All In Brewing / Dugges Musikhjälpens IPA (retired)
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
6.54/1/2014Rate 3.43867117
All In Brewing / Dugges Sofa King Premium Lager (retired)
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
4.52/9/2014Rate 3.39809736
All In Brewing Prov IPA (retired)
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
-11/14/2014Rate 3.054
All In Brewing RLGK 10517 Celebration Stout (retired)
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
1210/13/2014Rate 3.9610094194
CAP / Dugges BelgoStout (retired)
Brewed by/for CAP Brewery
124/11/2014Rate 3.63965010
CAP Black Celebration (retired)
Brewed by/for CAP Brewery
7.69/8/2013Rate 3.6949671
CAP Double IPA
Brewed by/for CAP Brewery
9.04/12/2013Rate 3.44864358
CAP Hunting High & Low Umbrella Ale
Brewed by/for CAP Brewery
6.38/31/2013Rate 3.37804384
CAP Imperial Stout
Brewed by/for CAP Brewery
10.54/12/2013Rate 3.7987357
CAP Shot in The Dark
Brewed by/for CAP Brewery
5.38/30/2014Rate 3.05422058
Cervisiam Satanic Panic
Brewed by/for Cervisiam
109/25/2015Rate 3.67965538
Det Norske Brenneri Roughneck Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Det Norske Brenneri
4.510/28/2013Rate 3.1250279
Dugges / All In Brewing / Lervig - Pear Are You Jonathan? 5.812/12/2014Rate 3.24603560
Dugges / Beer Here Sugar Daddy 9.21/17/2016Rate 3.59934418
Dugges / Beerbliotek Raisin’ Hell 9.61/22/2015Rate 3.28683230
Dugges / Beerbliotek Triple IPA (TIPA) 122/3/2014Rate 3.39864132
Dugges / Croocked Moon Hippedi Hoppedi 4.58/27/2014Rate 3.2635010
Dugges / Crowbar Cam’s Kiwi 4.510/31/2015Rate 3.255
Dugges / Electric Nurse Family Matters 5.04/21/2015Rate 3.56929553
Dugges / Kissmeyer HippoFæ 5.54/12/2013Rate 3.28694176
Dugges / Mohawk Hops In The Ardennes 7.09/19/2014Rate 3.43877113
Dugges / Stillwater Tropic Folk 3.55/21/2016Rate 3.37779213
Dugges / Stillwater Tropic Sunrise 4.54/22/2016Rate 3.45854149
Dugges / Stillwater Tropic Thunder 4.57/3/2015Rate 3.69363138
Dugges 1/2 Idjit! (retired) 7.05/16/2007Rate 3.689671356
Dugges 11-11-11 (retired) 5.812/6/2011Rate 3.2273619
Dugges Albert - India Pale Male (retired) 5.712/3/2012Rate 3.17613311
Dugges All The Way Session IPA 4.29/20/2014Rate 3.48068126
Dugges Almost Imperial 8.710/25/2014Rate 3.39813710
Dugges Almost Imperial Hopslurry 8.74/11/2015Rate 3.265
Dugges Andra Lång Lemonad (retired) 5.211/25/2011Rate 3.24695612
Dugges Avenyn Ale 5.06/12/2005Rate 3.448486220
Dugges Avenyn Brut (retired) 6.011/1/2013Rate 2.984259
Dugges Avenyn By Night (retired) 5.010/20/2010Rate 3.26729015
Dugges Bältesspännaren (retired) 5.710/9/2005Rate 3.53949452
Dugges Barbados 2000 10.12/13/2016Rate 3.5591659
Dugges Bärliner (retired) 3.65/22/2014Rate 3.32744497
Dugges Barrel Aged Winter Warmer 6.510/25/2014Rate 3.46879620
Dugges Batch 352 (retired) 6.010/20/2010Rate 3.41897118
Dugges BBB Lager 4.712/3/2014Rate 3.32739614
Dugges Beefeater House Lager (retired) 4.711/25/2011Rate 3.098
Dugges Belman IPL (retired) 6.512/3/2014Rate 3.28698718
Dugges Bitter Resurrection 4.54/6/2015Rate 3.21594812
Dugges Bittersweet Dream (retired) 7.04/28/2010Rate 3.215
Dugges Björröder Pils 5.26/29/2016Rate 3.356
Dugges Blåbärliner 3.68/19/2014Rate 3.19543098
Dugges Bollox! (retired) 7.812/13/2006Rate 3.619694115
Dugges Bow Tie Daddy 4.010/25/2015Rate 3.4803528
Dugges Brandmästare Andréns Törstsläckare (retired) 2.85/7/2008Rate 3.09459899
Dugges Brandmästare Andréns Törstsläckare 4% (retired) 4.07/15/2007Rate 3.23769713
Dugges Brekkjern (retired) 4.710/4/2015Rate 2.891
Dugges Bring It On 9.011/1/2015Rate 3.43834510
Dugges Britannia 2006 (retired) 5.75/15/2006Rate 3.37767323
Dugges Britannia 2007 (retired) 5.42/8/2007Rate 3.319
Dugges Burn the Intern 6.26/28/2015Rate 3.2766429
Dugges California (retired) 5.02/25/2011Rate 3.137
Dugges Calypso India Pale Lager (retired) 6.66/25/2014Rate 3.125
Dugges CC Hops (alias) 4.71/3/2015
Dugges Celebration 6.56/16/2008Rate 3.519193108
Dugges Celebration Ale 2Y (retired) 6.75/11/2007Rate 3.44877222
Dugges Choose Cherry 6.07/16/2015Rate 2.8426265
Dugges Christmas Bitter 4.511/3/2015Rate 3.04416948
Dugges Christmas Idjit 9.510/31/2013Rate 3.729766175
Dugges Coconut Grove 4.510/30/2015Rate 3.26632025
Dugges Dark Ale (alias) (retired) 6.010/20/2010
Dugges Dhuggish Deepa! (retired) 9.010/5/2012Rate 3.53915336
Dugges Dream Beer 2016 6.37/18/2016Rate 3.052
Dugges DSB (Dugges Special Bitter) (retired) 5.87/19/2006Rate 3.151
Dugges Duggish DIPA (retired) 8.511/25/2011Rate 3.48915026
Dugges Duggish Kerstmis 9.04/8/2015Rate 2.731
Dugges Easter Ale 3.86/10/2012Rate 2.848
Dugges Easter Brown Ale 7.02/27/2014Rate 3.37778854
Dugges Easter Lager 5.63/9/2016Rate 3.27629428
Dugges Easter Porter 4.53/8/2016Rate 3.4807229
Dugges Easy Christmas (retired) 4.210/27/2012Rate 3.09498754
Dugges Easy IPA 5.01/17/2013Rate 2.994
Dugges Edward - India Pale Male (retired) 5.712/3/2012Rate 3.11502410
Dugges Enkens Brown Porter (retired) 6.911/16/2007Rate 3.36869127
Dugges Ethiopia Gedeo 10.64/8/2015Rate 3.71976367
Dugges Ethiopia Welena 102/26/2016Rate 3.71976540
Dugges Experiment Pils (retired) 5.08/6/2014Rate 2.862
Dugges Fålen (retired) 5.07/17/2010Rate 3.18689518
Dugges Fantastic 5.012/22/2014Rate 32
Dugges Father Yod 8.51/22/2015Rate 3.3685748
Dugges Fuggedaboudit! (retired) 6.52/15/2006Rate 3.24768131
Dugges Full Dügges 4.511/7/2015Rate 3.317
Dugges Fusion (retired) 8.011/5/2009Rate 3.2713313
Dugges Galaxy Voyage 6.25/30/2013Rate 3.29787225
Dugges George - India Pale Male (retired) 5.712/3/2012Rate 3.12552710
Dugges GiuseppIPA 6.911/27/2014Rate 3.45857212
Dugges Golgata Bitter 4.02/18/2013Rate 3.14478885
Dugges Gustafs Finger 5.87/23/2005Rate 3.256288191
Dugges Guyana 2002 10.42/13/2016Rate 3.5792689
Dugges Guyana 2003 10.42/13/2016Rate 3.65958213
Dugges HBG Single Hop (retired) 4.710/1/2010Rate 3.17689316
Dugges High Five! 7.54/20/2007Rate 3.579289313
Dugges Hiphiphooray! (alias) 6.47/10/2011
Dugges Holy Cow! (retired) 7.08/3/2006Rate 3.498879161
Dugges Hop Harrington (retired) 5.57/29/2011Rate 3.1463499
Dugges Hop Sun (retired) 5.56/1/2011Rate 3.267
Dugges Hopblack! 7.08/22/2013Rate 3.649589161
Dugges Höstbrygd (retired) 5.09/5/2011Rate 3.2677377
Dugges Höststout (retired) 4.29/28/2006Rate 3.33725223
Dugges Idjit! (1st limited edition) (retired) 16.58/1/2007Rate 3.43903219
Dugges Idjit! 9.57/24/2010Rate 3.889989362
Dugges Imperial Geisha 102/26/2016Rate 3.82998340
Dugges Jamaica 2000 102/13/2016Rate 3.36784012
Dugges Jasmine Dragon Pearl Sour 4.011/14/2014Rate 3.31724326
Dugges Johannas Bästa (retired) 4.69/3/2005Rate 3.25749877
Dugges Juldricka 4.010/31/2013Rate 3.23678850
Dugges Jullager 6.010/31/2013Rate 3.21567247
Dugges Kals Stout 5.010/16/2005Rate 3.256447155
Dugges Lager No.1 4.79/23/2009Rate 3.215392142
Dugges Lager No.1 Eko 2.8% 2.811/8/2014Rate 2.86309719
Dugges Le Premier Tonneau Bleu 5.011/7/2015Rate 3.455
Dugges Lingonbärliner 3.67/24/2014Rate 2.933310105
Dugges Live Love 5.412/30/2015Rate 3.035
Dugges MackIdjit (retired) 9.54/12/2013Rate 3.34832210
Dugges Månens Amber Ale 5.53/11/2014Rate 3.35759315
Dugges Mörk Lager 5.81/16/2014Rate 3.367697103
Dugges Mosquito Feber 6.08/16/2015Rate 3.142
Dugges Mums Filibabba (retired) 4.89/2/2011Rate 3.257
Dugges Never Mind The Bollox! (retired) 9.01/25/2008Rate 3.499049136
Dugges New Fusion 6.51/15/2015Rate 3.1750609
Dugges No Name Lager (retired) 4.73/16/2011Rate 3.085
Dugges No.100 (retired) 8.02/8/2008Rate 3.63965828
Dugges Nordic Sour - Black Currant 4.54/26/2015Rate 3.266120104
Dugges Nordic Sour - Reign in Raspberry 4.54/26/2015Rate 3.25601971
Dugges Oktober Dunkel 6.08/22/2013Rate 3.24649438
Dugges Oktoberfezzzt 2006 (retired) 5.79/10/2006Rate 3.168
Dugges Old Ale 7.811/16/2014Rate 3.28654435
Dugges Old Beefeater Inn House Bitter (retired) -5/10/2011Rate 3.14
Dugges Old Beefeater Inn House Lager 4.79/29/2009Rate 3.3171959
Dugges Old Oaked Abbot 10.24/29/2016Rate 3.474
Dugges Orange Haze 6.410/15/2014Rate 3.55918689
Dugges Organic Andrén 2.86/2/2015Rate 2.87289725
Dugges Organic Kellerbier 5.25/26/2015Rate 3.27639326
Dugges Organic Lager 2.86/17/2015Rate 2.53129118
Dugges Pale Ale II (retired) 4.64/19/2007Rate 3.287
Dugges Påsklager 6.02/18/2013Rate 3.42859481
Dugges Påsköl 2011 (retired) 6.02/28/2010Rate 3.34839044
Dugges Påsköl 2014 5.03/18/2014Rate 3.3738640
Dugges Perfect Idjit! 2010 (retired) 9.57/24/2010Rate 4.0210097112
Dugges Perfect Idjit! 2014 (retired) 11.210/27/2014Rate 3.91999282
Dugges Perfekt Rudolf 2010 (retired) 7.011/19/2010Rate 3.55949524
Dugges Pineapple Sourbé (retired) 4.04/12/2013Rate 3.016
Dugges Pinus Rebma 6.53/8/2015Rate 3.22603611
Dugges Poseidon Porter (retired) 4.86/12/2005Rate 3.27775345
Dugges Post Lager 4.53/3/2012Rate 2.97418617
Dugges Provbrygd 1-2007 - Kalven (retired) 6.02/7/2007Rate 3.484
Dugges Provbrygd 1-2008 - Amarillo Brillo (retired) 4.68/19/2008Rate 3.17594813
Dugges Provbrygd 2-2007 - Stout (retired) 5.12/8/2007Rate 3.22623812
Dugges Provbrygd 2-2008 - Münchhausen (retired) 5.08/28/2008Rate 3.09568713
Dugges Provbrygd 3-2007 - High Five (alias) (retired) 7.33/15/2007
Dugges Provbrygd 4-2007 - OBBB (retired) 3.83/15/2007Rate 3.0850709
Dugges QuarlasAle (ETS 75 år) (retired) 5.55/1/2007Rate 3.259
Dugges Raspberry Sourbé 4.72/21/2014Rate 3.11502912
Dugges Red Raven 6.59/16/2015Rate 2.93324833
Dugges Rose-Hipster 6.56/28/2015Rate 3.254299
Dugges Rudolf 2006 (retired) 5.610/24/2006Rate 3.35869320
Dugges Rudolf 2007 (retired) 7.610/16/2007Rate 3.45825813
Dugges Rudolf 2008-2012 (retired) 7.010/9/2008Rate 3.45878451
Dugges Rudolf 3.5% (retired) 3.511/18/2009Rate 3.15493419
Dugges Rudolf Ren Ale (retired) 7.011/6/2009Rate 3.41878377
Dugges Sailors IPA 5.211/25/2011Rate 3.17502815
Dugges Saison De Maracujá (retired) 6.37/18/2014Rate 3.35805218
Dugges Schönhauser Allee (retired) 3.74/12/2013Rate 2.996
Dugges Segraren 2006 Gnoffs APA (retired) 4.811/2/2006Rate 3.5899538
Dugges Segraren 2007 Holy Ale (retired) 4.71/14/2008Rate 3.19605015
Dugges Session Stock Ale 5.51/3/2015Rate 3.41824110
Dugges Six Ways: Belgian Coffee 13.54/30/2016Rate 3.44
Dugges Six Ways: Cherry Wood 9.54/30/2016Rate 3.515
Dugges Six Ways: Coco Nut 104/30/2016Rate 3.52903617
Dugges Six Ways: Hop Hop Hop 104/25/2016Rate 3.74977124
Dugges Six Ways: Raspberry Liquorice 114/30/2016Rate 3.444
Dugges Six Ways: Vanilla Oak 104/30/2016Rate 3.54913816
Dugges SÖ30 6.311/28/2015Rate 3.43836650
Dugges Spotlight (retired) 3.59/22/2012Rate 3.11463771
Dugges Spring Beer (retired) 4.712/14/2009Rate 3.01459163
Dugges Summer Session (alias) 4.56/23/2015
Dugges Support Your Local Brewer (retired) 4.21/22/2012Rate 3.048
Dugges Sur I Hatten 4.96/3/2016Rate 3.217
Dugges Syster Ida Ordinerar Bitter (retired) 2.86/19/2008Rate 3.14569818
Dugges Tasty 5.5 5.57/9/2016Rate 3.182
Dugges Terrassens Weiss (retired) 5.04/28/2011Rate 3.19739212
Dugges The Classy Cascade 5.35/25/2016Rate 3.324
Dugges The End (retired) 6.01/23/2012Rate 3.25764311
Dugges The Mullet Yankee Lager (retired) 4.75/6/2011Rate 3.26789215
Dugges The Wild Wild Yeast 4.54/22/2016Rate 3.16482311
Dugges Two Packed 8.05/17/2015Rate 3.59946830
Dugges Vasagatans Fail Ale (retired) 5.76/14/2011Rate 3.086
Dugges Vasagatans Rail Ale (retired) 5.79/24/2009Rate 3.28799131
Dugges Vetefan (retired) 5.58/22/2010Rate 3475820
Dugges Vit IPA (retired) 6.09/19/2014Rate 3.24684214
Dugges Wallonia 2006 (retired) 4.85/15/2006Rate 3.19605529
Dugges Wallonia 2007 (retired) 9.811/28/2007Rate 3.57958958
Dugges X-tra Dry 11.51/22/2015Rate 0
Electric Nurse / Dugges Family Reunion
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
6.52/6/2016Rate 3.33724824
Electric Nurse Christmas Ale
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
4.410/31/2013Rate 3.26638669
Electric Nurse DIPA
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
8.05/11/2013Rate 3.639574233
Electric Nurse Easter Ale
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
4.42/18/2013Rate 3.22588260
Electric Nurse Foxy IRA
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
7.011/9/2015Rate 3.142
Electric Nurse LindyHop Ale
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
4.64/3/2012Rate 3.32828011
Electric Nurse Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
4.65/11/2013Rate 3.387777222
Electric Nurse per os
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
6.010/19/2012Rate 3.43836763
Electric Nurse Porter
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
5.010/20/2013Rate 3.28745410
Electric Nurse South African Seasonal Red Ale
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
5.39/30/2015Rate 3.2537910
Electric Nurse Spring Ale (alias)
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
Electric Nurse Underbar Jul Vinterporter
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
4.210/31/2013Rate 3.14493373
Electric Nurse Winter Brown Ale
Brewed by/for Electric Nurse
5.69/30/2015Rate 3.46859451
Mohawk American Barley Wine (retired) 11.910/30/2013Rate 3.47874882
Mohawk Brown is the New Brown (retired) 5.75/27/2014Rate 3.42859369
Mohawk India Pale Ale (retired) 6.910/7/2012Rate 3.5898053
Mohawk US Pils 4.78/28/2013Rate 2.81317410
Omnipollo / Dugges / Edge Parallax IPA
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
7.05/31/2016Rate 3.4806016
Omnipollo / Dugges Anagram Blueberry Cheesecake Stout
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
124/6/2016Rate 3.7976182
Omnipollo / Siren / Mike Bates Gracchus Saison (retired)
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
4.55/27/2014Rate 3.23573293
Omnipollo / Tired Hands Fatamatago Mango IPA (retired)
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
7.08/9/2014Rate 3.4869620
Omnipollo Ben Simcoe Pale
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
5.910/30/2015Rate 3.69969958
Omnipollo Cassius Citra Pale
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
6.06/28/2016Rate 3.37777611
Omnipollo Magic #666 - Black Mango IPA
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
6.02/26/2016Rate 3.62948571
Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Cake
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
114/12/2015Rate 4.110098301
Omnipollo Olympus Mons
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
8.03/31/2016Rate 3.82999674
Omnipollo Wedding Stout
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
128/19/2015Rate 3.77987736
Schouskjelleren Bottle Blonde 5.57/2/2013Rate 3.32809722
Schouskjelleren Juleøl (2010-2012) (retired) 5.411/2/2010Rate 3.29775918
Stillwater / Dugges Förgås
Brewed by/for Stillwater Artisanal
4.07/17/2015Rate 3.46867755
Stillwater / Dugges Syrligt
Brewed by/for Stillwater Artisanal
4.57/17/2015Rate 3.55928137
Stillwater / Dugges Tropic Punch
Brewed by/for Stillwater Artisanal
4.54/12/2016Rate 3.61946613

.Associated place: Dugges Ale & Porterbryggeri.
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