Blanche de Brooklyn (retired) 4.56/25/2000Rate 3.398796118
Blanche de Queens (alias) -4/11/2009
Blue Smoke Ale 5.05/9/2003Rate 3.18547929
Brooklyn 1/2 Ale 3.43/9/2014Rate 3.195027319
Brooklyn 1/2 Pilsner 3.43/9/2014Rate 2.91
Brooklyn 1001 Nights 6.25/23/2016Rate 3.074
Brooklyn Abbey Ale (retired) 7.011/14/2000Rate 3.52857649
Brooklyn Abbey Singel (retired) 6.06/13/2007Rate 3.35788346
Brooklyn Ale 5.15/18/2000Rate 3.084470964
Brooklyn American Ale 4.53/24/2009Rate 2.842611170
Brooklyn Antwerpen Ale (retired) 5.03/11/2007Rate 3.07503749
Brooklyn Apocalypse Now 4.73/24/2013Rate 2.861
Brooklyn Back Breaker 7.011/18/2009Rate 3.21646468
Brooklyn BAMboozle 8.612/12/2011Rate 3.16565233
Brooklyn Bedivere -7/12/2016Rate 3.171
Brooklyn Bel Air Sour Ale 6.510/6/2015Rate 3.51894721
Brooklyn Best Bitter -8/20/2005Rate 3.01406247
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 104/26/2000Rate 3.98100953367
Brooklyn Black Comet Ale 5.68/14/2015Rate 3.084
Brooklyn Black Ops 10.512/19/2007Rate 3.9610094939
Brooklyn Black Ops Late Bottle Vintage (LBV) 113/23/2014Rate 3.695
Brooklyn Blast! 8.49/24/2005Rate 3.669681897
Brooklyn Blonde Bock (retired) 7.74/25/2006Rate 3.26728527
Brooklyn Blood Brothers Red IPA -12/3/2012Rate 3.023
Brooklyn Blue Apron Ale 7.22/4/2008Rate 3.56959831
Brooklyn Blunderbuss Old Ale (retired) 8.21/20/2009Rate 3.37876668
Brooklyn Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Ale -6/20/2015Rate 3.096
Brooklyn Brass Monkey Ale -2/6/2015Rate 2.92
Brooklyn Bright Golding (retired) 7.511/5/2007Rate 3.38767429
Brooklyn Brown Ale 5.65/16/2000Rate 3.480901820
Brooklyn Buster Beer II 6.98/24/2014Rate 2.91
Brooklyn Buster Beer III 7.411/7/2015Rate 3.061
Brooklyn Buzz Bomb Ale 8.06/1/2010Rate 3.41888569
Brooklyn Caradoc 9.05/14/2015Rate 3.296
Brooklyn Chichicapa 9.25/27/2016Rate 3.354
Brooklyn Cookie Jar Porter 7.81/20/2010Rate 3.44898685
Brooklyn Cuvee dAchouffe (retired) 6.812/3/2006Rate 3.35869283
Brooklyn Cuvee de Cardoz (retired) 8.55/10/2009Rate 3.348361114
Brooklyn Cuvee de Craig 8.79/10/2011Rate 3.397
Brooklyn Cuvée de la Crochet Rouge Riesling (retired) 9.05/27/2011Rate 3.47918316
Brooklyn Cuvée de la Crochet Rouge Rose 9.08/7/2011Rate 3.71989618
Brooklyn Cuvée Elijah 104/23/2012 U  3.132
Brooklyn Cuvée La Boîte 8.28/30/2013Rate 3.46877895
Brooklyn Cuvee Noire 10.610/21/2010Rate 3.629446197
Brooklyn Dark & Twisted 6.510/26/2013Rate 2.951
Brooklyn Dark Matter 8.59/19/2008Rate 3.659587171
Brooklyn Darker Matter (retired) 5.511/11/2009Rate 2.962
Brooklyn Detonation Ale 10.28/23/2010Rate 3.69988462
Brooklyn Dial ’M’ for ... Mild 4.010/7/2012Rate 3.17
Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout (alias) 3.94/4/2011
Brooklyn Dry Stout 4.73/31/2001Rate 3.286562309
Brooklyn East IPA / India Pale Ale 6.95/19/2000Rate 3.3979582128
Brooklyn Extra Brune (retired) 8.51/21/2008Rate 3.52948370
Brooklyn Fiat Lux 6.18/22/2012Rate 3.39869780
Brooklyn Finger Søerne 9.85/27/2016Rate 3.313
Brooklyn Fire & Ice 7.211/25/2013Rate 3.55929183
Brooklyn Flemish Gold (retired) 6.59/18/2008Rate 3.45907363
Brooklyn Fortitude (retired) 8.52/15/2006Rate 3.56887160
Brooklyn Founder’s Choice Pale Ale 5.311/19/2013Rate 2.5914359
Brooklyn Galahad 9.85/14/2015Rate 3.62949118
Brooklyn Gawain -4/3/2015Rate 0
Brooklyn Ginger Man 20th Anniversary Scottish Ale -11/18/2011Rate 2.893
Brooklyn Gold IPA 7.210/20/2015Rate 3.131
Brooklyn Gold Standard Export Kellerbier 6.24/5/2012Rate 3.35849871
Brooklyn Grand Cru 8.47/27/2008Rate 3.56949083
Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat (2013) (retired) 5.57/17/2013Rate 3.27718914
Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat (2014-) 5.03/12/2015Rate 3.25609249
Brooklyn Halfling 3.48/1/2013Rate 3.19539114
Brooklyn Hammarby Syndrome 8.02/16/2014Rate 3.38798797
Brooklyn Hand & Seal 13.310/8/2014Rate 3.859997145
Brooklyn Hand & Seal (Cognac Barrel) 13.95/14/2015Rate 3.62947811
Brooklyn Hecla Iron Ale 3.42/9/2016Rate 2.6716435
Brooklyn High Line Elevated Wheat 4.86/16/2011Rate 3.0650879
Brooklyn Hotter 6.26/7/2013Rate 2.871
Brooklyn I Wanna Rye-It! 7.47/26/2013Rate 3.48889443
Brooklyn I Wanna Ryot 7.56/19/2015Rate 0
Brooklyn Improved Old Fashioned 12.82/26/2016Rate 3.47875550
Brooklyn Indian Summer Pale Ale 5.010/7/2012Rate 3.016
Brooklyn Insulated Lager 5.610/20/2015Rate 3.488799137
Brooklyn Intensified Coffee Porter 11.88/15/2015Rate 3.75988398
Brooklyn Intensified Coffee Stout (retired) 8.03/15/2009Rate 3.759874137
Brooklyn Jonge Kriek 10.39/30/2013Rate 3.43844012
Brooklyn K is for Kriek 10.12/5/2015Rate 3.51894790
Brooklyn Kaedama 7.17/31/2013Rate 3.163
Brooklyn Katz’s Ale -5/1/2008Rate 3.35809010
Brooklyn Kettle Sour 6.79/26/2015Rate 3.065
Brooklyn Kiwis Playhouse -5/20/2016Rate 3.3979349
Brooklyn Lacertidus XXV 6.04/12/2013Rate 2.881
Brooklyn Lager 5.25/25/2000Rate 3.4484992391
Brooklyn Lancelot 8.010/6/2015Rate 3.45
Brooklyn Le Poulet -7/2/2015Rate 3.111
Brooklyn Light Lager (alias) -7/24/2007
Brooklyn Local 1 9.02/27/2007Rate 3.6796951317
Brooklyn Local 11 (retired) 9.08/19/2011Rate 3.455
Brooklyn Local 2 9.012/13/2008Rate 3.679695833
Brooklyn Lord Sorachi 9.511/20/2015Rate 3.31694442
Brooklyn Main Engine Start 6.21/14/2011Rate 3.22687499
Brooklyn Manhattan Project (retired) 8.59/19/2009Rate 3.599598107
Brooklyn Mary’s Maple Porter 7.22/4/2012Rate 3.378475145
Brooklyn Monster Ale (retired) 10.87/20/2000Rate 3.5893711573
Brooklyn Mr. Wilson´s Western Elixir 4.17/7/2014Rate 2.932
Brooklyn Naranijito 5.58/30/2013Rate 2.791
Brooklyn Naranjito 5.59/22/2013Rate 2.952
Brooklyn Neziah Bliss 9.74/5/2016Rate 3.234
Brooklyn Nine Pin Brown Ale (retired) 6.01/12/2012Rate 3.093
Brooklyn Oishi 3.93/30/2012Rate 3.3788610
Brooklyn Oktoberfest 5.59/29/2000Rate 3.134783899
Brooklyn Pennant Ale 55 (alias) -4/19/2006
Brooklyn Pennant Pale Ale (alias) -5/18/2005
Brooklyn Pilsner 5.04/14/2000Rate 3.14585726
Brooklyn Pinspotter Ale 5.010/6/2012Rate 2.71
Brooklyn Quadraceratops 9.912/13/2014Rate 3.51905037
Brooklyn Quintaceratops 10.95/31/2015Rate 2.8224249
Brooklyn Radius 4.88/21/2011Rate 3.3794644
Brooklyn Red IPA -10/20/2015Rate 3.061
Brooklyn Red Sumac Wit 6.28/18/2015Rate 3.05425033
Brooklyn Reinschweinsgebot 7.08/2/2010Rate 3.267
Brooklyn Ridgy-Didge 8.45/16/2014Rate 3.34754771
Brooklyn Sabroso Ale -4/11/2009Rate 3.2675126
Brooklyn Sai Kanifing 6.72/9/2015Rate 2.881
Brooklyn Saison Kitaya -7/12/2016Rate 3.211
Brooklyn Savoir Faire 8.011/18/2008Rate 3.36878661
Brooklyn Scorcher (retired) 4.67/4/2004Rate 3.14478134
Brooklyn Scorcher #366 4.55/27/2013Rate 3.2634984
Brooklyn Scorcher IPA 4.59/4/2015Rate 3.013814112
Brooklyn Scotch Ale (retired) 5.53/7/2004Rate 3.23734231
Brooklyn Shack X IPA 4.86/2/2014Rate 2.922
Brooklyn Shackmeister Ale 4.811/1/2008Rate 3.11468555
Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager 9.03/14/2013Rate 3.539092328
Brooklyn Simple Framboise -10/23/2015Rate 0
Brooklyn Smoked Porter (retired) 5.510/17/2005Rate 3.26734845
Brooklyn Smoked Weissbock (retired) 8.21/14/2007Rate 3.55958787
Brooklyn Sorachi Ace 7.67/19/2009Rate 3.6996951245
Brooklyn Summer Ale 4.59/3/2006Rate 33749835
Brooklyn Sun Don’t Shine 4.73/9/2014Rate 2.841
Brooklyn Sustainable Organic Porter (retired) -10/25/2003Rate 3.46827352
Brooklyn The Companion 109/28/2011Rate 3.367838131
Brooklyn The Concoction 6.85/13/2011Rate 3.044147113
Brooklyn The Defender (2012) (retired) 7.210/4/2012Rate 3.36765010
Brooklyn The Defender (2013) (retired) 7.610/9/2013Rate 3.48885510
Brooklyn The Defender (2014) (retired) 7.610/30/2014Rate 3.385
Brooklyn The Defender (2015) 6.79/29/2015Rate 3.539084136
Brooklyn The Discreet Charm of the Framboise 7.36/19/2016Rate 3.3372919
Brooklyn The River 7.58/18/2012Rate 2.91
Brooklyn There Will Be Black 7.511/30/2012Rate 3.53916898
Brooklyn Topspin Quad 10.14/28/2015Rate 3.518
Brooklyn Ungespundetes (alias) 5.24/5/2012
Brooklyn Unsung Hero 4.752/13/2015Rate 2.912
Brooklyn Vortex IPA 9.25/24/2013Rate 3.25702018
Brooklyn Waterzooi Pilsner (alias) 4.09/23/2007
Brooklyn Weizenhammer 7.88/18/2014Rate 3.48898929
Brooklyn Wild 1 9.05/18/2009Rate 3.65969545
Brooklyn Wild Horse Porter 7.32/10/2015Rate 3.55929358
Brooklyn Wild Horse Porter - Barrel Aged 8.25/14/2015Rate 3.61945711
Brooklyn Wild Streak 102/8/2014Rate 3.276320135
Brooklyn Winter (Christmas) Ale (2005 and earlier) (retired) 6.911/2/2005Rate 3.267885113
Brooklyn Winter Ale (2006 and Later) 6.011/23/2006Rate 3.164857702
Brooklyn Winter is Coming 6.512/5/2012Rate 3.085
Brooklyn Yokai -7/6/2016Rate 3.212
Brooklynator Doppelbock (retired) 7.53/22/2008Rate 3.52939466
Brooklyner Dunkel Weisse (retired) 5.111/14/2000Rate 3.336
Brooklyner Keller Helles (retired) 5.05/10/2008Rate 3.35869746
Brooklyner Weissbock (retired) 8.23/15/2002Rate 3.42795048
Brooklyner Weisse 5.04/14/2000Rate 3.174984539
Brooklyner Wheat Beer 5.16/17/2013Rate 3.32759614
Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse (retired) 8.59/13/2007Rate 3.859999545
New York Limited 8.56/17/2013Rate 3.18598318
Post Road India Pale Ale (retired) 6.24/1/2001Rate 2.8229410
Post Road Light Dinner Ale (retired) 4.01/22/2003Rate 2.854
Post Road Pale Ale (retired) -1/14/2001Rate 2.86
Post Road Pumpkin Ale 5.010/11/2000Rate 3.0642481055
Post Road Summertime Brew (retired) -5/18/2001Rate 2.881
Saison De Brooklyn (retired) 6.810/7/2002Rate 3.45845876
Spotted Pig Ale (alias) -4/4/2004
Hitachino Nest Brooklyn Lager 4.29/16/2013Rate 3.274
Nya Carnegiebryggeriet Prototyp (retired) 5.99/28/2013Rate 3.017
.Associated place: Brooklyn Brewery.
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