B&T Brewery


Commenced brewing in Summer 1982 as Banks & Taylor. Insolvency in 1994 resulted in the business being taken over and the change of name to B&T Brewery.
B&T 5 Hop Bitter (retired) 4.110/6/2004Rate 2.95445510
B&T Albion Ale 4.09/30/2011Rate 2.85323912
B&T Aragon 4.710/17/2006Rate 2.83291317
B&T Autumn Porter (alias) (retired) 5.510/1/2006
B&T Barley Mow 3.86/5/2011Rate 2.791
B&T Bat’s Hat (retired) 4.411/16/2009Rate 2.748
B&T Bedfordshire Clanger 3.81/26/2008Rate 2.99395628
B&T Black Dragon Mild 4.310/9/2004Rate 3.27779151
B&T Black Squirrel 3.94/11/2009Rate 3.07474719
B&T Bodysnatcher (retired) 4.510/21/2006Rate 2.372
B&T Born Free 4.05/27/2006Rate 2.975
B&T Christmas Porter (retired) 5.512/18/2008Rate 2.933
B&T Cosmic Unconsciousness (retired) 5.01/13/2008Rate 3.031
B&T Crooked Hooker 4.73/7/2004Rate 3.05424715
B&T Double Stout (retired) 4.65/17/2008Rate 2.691
B&T Dragon Slayer 4.54/11/2003Rate 2.92344450
B&T Dragons Gold 5.24/7/2005Rate 3.2538212
B&T Dunstable Giant 4.411/29/2008Rate 2.93374617
B&T Eastcote Ale (retired) 4.14/24/2006Rate 2.754
B&T Edwin Taylor’s Extra Stout 4.58/17/2003Rate 3.36776576
B&T Edwin Taylor’s Extra Stout (Wooden Cask) (retired) 4.52/4/2013Rate 2.952
B&T Emerald Ale (retired) 4.53/29/2009Rate 2.731
B&T Fat Bat 4.511/22/2009Rate 2.71
B&T Fruit Bat 4.53/5/2004Rate 2.73203632
B&T Glider 4.88/3/2003Rate 2.96405010
B&T Goalden Hatter (Cask) (retired) 4.09/25/2005Rate 3.088
B&T Golden Fox 4.16/1/2004Rate 3.08457134
B&T Goldleaf 4.46/27/2003Rate 2.915
B&T Guy Fawkes Bitter (retired) 4.55/29/2011Rate 2.831
B&T Hitchin Old Dark (retired) 4.83/13/2014Rate 3.19624316
B&T HOD (alias) 4.811/5/2014
B&T Hoppy Hippy (retired) 4.51/13/2008Rate 2.811
B&T Hoppy Turkey 5.012/16/2006Rate 2.925
B&T In the Mood 4.37/28/2006Rate 3.04426213
B&T Legion Bitter (retired) 3.86/27/2011Rate 2.791
B&T Little Sheff 5.02/28/2016Rate 2.7621613
B&T Mad Hatter 4.25/30/2003Rate 2.83292813
B&T Midsummer Ale 3.58/8/2007Rate 2.6519179
B&T MTB227 (retired) 4.47/23/2009Rate 2.731
B&T Phantom Thirst 4.511/7/2005Rate 2.718
B&T Plum Stout 4.53/29/2015Rate 2.831
B&T Prince Henry 4.511/4/2006Rate 2.96
B&T R101 (retired) 4.76/7/2005Rate 33
B&T Romeos Ruin (retired) 4.52/14/2006Rate 2.752
B&T Santa’s Slayer 4.09/1/2004Rate 2.99425821
B&T Shefford 37° South 4.86/21/2013Rate 3.07477518
B&T Shefford Bitter 3.82/24/2004Rate 2.95405018
B&T Shefford Blonde 3.94/30/2014Rate 2.71
B&T Shefford Dark Mild (alias) 3.811/5/2014
B&T Shefford Mild 3.82/24/2004Rate 3.12495536
B&T Shefford Mild (Wood Cask) (retired) 3.812/21/2011Rate 2.771
B&T Shefford Old Dark (alias) 5.011/5/2014
B&T Shefford Old Strong (alias) 5.011/5/2014
B&T Shefford Pale Ale (alias) 4.511/5/2014
B&T Shefford Plum Mild 3.84/11/2014Rate 3.254
B&T Shefford Plum Porter 4.510/16/2014Rate 3.123
B&T Shefford Porter (retired) 5.510/1/2006Rate 3.41898410
B&T Shefford Wheat Beer (retired) 5.06/25/2004Rate 3.195
B&T SOD 5.02/24/2004Rate 3.23664233
B&T SOS 5.07/17/2002Rate 3.09465347
B&T SPA 4.52/24/2004Rate 3.01416522
B&T Stewartby Ale (retired) 4.211/4/2007Rate 2.95
B&T Tinker (retired) 4.54/26/2007Rate 2.914
B&T Turkey’s Trauma 4.312/20/2003Rate 2.9344020
B&T Two Brewers’ Bitter 3.63/18/2004Rate 3.22599517
B&T Two Grandads (retired) 5.52/19/2010Rate 2.82
B&T Wembley Wobbly (retired) 4.23/29/2009Rate 2.842
B&T Wetherspoons Flotation Ale (retired) 4.510/24/2008Rate 2.921
Banks and Taylor Apparition Ale (retired) 4.711/6/2004Rate 2.691
Banks and Taylor Bark at the Moon (retired) 3.910/11/2004Rate 2.811
Banks and Taylor Crowning Glory (retired) 4.77/22/2002Rate 2.912
Banks and Taylor Goalden Hatter (Bottle) (retired) 4.05/2/2005Rate 2.841
Banks and Taylor James Cameron 80/- Ale (retired) 4.55/24/2004Rate 2.731
Banks and Taylor Old Bat (retired) 6.010/4/2003Rate 3.072
Banks and Taylor On Me ’Ed Son (retired) 4.17/16/2006Rate 2.811
Banks and Taylor Special Dark (retired) 4.46/5/2004Rate 2.961

.Places associated: Wellington Arms (B&T), Elm Tree, Bricklayers Arms, Globe (B&T), Brewery Tap (B&T), Albion (B&T).
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