Atlantic (UK)


Commenced brewing in early 2005. Generally only produces bottled beers. All are certified organic and bottle conditioned. For a list of outlets see brewery website.
Atlantic Ale 4.012/31/2013Rate 2.78252017
Atlantic Ale of Avalon 5.49/11/2011Rate 2.665
Atlantic Azores 4.29/6/2015Rate 3382410
Atlantic Blue 4.89/15/2005Rate 2.8425648
Atlantic Blueberry Brothers Blue Yonder 4.57/8/2012Rate 2.771
Atlantic Chapel Rock 7.012/1/2014Rate 2.881
Atlantic Discovery Golden Pale Ale with Lime Chilli & Ginger 5.52/6/2011Rate 2.66172021
Atlantic Discovery Red Celtic Bitter with Cinnamon & Orange 5.52/6/2011Rate 2.55154118
Atlantic Discovery Rich Cornish Porter with Blackcurrant & Molasses 5.52/6/2011Rate 2.615219
Atlantic Discovery Smooth Blonde Beer with Elderflower & Lemon 5.52/6/2011Rate 2.53161920
Atlantic Earl Grey PA 4.56/26/2016Rate 3.163
Atlantic Elderflower Blonde 4.57/26/2016Rate 32
Atlantic Fistral 5.23/2/2010Rate 2.81231125
Atlantic Gold 4.69/15/2005Rate 2.92314124
Atlantic Masala Chai PA 4.512/31/2015Rate 3.214
Atlantic Northerly 5.52/23/2013Rate 2.861
Atlantic Pilgrim 4.412/31/2013Rate 2.369126
Atlantic Red 5.08/10/2006Rate 2.84271426
Atlantic Smoked Green Tea 4.57/26/2016Rate 3.092
Atlantic Trevaskis Farm Cornish Best Bitter 4.98/29/2013Rate 2.857

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