Green Jack


First brewed in September 2003 after the split of the original Green Jack brewery, which became Oulton Ales. Initially based at The Triangle Tavern, 29 St Peters St, Lowestoft. Moved to current address in February 2009, but brewing also continued at the TRaingle Tavern until 2011.
Green Jack Albion Mild 3.82/6/2011Rate 3.1505216
Green Jack Australian Summer 3.71/27/2012Rate 2.742
Green Jack Baltic Trader 10.59/8/2009Rate 3.73976961
Green Jack Big Dog 4.72/16/2007Rate 2.972
Green Jack Bob Barley 10.55/2/2010Rate 2.881
Green Jack Canary Pale Ale 3.84/16/2004Rate 3.09488022
Green Jack Canary Premier 56/21/2011Rate 2.731
Green Jack Cherry Popper 88/26/2004Rate 3.068
Green Jack Dazza’s Decadence 103/20/2014Rate 2.941
Green Jack Excelsior Golden Ale 45/30/2010Rate 3.23579117
Green Jack Excelsior Golden Brown Ale 3.72/16/2011Rate 3.04427012
Green Jack Flower Power 611/17/2012Rate 3.183
Green Jack Fruit Bat 5.57/8/2010Rate 2.935
Green Jack Golden Best (aka Golden Jack) 3.811/9/2012Rate 3.037
Green Jack Golden Sickle 4.88/12/2005Rate 2.892
Green Jack Gone Fishing ESB 54/23/2004Rate 3.22598436
Green Jack Grasshopper (retired) 4.22/19/2005Rate 3.094
Green Jack Harvest Hop Wheaten Ale 410/20/2010Rate 3.038
Green Jack Lurcher Stout 4.85/21/2008Rate 3.49908853
Green Jack Mahseer IPA 53/23/2009Rate 3.33729433
Green Jack Mahsood 510/28/2008Rate 3.232
Green Jack Norfolk Black 4.810/20/2010Rate 3.1852389
Green Jack Old Cock Old Ale 4.43/14/2010Rate 3.18603614
Green Jack Orange Wheat Beer 4.24/23/2004Rate 3.07426264
Green Jack Pale Ale 3.64/28/2012Rate 2.861
Green Jack Peach Wheat 3.97/28/2013Rate 2.861
Green Jack Ploughboys 4.43/2/2013Rate 2.831
Green Jack Raspberry Blower 81/25/2005Rate 2.9846788
Green Jack Red Herring 53/25/2012Rate 3.26734842
Green Jack Red Robin 3.810/20/2010Rate 2.96407316
Green Jack Rippa 8.58/7/2014Rate 3.093
Green Jack Ripper 8.58/22/2004Rate 3.41814396
Green Jack Rising Sun 53/11/2013Rate 3.19558918
Green Jack Summer Dream 48/22/2004Rate 3.27679428
Green Jack Trawlerboys Best Bitter 4.65/13/2009Rate 3.16499062
Green Jack Two Angels 3.812/9/2011Rate 2.838
Green Jack Viking Strong Ale 511/8/2012Rate 2.881
Green Jack Waxwing 45/9/2015Rate 3.05426321
Green Jack Worthog (retired) 13.58/29/2007Rate 2.843
Green Oak Jackham Pick-Up 7.52/5/2012Rate 3.294
Hektors Pure (retired)
Brewed by/for Hektors
3.87/22/2009Rate 3.13
.Associated place: Triangle Tavern (Green Jack).
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