Evil Twin Mathias Dahlgren Matölen
Brewed by/for Evil Twin Brewing
6.54/10/2015Rate 3.5898893
Mohawk Barleywine (retired) 10.59/1/2010Rate 3.5895484
Mohawk Black IPA Easter Edition (retired) 7.94/13/2011Rate 3.0446336
Mohawk Blizzard Imperial Porter (2010) (retired) 9.711/20/2010Rate 3.6966381
Mohawk Påsk Alt (retired) 7.53/23/2009Rate 3.47919753
Mohawk Red Easter (retired) 5.64/2/2011Rate 2.97444943
Mohawk Stitch (retired) 5.39/2/2010Rate 3.24744963
Mohawk VS Goldings (retired) 5.52/14/2011Rate 3.05446559
Månens 099 Barley Wine (retired) 133/26/2009Rate 3.58957918
Månens Pale Ale (-2011) (retired) 5.03/25/2008Rate 3.25766720
Monks Café Orange Ale 2007 (retired) 6.89/16/2007Rate 3.02451210
Sigtuna / Shepherd Neame Barley Wine 104/10/2014Rate 3.46864754
Sigtuna 10 Years Anniversary Strong Ale 8.52/1/2015Rate 3.39804561
Sigtuna Ace of Spades 2010 Imperial Stout (retired) 18.510/3/2010Rate 3.84998646
Sigtuna Ace of Spades 2011 Imperial IPA (retired) 1510/5/2011Rate 3.1247830
Sigtuna Back in Black Stout 4.54/13/2010Rate 3.22746015
Sigtuna Biskop Stefans Kalk (retired) 4.79/8/2006Rate 2.93404426
Sigtuna Black IPA 6.612/16/2014Rate 3.5896053
Sigtuna Black Lager 4.79/16/2013Rate 2.935
Sigtuna Black October 5.09/1/2009Rate 3.37888107
Sigtuna Bourbon Imperial Stout 10.59/27/2013Rate 3.62944673
Sigtuna BundesLager (alias) 5.51/14/2011
Sigtuna Christmas Lager 5.010/29/2014Rate 3.12496031
Sigtuna Christmas Scottish Strong Ale 9.311/13/2013Rate 3.15494739
Sigtuna Dark Easter Ale 7.62/18/2013Rate 3.67968960
Sigtuna Dark Strong Winter Ale 8.511/7/2015Rate 3.18503721
Sigtuna DIPA Organic 8.02/5/2016Rate 3.2521225
Sigtuna Doktorns Pale Ale 2.87/31/2010Rate 2.79329811
Sigtuna Double IPA 8.012/22/2014Rate 3.23571441
Sigtuna Down Under IPA 6.59/29/2015Rate 3.215
Sigtuna Dubbel IPA (retired) 105/18/2009Rate 3.29752623
Sigtuna Dunkel Lager 5.58/17/2011Rate 3.23679587
Sigtuna East Coast IPA 7.05/16/2011Rate 3.327750131
Sigtuna East Coast Pale Ale 5.09/20/2012Rate 3.054160117
Sigtuna East River (Spring) Lager 5.22/4/2010Rate 3.215596135
Sigtuna Easter Ale (-2011) (retired) 5.63/15/2010Rate 3.4878837
Sigtuna Easter Ale (2012) 4.53/15/2012Rate 3.06487245
Sigtuna Easter Booster (retired) 7.03/26/2009Rate 3.12555434
Sigtuna Easter IPA (alias) 7.03/12/2012
Sigtuna Ekfatslagrad Porter (retired) 5.99/27/2009Rate 2.871
Sigtuna Emil Lindén Doppel Weizen Bock 8.57/20/2012Rate 3.31796020
Sigtuna Equilibrium Scottish Strong Ale 9.39/20/2012Rate 3.34775282
Sigtuna ESB (Extra Sigtuna Bitter) 5.64/10/2009Rate 3.2678360
Sigtuna Gas-Jannes Golden Ale (retired) 5.25/29/2006Rate 2.86364634
Sigtuna Harvest Ale 4.98/1/2011Rate 3.15608756
Sigtuna Hi-Mid FrEQuency India Pale Ale 5.99/5/2011Rate 3.04451626
Sigtuna Holiday Booster (Christmas Edition -2008) (retired) 8.012/5/2006Rate 3.18614034
Sigtuna Holiday Booster (Easter Edition -2008) (retired) 7.54/3/2007Rate 3.18632926
Sigtuna Holiday Booster 2009 (retired) 7.511/7/2009Rate 3.17683712
Sigtuna Höstporter 5.58/17/2011Rate 3.35857368
Sigtuna Humle-Hildas Altbier (retired) 5.05/31/2006Rate 2.96433932
Sigtuna Imperial Porter 8.04/26/2016Rate 3.26
Sigtuna Imperial Stout 9.57/31/2014Rate 3.36832410
Sigtuna Ingvar Vittfarnes Champagnemjöd (retired) 8.09/8/2006Rate 3.031
Sigtuna Ingvar Vittfarnes Mjöd 109/28/2006Rate 2.79271519
Sigtuna IPA 5.49/23/2009Rate 3.06461911
Sigtuna Jäst-Hasses Export Lager (retired) 5.53/9/2007Rate 3.01479225
Sigtuna Jäst-Hasses Lättöl (retired) 2.27/23/2007Rate 2.771
Sigtuna Jumbo DIPA 8.06/1/2016Rate 3.49884726
Sigtuna Lazy Days 4.56/27/2016Rate 3.255
Sigtuna Lilla Bocken Bruce (retired) 7.29/22/2007Rate 2.94424115
Sigtuna Ljus LättBock (retired) 6.26/4/2007Rate 3.181
Sigtuna Load Master Porter (retired) 5.69/22/2007Rate 3.26775119
Sigtuna Low FrEQuency Liquorice Stout 5.09/30/2011Rate 3.21684630
Sigtuna MacBooster (retired) 8.53/27/2009Rate 2.964
Sigtuna Majbock 7.06/13/2009Rate 3.067
Sigtuna Märzen 5.56/13/2009Rate 2.893
Sigtuna Merry Christmas 6.011/18/2010Rate 3.1516339
Sigtuna Midvinterblot (2011) (retired) 10.110/13/2011Rate 3.45894168
Sigtuna Midvinterblot (2012-) 8.011/9/2012Rate 3.689672192
Sigtuna New Saison (retired) 6.511/26/2010Rate 2.811
Sigtuna NY Lager (retired) 5.211/14/2009Rate 2.94
Sigtuna Oktoberfest (retired) 5.59/4/2009Rate 2.94425029
Sigtuna Organic Ale 4.511/19/2013Rate 2.983621140
Sigtuna Organic Ale 3.5% 3.52/9/2016Rate 2.822810
Sigtuna Organic Lager 5.13/12/2016Rate 3.13468813
Sigtuna Pale Ale 4.71/14/2011Rate 3.27625320
Sigtuna Påskweizen 5.22/21/2013Rate 3.08497638
Sigtuna Premium Ale 5.05/17/2009Rate 35
Sigtuna Prince Of Darkness Black IPA 8.08/24/2012Rate 3.61958792
Sigtuna Red Ale 6.09/23/2009Rate 3.28749265
Sigtuna Red IPA 5.99/27/2013Rate 3.26624067
Sigtuna Röd Påsk 6.23/15/2010Rate 3.31819442
Sigtuna Röklager (retired) 5.36/7/2009Rate 2.934
Sigtuna Saison 5.810/2/2011Rate 3.21713514
Sigtuna Scarborogh Fair Choko-Bira (retired) 5.66/4/2007Rate 3.323
Sigtuna Scottish Strong Ale (retired) 9.811/26/2010Rate 3.1250569
Sigtuna Session IPA 4.012/6/2014Rate 3.37785948
Sigtuna Single Malt Lager (retired) 6.09/28/2007Rate 2.94388311
Sigtuna Sommarwit 4.74/13/2010Rate 3.13587559
Sigtuna South Pacific Pale Ale 5.46/11/2010Rate 3.11544382
Sigtuna Starkporter 7.09/23/2009Rate 3.36837418
Sigtuna Stout 5.010/17/2013Rate 33
Sigtuna Summer IPA (alias) 7.05/16/2011
Sigtuna Swedish Single Hop 4.59/26/2014Rate 2.9341631
Sigtuna Syndrome (retired) 6.811/14/2009Rate 2.916
Sigtuna Triple Hop Weizen 5.05/25/2012Rate 3.38859853
Sigtuna Unfiltered Lager 4.79/20/2012Rate 2.9303695
Sigtuna Unicum Verum IPA (retired) 7.29/8/2006Rate 3.218
Sigtuna Unicum Verum Jubileum (retired) 7.07/16/2008Rate 3.23717732
Sigtuna Vanilla Syndrome Brown Ale 2012 9.09/29/2012Rate 3.19501947
Sigtuna Vårweizen 5.01/27/2010Rate 3.09507757
Sigtuna Verstehe Nicht Alt 4.910/3/2010Rate 2.82322418
Sigtuna Vinterlager 5.210/20/2011Rate 3.07487857
Sigtuna Weizen 5.06/4/2015Rate 3.26659317
Sigtuna Winter Alt (retired) 7.51/8/2010Rate 3.235
Sigtuna Winter IPA 6.09/27/2013Rate 3.14482584
SorbonX (alias) 5.64/10/2009
Sigtuna CPH Black Oak 1410/5/2011Rate 3.28783312

.Associated place: Sigtuna Brygghus.
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