14th Star 1493 65/6/2013Rate 0
14th Star 802 Ale 64/16/2013Rate 0
14th Star A_Dog Ale 2/11/2015Rate 3.28687815
14th Star Aegirs Influence 83/30/2016Rate 3.122
14th Star American Pale Ale 57/21/2012Rate 2.913
14th Star Barleywine 3/5/2016Rate 2.791
14th Star Belgian IPA 6.0410/5/2015Rate 0
14th Star Belgian Pale Ale 5.310/5/2015Rate 0
14th Star Berliner Weiss 3.57/21/2014Rate 2.932
14th Star Black IPA 5.37/23/2015Rate 3.091
14th Star Brown Rabbit 4.44/28/2016Rate 0
14th Star Chocolate Raspberry Stout 5.53/6/2016Rate 2.961
14th Star Coffee IPA 5.94/28/2016Rate 0
14th Star Dog Daze (of Summer) 5.910/5/2015Rate 0
14th Star Double Honey 8.46/23/2014Rate 0
14th Star Gallantry 4.87/21/2014Rate 3.135
14th Star Girls Stout Out 6.21/24/2015Rate 2.872
14th Star Golden Wheat 66/23/2014Rate 3.213
14th Star Harvest Brown Ale 4.56/23/2014Rate 0
14th Star Honey IPA 62/7/2013Rate 3.224
14th Star Hop Tea Session IPA 3.510/5/2015Rate 0
14th Star Imperial Stout 8.24/26/2015Rate 3.093
14th Star IPA 4.97/23/2015Rate 2.941
14th Star Make The Cut Belgian Witbier 5.76/1/2015Rate 0
14th Star Make The Cut Schwarzbier 6/1/2015Rate 3.325
14th Star Make the Cut: Little Bear Brown Beer 5.93/12/2016Rate 3.061
14th Star Make the Cut: Verkaufen 5.67/22/2016Rate 3.151
14th Star Maple Breakfast Stout 5.56/23/2014Rate 3.23574271
14th Star Maple City IPA 7.27/17/2013Rate 3.041
14th Star Maple City Wheat 67/17/2013Rate 2.841
14th Star Maple Porter 6.45/1/2015Rate 3.091
14th Star Maple Pumpkin 5.94/28/2016Rate 0
14th Star Maple Session Brown Ale 4.512/12/2014Rate 2.842
14th Star Naked Maple Ale 74/28/2016Rate 31
14th Star Polaris 6.32/27/2016Rate 3.092
14th Star Pursuit of Happiness 5.91/19/2015Rate 2.81
14th Star Quad Díerable 106/23/2014Rate 2.871
14th Star Roasted Porter 4.910/5/2015Rate 0
14th Star Saison Díor 3.91/24/2015Rate 0
14th Star Saison Du Miles 3.910/5/2015Rate 3.042
14th Star Salted Caramel Brown Ale 5.510/5/2015Rate 0
14th Star Salute Your Schwarz 4.910/5/2015Rate 3.212
14th Star Star Trapp IPL 6.810/5/2015Rate 3.041
14th Star Tomís Wit 3/16/2016Rate 3.021
14th Star Tribute Double IPA 8.46/23/2014Rate 3.65957990
14th Star Valor Ale 5.43/5/2013Rate 3.3688936
14th Star Valor Ale - 11 Bravo 5.410/5/2015Rate 0
14th Star Victory Harvest Brown Ale 4/16/2013Rate 0
14th Star Winter Warmer 4/16/2013Rate 0
14th Star Wishful Thinking 4.94/28/2016Rate 0
14th Star Year One Anniversary Ale 8.510/5/2015Rate 0
.Associated place: 14th Star Brewing Company, LLC..
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