Kuka American IPA 6.24/19/2013Rate 3.02401237
Kuka American Pale Ale 5.54/19/2013Rate 2.98372317
Kuka Banana Nut Brown 5.54/19/2013Rate 3.51899739
Kuka Barley Wine 10.42/29/2012Rate 2.91
Kuka Belgian Golden Ale 9.24/19/2013Rate 3.18503710
Kuka Belgian Wit with Apricots and Plums (alias) 4.711/21/2014
Kuka Blonde 6.54/19/2013Rate 3.01415632
Kuka Blonde With Hibiscus And Black Peppercorns 6.56/27/2015Rate 3.021
Kuka Coffee + Cream Stout 6.03/19/2015Rate 3.37775019
Kuka Devilís Darling 8.51/17/2015Rate 3.232
Kuka Devilís Treat 8.51/2/2014Rate 3.4383259
Kuka Ginger Mango IPA 6.25/24/2014Rate 3.11452018
Kuka Imperial Rye IPA 9.44/19/2013Rate 3.23591513
Kuka Imperial Stout 9.52/29/2012Rate 3.064
Kuka PlumWitte 4.77/24/2014Rate 2.964
Kuka Pumpkin Dubbel 6.59/11/2014Rate 3.22577411
Kuka Pumpkin Porter 7.610/3/2013Rate 3.033
Kuka Tripel 9.12/29/2012Rate 3.22554614
Kuka White Choc Stout 9.511/12/2014Rate 3.144

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