Sainsbury’s Suffolk Blonde
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
4.710/8/2011Rate 2.98374833
St Peters All Ale To The Queen 4.27/3/2016Rate 2.891
St Peters Amarillo Ale 4.88/12/2008Rate 3.01467022
St Peters Autumn Ruby 5.21/21/2016Rate 3.041
St Peters Autumn Stout 5.012/2/2014Rate 2.841
St Peters Best Bitter 3.710/15/2001Rate 3.154889267
St Peters Black IPA 7.04/8/2016Rate 3.24582111
St Peters Blushing Blonde 3.92/24/2016Rate 0
St Peters Boo 5.211/1/2015Rate 3.021
St Peters Christmas Ale 7.012/2/2012Rate 3.296777112
St Peters Cream Stout 6.510/11/2000Rate 3.6294951552
St Peters Dark G-Free 3.97/26/2012Rate 2.38539
St Peters Dirty Tackle 5.21/14/2016Rate 3.3574949
St Peters English Ale (alias) 4.510/21/2001
St Peters English Lager 5.28/15/2012Rate 2.91317229
St Peters Extra 4.49/4/2013Rate 3.1498823
St Peters Fruit Beer (Elderberry) (retired) 4.75/31/2001Rate 2.83325717
St Peters Fruit Beer (Grapefruit) 4.75/9/2001Rate 2.82441198
St Peters G-Free 4.29/3/2007Rate 2.731917209
St Peters Golden Ale 4.73/31/2001Rate 2.943344506
St Peters Grapefruit (alias) 4.75/18/2015
St Peters Green Hop 3.75/30/2011Rate 2.984
St Peters Honey Porter 4.512/2/2001Rate 2.87287352
St Peters Hoppy T’Ale 4.24/8/2016Rate 2.952
St Peters India Pale Ale 5.57/28/2006Rate 3.033913615
St Peters King Cnut (retired) 5.03/26/2002Rate 3.16594413
St Peters Lite Lager 4.010/31/2014Rate 2.812
St Peters Mild 3.710/20/2003Rate 3.235777174
St Peters Old Style Porter 5.11/9/2001Rate 3.397968966
St Peters Organic Ale 4.56/19/2001Rate 33754780
St Peters Organic Best Bitter 4.19/20/2001Rate 3.074376211
St Peters Organic English Ale (alias) 4.53/10/2012
St Peters Ruby Red Ale 4.32/13/2004Rate 3.215394368
St Peters Sorgham Beer (alias) 4.26/25/2009
St Peters Spelt Blonde 4.211/2/2013Rate 2.7721199
St Peters Spiced Ale (Cinnamon and Apple) 6.511/22/2001Rate 2.88391343
St Peters Spiced Ale (Lemon and Ginger) 4.711/18/2000Rate 2.41122120
St Peters Strong Ale 5.19/16/2001Rate 3.024135109
St Peters Suffolk Gold 4.92/23/2002Rate 3.064247122
St Peters Suffolk Smokey 4.87/1/2011Rate 3.04411686
St Peters Summer Ale 6.58/7/2002Rate 3.22596395
St Peters The Saints 4.89/15/2011Rate 2.973510190
St Peters The Saints Whisky Beer (alias) 4.84/3/2012
St Peters Trial Dark Ale 4.54/10/2014Rate 0
St Peters Trial Red Beer 5.28/8/2015Rate 3.136
St Peters Wheat Beer 4.710/21/2001Rate 2.73222387
St Peters Winter Ale 6.512/4/2000Rate 3.448468552

.Places associated: St Peters Brewery, Jerusalem Tavern (St. Peter’s).
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