2.824
Alchemist Moody’s Mild (retired) 3.71/24/2010Rate 33
Alchemist Moose Knuckle (retired) 4.74/24/2008Rate 3.077
Alchemist Mortal Sin (retired) 6.666/25/2006Rate 3.264
Alchemist Nightstalker (retired) 5.81/11/2009Rate 3.165
Alchemist Nuggets (retired) 7.39/29/2008Rate 3.215
Alchemist O Positive (retired) 510/21/2004Rate 3.248
Alchemist Oak-Aged Wild Child (retired) 7.87/28/2009Rate 3.062
Alchemist Onion River Rye (retired) 4.71/5/2004Rate 3.323
Alchemist Ouroboros 8.888/10/2008Rate 3.63967920
Alchemist Panty Dropper (retired) 5.91/11/2009Rate 3.195
Alchemist Pappys Porter (retired) 5.421/5/2004Rate 3.53949446
Alchemist Pappys Secret Stash (retired) 6.51/23/2011Rate 3.385
Alchemist Perry Hill Blend (retired) 8/2/2008Rate 2.881
Alchemist Petit Mutant 7.810/8/2005Rate 3.28692372
Alchemist Piston Bitter (retired) 53/15/2004Rate 2.881
Alchemist Rapture (2007-2011) (retired) 7.777/22/2007Rate 3.52948811
Alchemist Rapture (2014-) 9.68/11/2014Rate 3.75989220
Alchemist Revitalization Rye (retired) 6.56/7/2005Rate 3.275
Alchemist Sass-mouth (retired) 6/21/2009Rate 3.337
Alchemist Shtupulator (retired) 81/12/2005Rate 3.335
Alchemist Shut The Hell Up (retired) 3.74/15/2007Rate 3.44909914
Alchemist Solstice (retired) 4.97/19/2004Rate 2.961
Alchemist Sterk Wit 7.37/19/2004Rate 3.35749320
Alchemist Thatcher Brook Blonde (retired) 5.53/15/2005Rate 3.153
Alchemist The Crusher 9.67/28/2008Rate 4.011009973
Alchemist Tweisse (retired) 7.92/13/2006Rate 3.47835411
Alchemist Uncle Daddy (Hefe) (retired) 7.510/26/2008Rate 3.096
Alchemist Uncle Daddy (Saison) (retired) 5.82/3/2011Rate 2.92
Alchemist Wee Wittle Wabbit (retired) 1010/11/2010Rate 3.097
Alchemist Wellness (retired) 73/13/2009Rate 3.042
Alchemist Wheat P.J. (retired) 4.335/15/2008Rate 2.921
Alchemist Whonky (retired) 5.85/15/2008Rate 3.157
Alchemist Wild Child (retired) 6.15/31/2005Rate 3.4894120
Alchemist Your Mother (retired) 77/16/2010Rate 3.085
Alchemist Zommer Bier (retired) 5.17/19/2004Rate 2.771
Alchemist Celia Saison 6.51/24/2010Rate 2.8628494
Greene Beverage Co. Inc.PO Box 1699, TUSCALOOSA, Alabama
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