Aston Manor Smooth Chocolate Ale
Brewed by/for Aston Manor
4.14/1/2002Rate 3.173
Blue Bear Dragonís Breath
Brewed by/for Blue Bear
4.85/10/2009Rate 2.92
Blue Bear Wanderlust
Brewed by/for Blue Bear
3.88/11/2006Rate 2.914112
Blue Bear White Bear
Brewed by/for Blue Bear
4.56/2/2007Rate 2.938
Davenports Beer Hunter 4.54/8/2010Rate 2.83815
Davenports Busy Fool (Bottle) 5.82/2/2009Rate 2.986
Davenports Busy Fool (Cask) 4.32/2/2009Rate 2.822
Davenports Cloud Nine 4.02/21/2010Rate 2.855
Davenports Englandís Glory 4.011/24/2013Rate 2.61
Davenports Fury 4.59/13/2010Rate 2.795
Davenports Heatwave Gold 4.18/21/2010Rate 2.771
Davenports Ice Age 3.42/7/2010Rate 2.761
Davenports IPA (Cask) 4.05/20/2007Rate 2.863717
Davenports IPA Export Bitter (Bottled) 4.04/17/2009Rate 2.873824
Davenports Irish Whiskey Ale 4.42/12/2009Rate 2.822913
Davenports Keltic Whiskied Ale 4.41/7/2010Rate 2.648
Davenports Knee Trembler 4.510/20/2009Rate 2.791
Davenports Last Minute 4.510/30/2009Rate 2.611714
Davenports Nightmare 3.811/3/2008Rate 2.757
Davenports Original Bitter 4.05/25/2004Rate 2.782236
Davenports Original Bitter (Cask) 4.04/3/2003Rate 2.71118
Davenports Pale Ale 3.810/19/2015Rate 3.074
Davenports Premium 4.59/25/2004Rate 2.894
Davenports Saddlers Ale 4.31/4/2012Rate 2.862
Davenports Special Bitter 3.86/7/2009Rate 2.924611
Davenports Spring Fever 4.13/21/2009Rate 2.892
Davenports Strawberry Fields 4.47/11/2010Rate 2.564
Davenports Summer Storm 3.812/4/2009Rate 2.842
Davenports The Fall 4.410/6/2009Rate 2.895
Davenports Thin Ice 4.02/13/2010Rate 2.842
Davenports Top Brew De Luxe 8.212/28/2003Rate 2.66630
Davenports Torch Bearer 4.19/26/2012Rate 2.731
Highgate Beezone 3.83/5/2004Rate 2.853933
Highgate Black Pig 4.45/15/2003Rate 3.228818
Highgate Classic 4.53/16/2007Rate 2.921
Highgate Coppernob 4.210/9/2004Rate 2.532
Highgate Dark Mild 3.48/12/2003Rate 2.983037
Highgate Englands Glory 4.06/27/2004Rate 2.782125
Highgate Fat Catz 4.811/24/2005Rate 2.891815
Highgate FGL Lager 4.212/13/2008Rate 2.661
Highgate Fiddlers Pluck 4.110/23/2002Rate 2.771
Highgate Foxís Nob (Bottled) 4.02/9/2002Rate 2.82537
Highgate Foxís Nob (Cask) 3.88/23/2003Rate 3.027326
Highgate Foxís Nob Premium 5.03/21/2011Rate 2.889
Highgate Fury 4.34/6/2007Rate 32
Highgate Gnats 4.64/8/2004Rate 2.811
Highgate Golden Ale 3.710/16/2001Rate 2.52
Highgate Hanky Panky 4.85/3/2011Rate 2.846
Highgate Heatwave 4.18/6/2007Rate 2.875
Highgate Highland Whisky Ale 4.612/3/2005Rate 2.996321
Highgate Highlander 4.610/22/2004Rate 3.082
Highgate IPA 4.44/21/2006Rate 2.793
Highgate Irish Whisky Ale 4.64/3/2006Rate 2.873315
Highgate Kerfuffle 4.54/30/2007Rate 2.843
Highgate Lager 3.02/20/2005Rate 2.091
Highgate Lock Keepers Ale 3.99/9/2007Rate 2.771
Highgate Lone Wolf 4.610/27/2006Rate 2.914610
Highgate Mild 3.85/20/2007Rate 2.874
Highgate Natterjack 4.21/23/2006Rate 2.776
Highgate Old Ale (Bottle) 5.13/16/2002Rate 3.386879
Highgate Old Ale (Cask) 5.32/20/2003Rate 3.294728
Highgate Old Ember 6.510/15/2005Rate 3.376677
Highgate Painted Lady 4.33/6/2004Rate 2.471
Highgate Pheasant Plucker 4.19/19/2006Rate 2.477
Highgate Prancers Pride 4.312/1/2005Rate 3.026
Highgate Pride and Joy 3.812/10/2007Rate 3.082
Highgate Queen of Hearts 3.62/11/2004Rate 2.921
Highgate Quick Fix 4.06/8/2007Rate 2.592
Highgate Red Rogue 3.811/2/2008Rate 2.62916
Highgate Ruby Mild 4.05/17/2009Rate 2.9249
Highgate Saddlers Best Bitter 4.38/5/2002Rate 2.873811
Highgate Special Bitter 3.88/5/2002Rate 2.661113
Highgate Stocking Filler 4.312/8/2007Rate 2.82510
Highgate Summer Telse 4.56/16/2004Rate 2.657
Highgate The Bards Tail 4.211/24/2009Rate 2.842
Highgate Throbbin Robin 4.312/12/2007Rate 2.875
Highgate Upper Cut 4.77/27/2004Rate 2.372
Highgate Walsall Gold 4.211/17/2011Rate 2.974
Highgate Wild Cat 3.911/29/2004Rate 2.913
Holts Entire 4.49/16/2006Rate 2.833
Smiles Best 4.16/11/2001Rate 2.93913
Smiles Blonde 3.712/22/2004Rate 2.768
Smiles Bristol IPA 4.45/29/2002Rate 3.086819
Smiles Heritage 5.212/28/2000Rate 3.317425
Smiles Slap and Tipple 3.83/6/2004Rate 3.04819
Lichfield Hop íNí Bothered
Brewed by/for Lichfield
4.52/29/2004Rate 31
Lichfield Hoppy Daze
Brewed by/for Lichfield
4.02/5/2006Rate 3.14
Lichfield Medieval
Brewed by/for Lichfield
4.99/4/2002Rate 2.921
Lichfield Steeplejack
Brewed by/for Lichfield
4.52/29/2004Rate 2.853
Shenstone 3 Spires
Brewed by/for Shenstone
3.82/26/2010Rate 2.741
Shenstone Doctor J
Brewed by/for Shenstone
4.19/26/2010Rate 2.762
Shenstone Evo
Brewed by/for Shenstone
3.63/5/2011Rate 2.752
Shenstone Hop
Brewed by/for Shenstone
3.84/1/2013Rate 2.763
Smiles April Fuel
Brewed by/for Smiles
4.84/7/2004Rate 2.82
Smiles Cheeky Pint
Brewed by/for Smiles
3.811/23/2006Rate 2.756
Smiles Drifter
Brewed by/for Smiles
4.52/5/2008Rate 2.811
Smiles Frostie Jack
Brewed by/for Smiles
4.53/3/2007Rate 2.862
Smiles Golden Brew
Brewed by/for Smiles
3.811/21/2003Rate 33
Smiles Holly Hops
Brewed by/for Smiles
5.012/6/2003Rate 2.94319
Smiles Maiden Leg Over
Brewed by/for Smiles
3.58/13/2003Rate 2.843513
Smiles March Hare
Brewed by/for Smiles
4.08/8/2003Rate 2.953
Smiles May Fly
Brewed by/for Smiles
4.56/4/2003Rate 2.984
Smiles Mild
Brewed by/for Smiles
-5/6/2006Rate 2.841
Smiles Night Glow
Brewed by/for Smiles
4.52/10/2007Rate 2.921
Smiles Old Tosser
Brewed by/for Smiles
4.32/17/2003Rate 2.736
Smiles Original
Brewed by/for Smiles
3.85/28/2002Rate 3.254
Smiles Turkeyís Delight
Brewed by/for Smiles
3.812/18/2006Rate 2.5569
Smiles Wurz Ale
Brewed by/for Smiles
4.18/10/2004Rate 3.257
Smiles Zing Ale
Brewed by/for Smiles
4.17/7/2006Rate 2.633
Smiles Zummer Vat Ale
Brewed by/for Smiles
4.05/28/2004Rate 2.933

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