Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Alpha Reaper 9.010/25/2014Rate 2.881
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Atalaya Amber Ale 5.24/3/2010Rate 2.93353910
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Atomic Blonde Ale 5.01/9/2004Rate 2.8242920
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Aztlán Winter Ale 7.01/8/2009Rate 2.961
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Barleywine 11.22/16/2015Rate 2.811
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Berliner Weiss 4.011/4/2014Rate 0
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Broken Spoke Honey Wheat Ale 5.56/2/2008Rate 2.573
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Brown Mountain Saison -10/9/2009Rate 2.763
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Brown Paper Bag 7.69/16/2015Rate 2.851
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Brunet Belge Dubbel 7.24/3/2010Rate 2.822
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Czech Your English 5.48/31/2013Rate 2.861
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Dark Heart IBA -9/23/2010Rate 2.892
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Decadent Porter 7.91/8/2009Rate 3.023
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Drone Wars 7.69/16/2015Rate 31
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) East Fork IPA 6.47/6/2013Rate 2.811
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) End of the Trail Brown Ale 5.11/9/2004Rate 2.99393722
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Gold Medal Oatmeal Stout 5.611/22/2009Rate 3.39817319
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Golden Strong Ale 8.01/2/2013Rate 2.861
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) HALT!-bier 6.09/16/2015Rate 3.022
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Hefeweizen -7/12/2011Rate 2.754
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) High Altitude Pale Ale 5.01/9/2004Rate 2.927
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Honeymoon Wheat Ale 5.91/9/2004Rate 2.618
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Imperial Porter Reserve 9.01/2/2013Rate 2.841
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) JB’s Log Splitter 6.91/2/2013Rate 2.881
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Lakeside Summer Ale 5.48/31/2013Rate 2.91
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) LocAle 20 -9/21/2010Rate 2.791
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Loose Cannon Irish Stout 5.05/7/2004Rate 2.51
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) McLeonards Single Malt 10.11/15/2016Rate 3.061
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Monk’s Mesa 4.51/3/2015Rate 2.831
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Munich Dunkel 5.811/4/2014Rate 0
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Night Train Schwarzbier 5.011/4/2014Rate 3.072
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Oktoberfest 5.610/20/2014Rate 0
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Plaza Porter 5.51/9/2004Rate 3.218
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Pucker Up 6.11/15/2016Rate 2.771
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Road Runner IPA 6.93/25/2008Rate 3.32754838
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Russian Imperial Stout 1012/4/2014Rate 2.881
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Scorched Old Ale 8.111/4/2014Rate 0
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Shattered Pumpkin 6.510/20/2014Rate 2.871
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Sleeping Dog Stout -11/11/2009Rate 2.691
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Vienna Lager 5.87/6/2013Rate 2.841
Blue Corn (Santa Fe) Witless Belgian Wit -7/12/2011Rate 2.881
Blue Corn 40K Honey Wheat Ale 5.510/11/2009Rate 2.77
Blue Corn Bock 6.07/6/2004Rate 2.942
Blue Corn Bourbon Scotch Ale 7.97/3/2011Rate 2.982
Blue Corn Cafe(Santa Fe)Head Honcho 8.310/22/2012Rate 2.91
Blue Corn Cherry Wheat 5.57/6/2004Rate 2.832
Blue Corn ESB 6.25/7/2004Rate 2.562
Blue Corn Hop Warrior IPA 6.68/11/2003Rate 3.283
Blue Corn Imperial Java Stout 8.51/27/2005Rate 3.272
Blue Corn Irish Red 4.67/6/2004Rate 2.961
Blue Corn Primal Bock 7.09/24/2011Rate 2.812
Blue Corn Punkin Head -10/9/2011Rate 2.93
Blue Corn Razz 5.89/27/2013Rate 2.81
Blue Corn Rio Chama Amber Ale (retired) -10/9/2009Rate 2.691
Blue Corn St. Wenceslas Pilsener 3.27/6/2004Rate 2.392
Blue Corn Tripel Organic-Belgian Style 8.57/3/2011Rate 32

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