Baron Brewing & Lunar Brewing

(Out Of Business)

Operated 2003 to 2009
Baron & Lunar Salahaad 1111/18/2013Rate 2.881
Baron Altbier (retired) -4/3/2006Rate 2.95433910
Baron Berliner Weisse (retired) -2/15/2005Rate 3.151
Baron Dampfbier (retired) 5.06/18/2006Rate 2.723
Baron Dirty German (retired) -5/23/2010Rate 3.072
Baron Dunkelweisse (retired) -2/20/2006Rate 2.912
Baron Hefe-Weissbier (retired) -6/23/2004Rate 2.99454910
Baron Helles Bock (retired) 6.54/26/2005Rate 2.72221238
Baron Kellerbier (retired) -6/16/2003Rate 2.841
Baron King Porter (alias) 9.05/15/2008
Baron Kolsch (retired) -9/1/2008Rate 2.862
Baron Kristallweizen (retired) -9/23/2007Rate 3.031
Baron Liberator (retired) 7.512/4/2005Rate 3.26725028
Baron Maibock (retired) 6.43/25/2009Rate 2.923
Baron Munich Lager (retired) -6/16/2003Rate 2.385
Baron Oktoberfest (retired) 6.59/20/2006Rate 3486040
Baron Pils (USA) (retired) -7/3/2005Rate 2.94418364
Baron Rauchbier (retired) 5.04/26/2005Rate 3.16633887
Baron Roggen (retired) -3/27/2005Rate 3.052
Baron Rumpelstiltskin Rauch Doppelbock (retired) 9.57/16/2008Rate 3.1513140
Baron Schwarzbier (retired) -9/1/2004Rate 3.13526559
Baron Seven Swabians Eisbock (retired) 135/3/2008Rate 2.99422635
Baron Smoked Sour Dopplebock (retired) 119/28/2009Rate 2.964
Baron Uber-Weisse (retired) 8.511/5/2004Rate 3.12623857
Lunar Dortmunder Lager (retired) -10/31/2002Rate 2.832
Lunar ESB (retired) -9/10/2006Rate 3.162
Lunar Goat Roper Scottish Ale (retired) -10/21/2009Rate 2.881
Lunar IPA (retired) 6.52/28/2002Rate 2.918
Lunar King Baltic Porter (retired) 9.54/5/2008Rate 3.06461837
Lunar Pale Ale (retired) -9/11/2005Rate 2.913
Lunar Penumbra Porter (retired) 5.58/13/2002Rate 2.942
Lunar Red Rye Ale (retired) -8/5/2008Rate 3.031
Lunar Steam Beer (retired) -4/3/2006Rate 0
Breakaway IPA (alias) (retired) -9/24/2009
Breakaway Winter Warmer (retired)
Brewed by/for Breakaway Brewing
-12/28/2009Rate 2.93
Three Skulls Amber (retired) -2/25/2010Rate 2.831
Three Skulls Belgian Trippel (retired) -1/26/2011Rate 2.943
Three Skulls Black Beard Dark Lager (retired) -1/16/2011Rate 2.82306610
Three Skulls Black Bonney Porter (retired) 6.2512/6/2008Rate 2.93411328
Three Skulls Blood Orange Wit (retired) 5.07/24/2010Rate 2.84313215
Three Skulls Buccaneer Bacon Lager (retired) 5.011/28/2010Rate 3.08522916
Three Skulls Citrus Wheat (retired) -10/16/2011Rate 2.912
Three Skulls Coconut Porter (retired) -10/30/2010Rate 2.841
Three Skulls Cutthroat Red (retired) 5.59/1/2008Rate 3.04496117
Three Skulls Dark Rye IPA (retired) -7/25/2009Rate 2.911
Three Skulls Hop Off The Plank Double IPA (retired) 115/24/2010Rate 3.025
Three Skulls Hop The Plank IPA (retired) 6.95/8/2009Rate 2.8636643
Three Skulls Imperial Red (retired) -7/20/2011Rate 2.883
Three Skulls Pillager’s Pale (retired) 6.01/14/2009Rate 2.87341517
Three Skulls Pilsener (retired) -12/4/2010Rate 2.346
Three Skulls Spring IPA (retired) -3/27/2011Rate 2.861
Three Skulls Winter Poison (retired) 7.512/10/2009Rate 3.044
Three Skulls Wreckage Barleywine (retired) 10.51/31/2010Rate 3.056
Three Skulls Yellow Beard Pilsner (retired) 4.56/15/2011Rate 2.797
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