Abbey Ales


Commenced brewing in late 1997. The brewery owns four pubs - the Star, the Coeur De Lion, the Assembly and the Trinity, all in Bath. Beers are also widely available in and around Bath. Bellringer is available in bottles. All other production is cask.
Abbey Bath Best Bitter 4.08/26/2014Rate 2.92
Abbey Bath Star 4.56/5/2001Rate 2.96394910
Abbey Bellringer 4.24/27/2001Rate 3.11458485
Abbey Bellringer Maximus (retired) 5.05/18/2008Rate 2.921
Abbey Black Friar 5.32/27/2004Rate 3.1669469
Abbey Cardinal Sin 6.03/15/2013Rate 2.811
Abbey Chorister 4.53/29/2007Rate 3.047
Abbey Heritage 3.85/7/2009Rate 2.975
Abbey Mild 4.06/6/2004Rate 2.664
Abbey Oh Mr Porter 4.911/7/2013Rate 2.872
Abbey Resurrection 4.63/15/2008Rate 2.832
Abbey Salvation 4.81/21/2011Rate 2.966
Abbey Sin Bin 5.13/4/2011Rate 2.923
Abbey Somerset Ale 3.83/17/2013Rate 2.732
Abbey Steeple Jack 4.710/1/2006Rate 2.95
Abbey Twelfth Night 5.012/19/2007Rate 3.112
Abbey White Friar 5.06/11/2006Rate 3.038
Wiper and True Porter - Blackberry (retired)
Brewed by/for Wiper and True
6.01/6/2013Rate 2.962
Wiper and True Porter - Bright
Brewed by/for Wiper and True
6.55/29/2013Rate 32
Wiper and True Porter - In The Forest
Brewed by/for Wiper and True
5.711/15/2013Rate 3.012
.Places associated: Star Inn (Abbey Ales), Coeur de Lion.
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