Baeltane Automne Eve (retired) 8.512/15/2012Rate 2.763
Baeltane Beleriand Barleywine (retired) 102/24/2013Rate 3.364
Baeltane Beleriand Barleywine - Arkansas Blackjack Brandy 122/7/2016Rate 3.192
Baeltane Biere de Gardinere 5.52/15/2014Rate 3.223
Baeltane Black Spot Double Black IPA (retired) 8.52/24/2013Rate 0
Baeltane Black Spot Porter 6.34/4/2014Rate 0
Baeltane Black Spot Porter 6.2511/7/2013Rate 2.842
Baeltane Bolero Double IPA (retired) 8.02/24/2013Rate 2.811
Baeltane Briar Patch 8.757/1/2015Rate 3.343
Baeltane Citroen 8.37/2/2013Rate 3.36805112
Baeltane Cobblestone 6.67/1/2015Rate 3.45
Baeltane Corsair Dark Strong Ale 9.02/24/2013Rate 3.17
Baeltane en Suite Saison 7.512/15/2012Rate 2.917
Baeltane en Suite Sauvage (retired) 7.82/24/2013Rate 0
Baeltane Farmer’s Flock 5.18/24/2015Rate 2.982
Baeltane Fleuret Golden Ale 7.512/15/2012Rate 0
Baeltane Friar Tuck Sour (retired) 5.02/24/2013Rate 0
Baeltane Jabberwocky IPA 7.110/17/2015Rate 3.021
Baeltane Lowlander Pale Ale 6.57/31/2014Rate 2.771
Baeltane Luminesce Tripel 9.012/15/2012Rate 2.987
Baeltane Meritage Session IPA (retired) 4.012/15/2012Rate 2.963
Baeltane Mon Coeur Chocolate Ale (retired) 8.52/24/2013Rate 2.81
Baeltane Mon Coeur Sauvage (retired) 8.52/24/2013Rate 2.871
Baeltane Paisley Berlinerweiss 4.57/1/2015Rate 3.192
Baeltane Paleo Belgo 5.02/24/2013Rate 0
Baeltane Reconnaissence IPA 6.57/31/2013Rate 2.924
Baeltane Rumplestiltskin Double IPA 8.752/24/2013Rate 3.23581417
Baeltane Sable Black IPA 6.512/15/2012Rate 33
Baeltane Shadow Thief 7.112/23/2015Rate 3.061
Baeltane Sommerset Ale 9.57/20/2013Rate 2.861
Baeltane Tapestry 8.54/4/2014Rate 2.982
Baeltane The Frog That Ate the World 8.52/13/2013Rate 3.31702413
Baeltane Venus in Blue Jeans 7.22/24/2013Rate 3.186
Baeltane Winter’s Corner 7.811/7/2013Rate 2.771
.Associated place: Baeltane Brewing.
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