Tyranena / Lakefront Two Lakes Series: Triple IPA Brewed with Grapefruit 9.55/16/2015Rate 3.658
Tyranena Ancient Aztalan Brown Ale 6.08/25/2001Rate 3.08484921
Tyranena Belgian-style Wit -7/7/2007Rate 3.25788919
Tyranena BGW Balling The Queen Imperial IPA 9.05/15/2015Rate 3.65958036
Tyranena BGW Benjis Chipotle Smoked Imperial Porter 7.51/21/2009Rate 3.749781217
Tyranena BGW Bitter Woman From Hell Extra IPA (retired) 6.258/11/2003Rate 3.689797170
Tyranena BGW Bitter Woman In The Rye 5.95/8/2009Rate 3.59286116
Tyranena BGW Carnal Knowledge Double Oatmeal Stout 8.53/13/2015Rate 3.75987220
Tyranena BGW Carnal Knowledge In The Wood 9.011/15/2014Rate 3.81998335
Tyranena BGW Devil Over A Barrel 8.04/9/2008Rate 4.0210099350
Tyranena BGW Dirty Old Man 7.92/9/2008Rate 3.869996420
Tyranena BGW Doubly Down ’n Even Dirtier 7.54/30/2010Rate 3.839984160
Tyranena BGW Fatal Attraction 8.51/19/2015Rate 3.57927644
Tyranena BGW High-Class Broad Imperial Brown Ale -3/25/2007Rate 3.829997167
Tyranena BGW Hop Whore Imperial India Pale Ale 7.57/10/2006Rate 3.829996527
Tyranena BGW La Femme Amère -4/19/2010Rate 3.519196102
Tyranena BGW Paradise by the Dashboard Lights -1/17/2009Rate 3.559453186
Tyranena BGW Scurvy IPA (alias) 6.56/25/2014
Tyranena BGW Shaggin’ In The Wood -11/15/2009Rate 3.569289137
Tyranena BGW Socialite - Imperial Brown aged in Red Wine Barrels 7.07/17/2016Rate 3.061
Tyranena BGW Spank Me Baby! Barley Wine (retired) 9.09/6/2004Rate 3.469150190
Tyranena BGW Stickin It To The Man (retired) 6.55/26/2007Rate 3.679796168
Tyranena BGW The Devil Made Me Do It 7.52/3/2007Rate 3.949998471
Tyranena BGW Whos Your Daddy? Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter 8.03/11/2006Rate 4.0210099187
Tyranena BGW Whos Your Daddy? Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter with Maple 9.09/23/2015Rate 3.434
Tyranena BGW Wrath of Rocky 7.55/13/2015Rate 3.58937720
Tyranena Bitter Woman IPA 5.753/21/2002Rate 3.478776482
Tyranena Black IPA 5.512/28/2012Rate 3.357
Tyranena Bleached Blonde Ale (retired) -6/24/2005Rate 2.763
Tyranena Blood Orange Imperial IPA -1/17/2016Rate 3.212
Tyranena Bourbon Barrel 2004 Wee Heavy (retired) -11/13/2005Rate 3.484
Tyranena Bourbon Barrel Aged Fruitless Kinda Lambic (alias) -12/31/2010
Tyranena Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout -1/20/2012Rate 2.881
Tyranena Bourbon Barrel Chief BlackHawk Porter 6.08/1/2004Rate 3.54909012
Tyranena Bourbon Barrel Imperial Brown (retired) -8/15/2006Rate 3.226
Tyranena Bourbon Barrel Spank Me Baby! Barley Wine (retired) 131/17/2008Rate 3.951009924
Tyranena Bourbon Barrel Surprise -7/20/2016Rate 0
Tyranena Bourbon Barrel-Aged Down ’n Dirty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout -8/9/2011Rate 3.114
Tyranena Bourbon-Barrel Aged Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale (alias) 7.711/12/2009
Tyranena Brandy Barrel-Aged Brown Ale -8/9/2011Rate 2.994
Tyranena Cabernet Barrel-Aged Brown Ale -3/31/2010Rate 3.2679849
Tyranena Chief BlackHawk Porter 5.47/17/2001Rate 3.549192305
Tyranena Chocolate Imperial Porter 8.58/6/2009Rate 3.47914118
Tyranena Citra Imperial IPA w/ Honey (alias) 7.57/29/2015
Tyranena Double Stout 9.01/19/2014Rate 3.377
Tyranena Down Dirty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 6.512/3/2009Rate 3.689697184
Tyranena Extra Dirty Old Man (retired) -8/17/2008Rate 3.492
Tyranena Fargo Brothers Hefeweizen 5.21/8/2003Rate 3.33719683
Tyranena Fighting Finches Mai Bock (retired) 4.710/3/2002Rate 3.25688245
Tyranena Gemuetlichkeit Oktoberfest 4.910/3/2001Rate 3.17518894
Tyranena Glenn & Deb’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cherry Kinda-Lambic -7/4/2010Rate 3.11551221
Tyranena Glenn & Deb’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged Kinda-Lambic -8/12/2010Rate 3.127
Tyranena Glenn & Deb’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged Raspberry Kinda-Lambic -8/12/2010Rate 3.025
Tyranena Glenn & Debs Bourbon Barrel-Aged Blueberry Kinda-Lambic -7/7/2007Rate 3.37873723
Tyranena Headless Man Amber Alt 5.04/3/2002Rate 3.195170226
Tyranena Icehenge 7.254/10/2016Rate 3.021
Tyranena Imperial Brown Ale Aged in Rum Barrels (alias) 7.56/27/2015
Tyranena Imperial IPA w/Citra Hops 7.58/6/2014Rate 3.36
Tyranena Imperial IPA with Blueberries 9.06/27/2015Rate 3.192
Tyranena Imperial Pumpkin Ale 7.58/11/2009Rate 3.061
Tyranena Imperial Weizen -10/25/2008Rate 3.2871869
Tyranena Island Booty 7.54/10/2016Rate 3.476
Tyranena Oatmeal Stout (retired) -3/7/2005Rate 3.165
Tyranena Painted Ladies Pumpkin Spice Ale 7.511/28/2008Rate 3.58996132
Tyranena Poor Richards Ale (retired) -1/28/2006Rate 3.346
Tyranena Pretty Damn Black Stout (retired) 5.511/2/2003Rate 3.69939113
Tyranena Prom Date Cherry Saison -6/27/2013Rate 3.157
Tyranena Rocky’s Revenge Bourbon Brown 5.77/19/2004Rate 3.478695502
Tyranena Rockys Revenge Schwarzbier (retired) 4.03/21/2002Rate 3.1358659
Tyranena Rye Barrel Aged Stout -6/8/2013Rate 2.871
Tyranena S’mores Imperial Milk Porter 7.52/10/2016Rate 3.193
Tyranena Scotch Ale (retired) -2/8/2007Rate 3.5889759
Tyranena Scurvy IPA 6.56/14/2008Rate 3.669695382
Tyranena Session IPA 4.54/11/2014Rate 2.894
Tyranena Shantytown Doppelbock 6.41/8/2002Rate 3.2613379
Tyranena Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale 7.71/7/2009Rate 3.589390144
Tyranena Spank Me Baby With Wood (alias) -12/27/2009
Tyranena Steve Doesn’t Use a Rear View Mirror Mango IPA 8.57/20/2016Rate 0
Tyranena Stone Tepee Pale Ale 5.710/31/2001Rate 3.186048201
Tyranena The Kissers Monday Night Special Bourbon BA Double Oatmeal Stout 8.54/10/2016Rate 3.484
Tyranena The Kissers’ Monday Night Special Imperial Black IPA 8.54/12/2014Rate 3.144
Tyranena Three Beaches Honey Blonde Ale -9/11/2005Rate 2.842532155
Tyranena Vanilla Porter -10/25/2008Rate 3.181
Tyranena Wannabe Extra IPA (retired) 7.06/12/2006Rate 3.74956616
Tyranena Wee Heavy Ale (retired) -3/7/2005Rate 3.59897014
Tyranena Wisconsin Drinking Fountain Wit 5.27/20/2016Rate 0
Tyranena Ya Hey Der Honey Wheat (retired) -9/18/2002Rate 2.735

.Associated place: Tyranena Brewery.
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