Anarchy Brew Co.


Initially brewed in early 2012 as Brew Star but changed name following complaints from Brewsters brewery.
Anarchy Algorithm 6.011/17/2015Rate 3.041
Anarchy Anarchy (retired) 7.07/20/2012Rate 3.03427338
Anarchy Antichrist 6.6610/27/2015Rate 3.48875424
Anarchy AntiVenom 6.03/9/2015Rate 3.45857039
Anarchy Blonde Star 4.14/27/2012Rate 3.05416164
Anarchy Boot Boys 5.05/8/2016Rate 2.966
Anarchy Cascade 4.111/25/2014Rate 3.23573740
Anarchy Citra Star 4.19/1/2012Rate 3.327067122
Anarchy Citra Star (alias) 4.17/6/2013
Anarchy Crime Scene 5.55/1/2013Rate 3.41839652
Anarchy Done Time 7.21/1/2016Rate 3.151
Anarchy Done Time Pinot Noir 7.23/4/2016Rate 3.236
Anarchy Grin & Bare It (retired) 5.06/25/2013Rate 3.31797531
Anarchy Hard Times 4.310/27/2015Rate 3.29664813
Anarchy Hard Times (Whiskey and Cigar Infused) 4.33/20/2016Rate 3.186
Anarchy Imperial Strength Lager 7.03/23/2016Rate 3.124
Anarchy Knuckle Dragger 8.37/9/2013Rate 3.41823934
Anarchy Knuckle Dragger Vs. Antichrist 6.73/20/2016Rate 3.235
Anarchy Mad Dog Chilli Porter (retired) 4.58/23/2015Rate 0
Anarchy Mistaken Identity 6.08/1/2014Rate 3.26618622
Anarchy Pilsener (retired) 4.56/27/2015Rate 31
Anarchy Plead The Fifth (retired) 5.08/20/2015Rate 2.946
Anarchy Punk Era (retired) 6.04/16/2014Rate 2.871
Anarchy Quiet Riot 6.62/25/2013Rate 3.44846866
Anarchy Rough Justice (retired) 4.57/6/2013Rate 3.33808727
Anarchy Saison (retired) 3.62/10/2015Rate 2.881
Anarchy Scorched Earth 5.310/13/2014Rate 3.33745915
Anarchy Session Strength Lager 4.54/2/2016Rate 2.993
Anarchy Short Fuse (retired) 4.55/24/2013Rate 3.1495210
Anarchy Simcoe (retired) 4.110/9/2014Rate 3.236
Anarchy Sinist*r (retired) 4.34/27/2012Rate 2.966
Anarchy Smoke Bomb 3.92/4/2013Rate 3.28664864
Anarchy Sorachi Ace Cask Lager (retired) 4.36/3/2015Rate 3.063
Anarchy St Mary’s Ale 4.112/28/2014Rate 2.81
Anarchy Strait Jacket 3.63/22/2015Rate 3.22559039
Anarchy Sublime Chaos 7.012/20/2012Rate 3.659597109
Anarchy Sublime Chaos Brett (retired) 7.011/22/2014Rate 2.931
Anarchy Sublime Chaos Coffee (retired) 7.011/22/2014Rate 2.941
Anarchy Up In Smoke 3.05/7/2016Rate 3.134
Anarchy Urban Assault 5.09/23/2013Rate 3.5889258
Anarchy Warhead 1010/24/2013Rate 3.63957656
Anarchy Xmas Chaos 4.31/2/2013Rate 3.13472924
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