Beer Here Bitter Blonde
Brewed by/for Beer Here
5.59/3/2014Rate 3.28698116
Beer Here Dead Cat Extra
Brewed by/for Beer Here
4.79/3/2014Rate 3.31779313
Beer Here Evil Yellow Star
Brewed by/for Beer Here
4.45/24/2014Rate 3.27704433
Beer Here Høst IPA
Brewed by/for Beer Here
5.09/3/2014Rate 3.22654114
Midtfyns / Beer Here Vinterporter 6.711/6/2015Rate 3.137
Midtfyns / Coisbo Grænseløberen 8.25/19/2016Rate 3.517
Midtfyns Ale 6.512/17/2005Rate 3.074348128
Midtfyns American Pale Ale with Wasabi and Ginger (retired) 5.95/5/2012Rate 2.8303520
Midtfyns Amerikansk Pale Ale (retired) 5.35/11/2013Rate 3.09493817
Midtfyns Barley Wine 105/8/2009Rate 3.518956198
Midtfyns Barley Wine 1423 Barrel Aged (Caroni Rum Barrel) 12.53/15/2016Rate 3.3170329
Midtfyns Barley Wine Barrel Aged (Grande Champagne Cognac) 123/14/2016Rate 3.367309
Midtfyns Barley Wine Rum 1423 (retired) 11.511/1/2014Rate 3.62947811
Midtfyns Belgian Blonde 6.94/29/2016Rate 2.938
Midtfyns Belgian Strong Ale (retired) 8.05/27/2014Rate 3.13472925
Midtfyns Better Late Than Never (alias) 5.35/11/2013
Midtfyns Black Liquorice Stout 8.211/27/2011Rate 3.48873158
Midtfyns Braveheart Real Ale (retired) 4.53/18/2005Rate 2.4712354
Midtfyns Broby Winter Warmer (alias) 6.512/17/2005
Midtfyns Brown Ale (Blindeøl) (retired) 6.88/31/2009Rate 3.08454660
Midtfyns Carlsens IPA (retired) 7.69/15/2010Rate 3.2623731
Midtfyns Chili Klaus Chili Liquorice Stout 9.54/3/2015Rate 3.29671236
Midtfyns Chili Klaus Ghost 9.25/3/2014Rate 2.943239100
Midtfyns Chili Pale Ale (retired) 6.55/7/2015Rate 2.83241647
Midtfyns Chili Tripel 9.25/8/2009Rate 3.215371308
Midtfyns Dansk Blindesamfund 100 År (retired) 6.85/16/2011Rate 2.93382653
Midtfyns Double India Pale Ale (Coop Grill) (retired) 7.35/3/2015Rate 3.23581549
Midtfyns Double IPA 9.25/17/2007Rate 3.569260369
Midtfyns Faaborg Bryg (alias) 6.55/16/2009
Midtfyns Gladiator (retired) 6.44/24/2010Rate 3.2623765
Midtfyns Gleipner (retired) 9.15/27/2011Rate 3.79793123
Midtfyns Go’ Jul 6.110/28/2014Rate 3.04424342
Midtfyns Golden Ale (retired) 6.27/17/2015Rate 2.763
Midtfyns Gunners Ale 6.510/28/2008Rate 3.19507972
Midtfyns Holm Santa Claus Ale (retired) 6.810/14/2015Rate 2.7922739
Midtfyns Holm Wheat Christmas (retired) 5.610/18/2015Rate 3.01384543
Midtfyns Hoppy Monk (retired) 9.54/24/2010Rate 3.33823162
Midtfyns Hvede (alias) 5.65/24/2006
Midtfyns Imperial Stout 9.59/1/2007Rate 3.789877460
Midtfyns Imperial Stout 0997 Lakrids og Fennikel (retired) 10.311/12/2013Rate 3.61944628
Midtfyns Imperial Stout 0998 Chili (retired) 10.711/12/2013Rate 3.63954728
Midtfyns Imperial Stout 0999 Bourbon (retired) 10.111/12/2013Rate 3.57934329
Midtfyns Imperial Stout 1000 Valnød (retired) 10.511/12/2013Rate 3.66965229
Midtfyns Imperial Stout 1423 Rum 2015 edition (retired) 121/21/2016Rate 3.6944515
Midtfyns Imperial Stout Rum 1423 (retired) 11.98/21/2014Rate 3.28621015
Midtfyns India Pale Ale 7.34/26/2007Rate 3.398058160
Midtfyns Jubilæumsøl Brobyværk 25 år (alias) 6.85/23/2008
Midtfyns Jule Ale 6.811/1/2007Rate 3.256141114
Midtfyns Jule Stout 7.611/1/2007Rate 3.58988227
Midtfyns Kirsebær Wheat (retired) 5.611/11/2012Rate 2.48112032
Midtfyns Kirsebær Wit Coop Grill (retired) 5.25/7/2015Rate 2.72181643
Midtfyns Lindholm Porter (retired) 7.12/16/2013Rate 3.25704948
Midtfyns Millinge Rideklubs IPA 7.59/9/2011 U  2.91
Midtfyns Moulin Ale (retired) 5.23/18/2005Rate 2.54172043
Midtfyns Nr. 1 (retired) 5.311/8/2013Rate 3.28746831
Midtfyns Pale Ale Single Hop Amarillo (retired) 4.79/14/2014Rate 3.22574824
Midtfyns Pale Ale Single Hop Simcoe (retired) 4.75/3/2014Rate 3.22655323
Midtfyns Påskebryg 6.82/23/2007Rate 3.235748109
Midtfyns Rough Snuff (Fisherman’s Ale) (retired) 9.34/24/2010Rate 3.48370108
Midtfyns Rough Snuff II 9.04/17/2011Rate 3.428271108
Midtfyns Russian Imperial Stout 117/17/2015Rate 3.65954941
Midtfyns Skotsk Ale (retired) 7.05/17/2007Rate 2.9741249
Midtfyns SMaSH IPA Equinox (retired) 6.55/29/2015Rate 3.23603710
Midtfyns SMaSH IPA Galaxy (retired) 6.55/28/2015Rate 3.1852309
Midtfyns Smoked Porter (retired) 7.12/20/2014Rate 3.45858136
Midtfyns Sommer Wit 6.25/6/2008Rate 3.05465969
Midtfyns Stout 7.211/8/2006Rate 3.559292151
Midtfyns Strong Ale (retired) 7.38/25/2008Rate 3.12503235
Midtfyns Testbatch 102 (retired) 5.85/31/2013Rate 2.947
Midtfyns Testbatch 105 (retired) 5.66/3/2013Rate 2.826
Midtfyns Testbatch 106 (retired) 106/3/2013Rate 3.266910
Midtfyns Testbatch 108 (retired) 5.56/3/2013Rate 3.0346329
Midtfyns Testbatch 110 (retired) 5.25/31/2013Rate 2.9238439
Midtfyns Testbatch 112 (retired) 5.96/4/2013Rate 2.96413511
Midtfyns Testbatch 113 (retired) 3.26/4/2013Rate 2.76241811
Midtfyns Testbatch 114 (retired) 6.76/4/2013Rate 3.2268429
Midtfyns Testbatch 115 (retired) 5.06/4/2013Rate 3.151539
Midtfyns Uffes Sommer IPA (retired) 5.85/7/2010Rate 3.07542225
Midtfyns Vuur & Vlam (retired) 6.59/27/2010Rate 3.02461444
Midtfyns Wheat 5.65/24/2006Rate 2.711826110
Midtfyns Wit 6.24/4/2015Rate 2.9937449
Midtfyns/De Molen X Porter 8.08/13/2010Rate 3.859993297
Midtfyns/De Molen X Porter French Oak Barrel (retired) 8.05/26/2011Rate 3.46914028
Midtfyns/De Molen X Porter Sherry Barrel (retired) 8.05/26/2011Rate 3.55944924
Midtfyns/De Molen X Porter Whisky Barrel (retired) 8.05/26/2011Rate 3.64976826

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